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  1. The recent story has been disapointing hopefully the the writer for the next arc might be able to turn it around
  2. will the the score get a worldwide release when the film comes out america
  3. yeah the tv spots are all looking a hell of a lot better then the trailers
  4. smokin aces is a nice mixture of classical piano, guitar and electronic effects. mixed together it makes a very intresting score
  5. the films might not be great but toto's score for dune and clint mansells smoking aces are well worth a listen
  6. dvd finally came out in the uk today been waiting so long for this
  7. Here you go a more detailed review, sorry if it isnt very good i dont usually write reviews and can anyone tell if the score from the film is going to be released on cd. The film starts off with a narration to explain the mutant chronicles world and how the 4 corporations are at war over the world’s remaining energy resources. This followed by a brilliant start to the main story with a world war 1 style trench battle with high tech weaponry and steam powered tanks. This is the most visually stunning of all the action scenes and unfortunately the action that follows doesn’t live up to the opening. But that being said the other action scenes are well paced and impressive. Tom Jane, Ron Perlman and Sean Pertwee all put in excellent performances but John Malkovich in a surprisingly bad effort seems sleeps through his part. A couple of the supporting characters could use some more character development but the still come across as likable and serve the story well. Overall the film was well paced, with a good story, great cast, unique visuals that really need to be seen on the big screen and excellent action. Unfortunately the film probably wont find mainstream success, but without a doubt will gain a loyal following and become a future cult classic.
  8. There were only the humaniods with arm spikes. the other creatures might be a part of the film that wasnt finished and hopefully will be done for the american cut. Ill put a more detailed review on sometime tomorrow
  9. saw it at the cinemas today and i gotta say i loved it. Acting as great, story was good and the fight scenes were brilliant
  10. i can not see a pg13 version coming since avi arad is determined to do right by the franchise
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