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  1. TB: Thanks for showing Canada a little bit of support. It's true that the Ontario government wants to push for more of the people who live here to back the film industry more, and personally I'd like to see the day when actors or directors work here instead of leaving for "better opportunities." TL:That's exactly how I felt when I read on the article. Nathan Fillion would be awesome and this would take his career further... But an actor whose resume goes mostly with chick flicks and a few good or really terrible movies?? C'mon... --------------------- I would add Wentworth Miller from Prison Break as potential. I thought he'd be an ideal Cap...or maybe Hawkeye.
  2. I don't watch a lot of TV anymore but here are my faves: Dexter Friday the 13th Chuck Weeds Entourage Tales from the Crypt (here and there, as a kid before my mom caught me watching it lol) Firefly CSI Heroes(first season) Band of Brothers And as of late, I really enjoyed watching the John Adams miniseries.
  3. WOW, man...I'd love to see more of the process on the final cover...
  4. Was HE really the producer?? Damn. I've seen We are Marshall and I enjoyed that film, considering football movies are overdone. As for the terminator revamp...I'm still uncertain. This goes back to the remake arguement for me.
  5. So fucking cool, I can't wait to see this.
  6. Holy...crap. that's scary...but its making me just as excited!
  7. I never got so giddy of all the superhero movies that I've seen till I saw that scene...I nearly jumped up and down like a 10 year old lol.
  8. And I thought I was imagining you with a loaded m16 when I read this thread lol. Honestly, I asked myself that question about the sacredness of movies, but here's how I saw it later on: If I don't like the ride, I'll get off it. I'm seeing more and more of the recent remakes as their own product with a nice "label"and none of the inspiration from what they've said to have taken from, kinda like remixing a song or some terrible rap song taking the beautiful parts of what one cherished in the song and slabbing it with BS. I hear your cry on Manchurian...lets wipe the slate clean (if possible lol)....now onto the posts: I'm not gonna see the Hobbit and it's partly to Del Toro. The man has such a great imagination but I fear he's gonna become a cookie-cutter for his next few movies...Just saying.
  9. Today, I've been mostly playing the ultimate Pavarotti collection... Other than that here's what else has been played: Don Henley- New York Minute (as much as I can't stand an adult pop radio station at my work, this one is still one of my fave classic songs) The Kills- What New York Used To Be Jonathan Coulton and that's it I suppose.
  10. I just felt a deathgrip there. Can I ask for some forgiveness? *GULP* For this movie at least, I enjoyed it. Was I floored enough by the movie to consider it one of the best? nope. My dad had said the same thing when he saw this and compared it to the original. Remakes have always been a double-edged sword to begin with. So in my defense to cool the fires down here's how I feel about other remakes: -I have a major hatred for The Invasion and respected and enjoyed the Body Snatchers and it's 1978 remake. -Pink Panther: Peter Sellers has carved a spot in my love for comedy and Steve Martin was a typical mockery of the french. -Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The original gave me nightmares for two days straight but I loved it, and the Michael Bay remake was a fleshfest of crap. -3:10 to Yuma: Saw the Remake first and then the orginal and compelled me enough to watch more westerns. I understand how remakes can be nothing more than a short-term cashcow ploys and it's always mixed as to how people will react, but hey I understand that there's something much greater in the original material as opposed to an 'update'. It really comes down to generations, and audience. What you or I or other people enjoyed at that time, may not be what the younger audiences are tuned to. It's just apples and oranges.
  11. Just breathe, don't pass out now. Have a bit of scotch...lol. I'm always open to seeing older works or at least good movies. Network and the Eastwood westerns were the proof in the pudding so I'll check what's been mentioned here.
  12. Comparison or not to begins, I really had a gut feeling about Bridges' character as a villain but it didn't come off as being predictable either which I liked about it. It was like, 'slowly give the audience little clues here and there, but make it vital and then REVEAL and make it meaningful'. And my memory of this guy hasn't been much other than The Big Lebowski and K-Pax, so seeing him here surprised me a lot.
  13. Yeah I thought that was rather nice not to throw any of the villain list yet. Man, Bridges surprised the heck outta me with his character. As for the desert, I couldn't agree more. Those scenes were great.
  14. Nice post. Yeah, I really felt those vibes with Eckhart after seeing the trailer. Last year when I heard he got it I had a bit of a problem cuz to me Lieb Schiber fit the bill for Harvey Dent, especially his performance in the Manchurian Candidate remake.
  15. Ok, now just before I go on I want to make this clear that it's just little things here and there...but it didnt affect my enjoyment of the movie. Around the begining of the film, or rather the flashback...around the end of it, the editing was kinda off but maybe its just me. Like how it skipped from the explosion to the operation around that time? It kinda puzzled me out for a moment, and then watching a lot of the hype and the final product was making me wish there was a little more depth. I felt like I just saw the best moments of the film on the trailer and the movie was just connecting the dots. And plotholes, boy there were a few, but as I said on my previous post, I'm sure the sequel will answer to these so I'm not too worried about that.
  16. I saw this trailer during Iron Man, and all I have to say is, I haven't dropped my jaws this much since I saw the Empire Strikes back on vhs as a kid.
  17. I just saw it...OMFG. I wonder if Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch geeked out to the ending , cuz I know I did. As for the overall of the movie, I've only got a few problems but I think the sequel will resolve it...Other than that, AWESOME AWESOME movie. Really solid for a first.
  18. Let's see...my personal AH-NOLD faves... -T2: watched it so many times on vhs as a kid, and it never ceased to amaze me. -Predator -Conan: I thought that this was his best work to date, in spite of his other memorable roles and certain movies that fizzled -Commando
  19. I've seen the trailer for the spirit just two nights ago and I like it, but not going crazy over it. As for Hard Boiled, wholey crap I'm giving a big thank you to whoever posted that pic cause I recalled a classmate in hs showed me the book but it slipped out of my mind and it's been bugging me since. I'm gonna get the book soon.
  20. I can't wait for Quantum of Solace, but that movie's had so many production problems...I hope it doesn't delay the movie release by any means. I'm already crazy for the Dark Knight, so there's not much to say. Star Trek revamp....maybe.
  21. Here are 3 of my works from a portfolio submission to an illustration program: http://img352.imageshack.us/my.php?image=roominteriorjw9.jpg http://img337.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...ectradioss8.jpg and one I've already posted from the welcome thread.
  22. I figured someone would've mentioned that song already lol.
  23. I dunno about faves, but I started collecting because of his Batman: Hush story. He's probably the only one of the Image pack in the 90's whose art I probably liked after researching and putting together a brief history of comics in high school.
  24. NES: Ninja Gaiden, Blades of Steel (laugh at that one if you will but it was a fun hockey game), and Super Mario 3 SNES: (sheesh, where do i begin?!) Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat 3, Starfox and Street Fighter Alpha. n64: Goldeneye, Starfox 64, and Super Smash Bros. PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Soul Reaver, Marvel vs Capcom, and Tekken 3 PS2: The GTA Series, God of War, MGS 3: Snake Eater, and Hitman: Blood Money.
  25. It varies but here's what's been on the playlist: Tom Waits- More Than Rain VNV Nation- Testament NIN- Discipline The New Pornographers- Challenges Sigur Ros- Strafalfur , Glosoli Dimmu Borgir- Progenies of the Apocalypse Mos Def- Ghetto Rock
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