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  1. Hi Everyone, I feel kind of bad that this is my first time posting, but I'm glad to be part of the RAW forums. At the moment, I'm also RAW Entertainment's intern for the semester. I came across this section in the forums and thought it would be great to see what people outside of my writing circles. The first one is: Chaosboy I finished writing this one a couple of months back, but I've been heavily considering pitching it as a graphic novel if I could find artists interested in working on it. I have a lot more backstory developed for the possible graphic novel compared to the screenplay, but I liked the screenplay as a straightforward revenge story. SYNOPSIS: In the midst of an alien invasion, superhero Chaosboy watches the death of his teammate and lover as he dies. Ten years later, a Nameless figure murders a superhero touted as one of the five saviors of the world, and the Nameless figure won't stop there. A young superhero, Shield, and his partner hunt down this superhero slayer as the mysteries of the past unravel. http://www.scribd.com/doc/50900385/Chaosbo...n89cq81b7tvxjii Secondly, a writing partner and I decided to try and capture some of the awesomeness of something like Gremlins with the humor of Shaun of the Dead (sorry, I hate posting what one of my stories is "like", but it might give a flavor to the humor). It's a story about mutant cats going on a rampage on an island town, don't think I can really say more than that. We call it Purr http://www.scribd.com/doc/50900493?secret_...iauhkgptvyc0x1q
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