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  1. just wanted to share with you guys, my art was review at Artsweet.com here is the link http://artsweet.com/wordpress/daniel-perez-daniels-paintings/ let me know what you guys think
  2. Thanks noelandlovesguns, they had to restart the 1st round due to software errors and people multi-voting. The 2nd system lock out many votes and allow 1 vote per network only, but people could switch their IP address to vote again, so some of the really good ones were left of the finals sadly.
  3. Thanks for taking time off your busy schedule and looking into what going on at Plycon, as of today I still haven't recieve a email back from them. also, just saw on Amazon.com that you could preorder Archetype and the shipping day for that is July 9 08. Here the link: http://www.amazon.com/Archetype-Art-Timoth...015/ref=ed_oe_h
  4. Thanks Irish46. To KotBo, depending on the story your planning to write, Do some research on what your planning and make sure your characters have a new spin and design to them. The sword there look a lot like Cloud’s FF7 swords, I would look up different types and maybe mix one to get a cool original design. Go outside and look at landscape and draw from life to help you capture the style better than making one up if you’re just beginning. Don’t limit yourself to 1 drawing a day, do multiple and make it fun.
  5. Hey Tim, not sure if this the right place to included this if not, sorry about it and feel free to delete. I order Maximum Black through Plycon back in 6/11/08 and was charge for it, have not recieve the book yet and did send an email to them 2 days ago asking if the book was send or what is going on. On their site it says books ship out 2-3 days and with a conformation email. Do you know if the place ran out of stock of your books?? when i order it said 100 in stock. Thanks
  6. thanks irish46, i did what you instructed, i added 3 links. One of them is done in acrylics on canvas, the rest are ink and watercolor; basically mix media. The really dark ones with the guy hands glowing were for the wizard War Heroes contest they have, but i didnt make it to the 2nd round. Let me know what you guys think
  7. I just saw this forum and gotta say great looking art. My name is Daniel Perez, I work mostly as a painter, doing normal size canvas paintings and tend to do a few illustrations when i get the itch to draw something. My influences in painting is Caravaggio and for illustrations: Tim Bradstreet, Alex Ross, and Joe Mad. I try adding some my art in here, but its not letting, am new here so dont know how to correctly add stuff here. If you guys can give me some tips, would be appreciated. I do have a myspace where i keep mostly all my art pictures, some i couldnt get a good quality pic. You
  8. http://www.wizarduniverse.com/warheroescov...tionvoting.html guys am in Heat section 8 letter:I._ vote for me please and pass it on! All of the entries have been randomly put into "Heats" to break up the voting. Voters will pick their favorite cover from each heat and the top three vote getters will move to the next round of fan voting! Voting for round one ends on Sunday, July 15 and round two voting will begin on Monday, July 16. All below contest entries can be clicked on and enlarged for better viewing! If anyone else posted a drawing in there, post your name
  9. Hi Tim, great art as always and i was wondering if vol.2 going to have some drawings from vol.1?? I did meet you a year ago in Tucson at the comic signing and just blank out on your Maximum Black book, but I did buy 2 proof from you that are amazing. Your great guy to talk to and gave me great advice Thanks Daniel
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