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  1. . . . . .finished a plate of lo mein and fried rice.
  2. Right now, I'm rediscovering The Beatles' "White Album" on CD. I've owned albums and cassettes of this LP since 1976, and I still hear different sounds in "Revolution 9." As for modern stuff, I like The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army."
  3. Pete Townshend's "Lifehouse Chronicles" is good. I haven't checked in a while, but it used to be available through his website. It's great listening to Pete's version of some classic Who from the 1971-78 era.
  4. Yeah, Raffi, I didn't think about Doc and I having the same first name. I am related, distantly, to him, I found out recently. He was the fourth cousin of John Wesley Hardin, who is in my family tree somewhere. I think JWH's father was a fourth or fifth cousin to one of my ancestors. We're so far apart on the family tree that we may as well not be related, but we're there.
  5. A lot of great artwork on this thread.
  6. I never got past arcades, but my faves were: Zaxxon Space Invaders something that simulated a fighter jet House of the Dead DEA
  7. Thanks for the kind welcome. BTW, my real name is John, everyone, so feel free to use that or call me Doc.
  8. I'm Doc Holliday, a friend of current RAW member Tiara. We go back a few years to another forum. I'm 47 years old, married, with an 11-year-old daughter, and I play guitar (adequately) and love to write. I'm the author of one published novel, an action crime thriller titled "Combat Zone," and I'm currrently at work on one about the Vietnam War and have two others in the gestation phase. Please feel free to contact me at any time and we can get better acquainted.
  9. I recently re-kindled my interest in Cream, the famous trio of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker.
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