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  1. When do you think Give em hell Malone, will start filming?
  2. You need to get some law guys to somhow stop the torrents going around
  3. Looks good Is it having a prem in england?
  4. I REALLY REALLY WANT A TRAILER not that 7 min one though
  5. What a movie the murder of the army guy well crushed me the end was amazing a ending to die for muhahaha as they did lol
  6. Lurd


    Loved it didnt know it was Tom J doing the voice great game played for hours mine bit i played for days as i didnt know how to win found out though in the end
  7. Lurd


    The movie shocked me with some of the great Sadistic ways the writers came up with to destory Thomas Janes character. Anoyed me we didnt get to see the unleashed casey in the flashbacks as much in the future. Another great role Thanks really enjoyed
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