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    Just had to do a quick drive-by to say that Tom is FANTASTIC in Hung!
  2. Tropic Thunder was the best movie of the year. Forget those art house things. Tropic Thunder was genius...pure genius. I know nobody gives Tom Cruise any love these days (except maybe Katie) but the man deserves an Oscar for his performance...and for his nerve for doing it! I'm listening to Michael Wandmacher's PWZ score. He and Ray were really in sync...just that the rest of it...well, it's too, too sad. Anyway, Happy New Year to you all, and many thanks to those of you who chose not to rub it in too hard. Nomad
  3. I think those numbers are essentially correct. And it's very likely, because of the film's poor performance at the box office here in North America, that it will not see a theatrical release in many of the countries listed. Sony pulled the theatrical release in Australia and now says it will be out there on DVD in August, 2009. Nomad
  4. I couldn't find just the right place to put this, so it's here! These are my holiday "gifts" to my fellow (and sister?) Punisher fans. I hope at least ONE of them makes you laugh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulwy7E0S7a8 And to those of you who would like something a bit more traditional, there's this! Woof! Happy Holidays to you all! xo, Nomad
  5. I just bought the Kindle version of El Borak from Amazon. Not ONE bloody piece of art is included! Well, what can I expect for $.80? I'm so incredibly spoiled by the MAX Punisher compilations. I want quality, satiney paper that my fingers glide over sensously, not too many panels per page so I can thoroughly enjoy the artistic detail of each one, and the glorious colors! Oof! Nomad
  6. Nomad


    Congratulations, Tom, on HBO picking up your series. It's every actor's dream...STEADY WORK! Now, about you and Nick Fury...? Nomad
  7. Hey, Tim! Where's that Michael Wandmacher thread? I didn't see a better place to post this article, so here it is: December 5, 2008 MICHAEL WANDMACHER SCORES 3D REMAKE OF 'MY BLOODY VALENTINE' (Los Angeles, CA) – Composer Michael Wandmacher writes a chilling score for My Bloody Valentine 3-D. The film, from Lionsgate, is a remake of the 1981 horror film about a Valentine’s Day massacre. Tom (Jensen Ackles) returns home on the ten year anniversary of the massacre, only to find himself suspected of the murders that keep occurring. Jaime King co-stars as his old flame and the only
  8. Oh those are flies! I thought they were pieces of crispy burnt flesh flying off the guy as he was being throttled! Nomad
  9. Well, don't shoot me, Tim, but I actually like them both, but for different reasons. It's rather a nice insight into your process. Nomad
  10. P.S. I pretty much agree with this: Anyway, on the off-chance that yet ANOTHER Punisher movie gets made, I have a simple recommendation: voiceover. Since the late 80’s, most Punisher comics have a running commentary in the form of the character’s “war journal,” which is often bleakly funny, as it reveals his two central tenets: 1) He hates criminals, which is why he kills them, and 2) he really does find a small bit of joy in killing them. And honestly, what’s the point of casting two large men with gravelly voices if you’re not going to have them say meanly funny things in a lo
  11. Okay! I'm going to give ALL you guys something to REALLY slam me about. But I have guts, if not good sense. HERE is my fantasy Punisher film: A military story, NOT Viet Nam but something more contemporay: Russia, Afghanistan, etc. Directed by and starring Ray Stevenson. Screenplay by Garth Ennis Keeping Steve Gainer (DP), Michael Wandmacher (composer) and Andrew Neskoromny (production designer) And..... Okay, okay! I already know I have few friends here so I can afford to say whatever the hell I want! I'm having a geekgasm!
  12. "poopnug the bloody?" :lol: *sniggers like a juvenile* Nomad
  13. Can't wait. I ordered it along with The Killing Floor" because I liked the track Michael posted on MySpace. Nomad
  14. Do you mean I shouldn't have said that? Then delete it! Nomad
  15. I don't think I would be speaking out of school either to mention that Michael told me the Powers That Be wanted to move the release date up because of the MANY hits his MySpace account received when he posted his music for Punisher War Zone. He mentioned that it MAY even be released before the end of this year. I think it's WONDERFUL that internet interest from fans is making this happen! *crossing fingers and toes* Nomad
  16. Thursday, December 11, 2008 SCORE REVIEW - PUNISHER: WAR ZONE Punisher: War Zone Music by Michael Wandmacher Costa Communications Promo 46 Tracks 64:52 mins The Marvel Comics character, The Punisher, has already enjoyed one cinematic outing, which was quite entertaining. Now, Frank Castle returns, this time in the guise of Ray Stevenson (so memorable in the Rome TV series); with a new composer in tow, in the person of Michael Wandmacher. The previous film was scored by Italian Carlo Siliotto, whose score actually received quite a bit of critical acclaim, but which I fou
  17. Great idea! Can you move the interview above to that thread? I'll be REAL happy to get off THIS one! Nomad
  18. Great interview with Michael Wandmacher Composers aren’t normally thought of as tough guys. But just try knocking a Duracell battery off of Michael Wandmacher’s shoulder, and you’re likely to find yourself in a world of hurt with this martial arts belt-holding musician. And that’s not counting what happens to the villains who find themselves on the wrong end of Wandmacher’s action scores, especially the thugs who dare cross the orchestral bombast, hard-driving guitar chords and eerie electronica of PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, a score that’s likely to blast Wandmacher up another few rung
  19. The information on this site vis a vis foreign grosses is suspect. There is no date for release in any other country until January 2009. Box Office Mojo lists grosses from several Arab countries which suggest another reason to question these figuers. The website lists Lionsgate as the distributors but it's Sony who has the international distribution rights. It is my understanding that this does NOT include the Canadian market, which appears to be part of the "US" release. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it the North American release. Nomad
  20. Oh, it's flipped all right but I hadn't thought it was for that reason. Mostly it comes from people who are very new. I don't recognise at least half of the names posting there now. A lot of it comes from people who were unhappy with the film. That's to be expected. I'm hoping it will all calm down soon, but it likely won't be returning to the way it was. What stays the same in life? Not much, if anything at all! Nomad
  21. Hey, I'm all for this kiss and make up thing, BUT... ...there were no less than THREE "love Tom Jane, Hate Ray Stevenson" threads created just yesterday on IMDb and NO corresponding threads made in the other direction. So not only is the IMDb bashing unpleasant, it's damn inaccurate. And I RARELY mention Stevenson here. But it certainly seems that whenever he IS mentioned, I get the credit for it. Meh. I'm a fan. So what?? Thirteen! I'm aiming to see PWZ 13 times. Nomad
  22. Uh huh. That's just the response one gets from someone who really HAS no response but feels the need to make one in any case. At least it has the virtue of being concise if not thoughtful. Nomad
  23. You know, some of you really need to get over this IMDb thing. It's like you think we're the boogy men (or women) you have to protect Jane from. Likely you don't realise this, but you infantalise Jane with that attitude. Jane's a big boy and he's been in this business long enough to know what you can expect. There is NO IMDb "person." IMDb is a VERY public site, MUCH moreso than is THIS one (at least many more people know about IMDb and MANY more people go there). But the main difference is that the regular people who post there have NO control over who ELSE posts there and who E
  24. Well, not EVERYbody is hating on Punisher: War Zone. From comicbookmovie.com Finally A True Punisher Movie It's a movie. Not a film. Meaning, it wasn't meant to be as serious, realistic, or deep as The Dark Knight. That would be a film. Punisher: War Zone is a movie, meant to be enjoyed but not analyzed. To start with, the creative team behind this movie clearly went to the source material (Punisher Max Series), and it really shows. Not only are there several side characters from the series here in the movie, but the colors, tone, dialogue, and look of the characters
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