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  1. The master survived by stealing another persons body but in the Five Doctors story the time lords offered him a new set of regenerations if he helped them so they might do something with that when the doctor runs out of lives.
  2. This film deserves better treatment then this it has everything needed to make a hit it just needs the right promotion
  3. I have to admit i really enjoyed the UK release of the film and i thought it was a great B-movie future cult classic but i am really looking forward to the finished version getting released
  4. Got to agree this choice seems very bad to begin with then after watching the interview it seems even worse.
  5. I read somewhere that Arnold gave them permission to use his likeness so hes probably gonna have some kind of cameo as a computer generated character
  6. I know what you mean a couple look very quickly put together for a little amount of money but i do really like this new one from Russia.
  7. I guess thats gonna be a long wait since Clive Barker has been replaced by the writers of Saw 4 for the remake
  8. I hope they do a better job this time.
  9. They decided to release it in one country at a time so its taken a long time to reach america in first came out in france in febuary
  10. Gotta agree the films got plenty of violence i thought it was one of the best action films i've seen in years
  11. Here's some posters that were used in europe
  12. They should leave the Crow alone everything after the first film was terrible
  13. Will the finished version be released as some kind of special edition or directors cut DVD in the UK
  14. as a fan of the original series ill be annoyed by the changes they make but if thay have a good story and stick to the spirit of the original it could be a great film
  15. I like what the new writer did with the foolkiller series but i felt his take on the max series was a little bit repetitive and it brought nothing new to the character
  16. I know its a bit off topic Tim but i couldnt help wondered which was your favorite Sharpe story
  17. I hope you get the original version in america, in the UK they cut out part of a torture scene from the original french cut to get a 15 rating instead off an 18. heres a link of liam neeson discussing the role with a irish website http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CwjlYgu2ObU
  18. I finally got round to buying the DVD box set and i couldnt believe how good it still was after all these years
  19. two promo music videos, not any new footage but i do like the 7 days away song http://www.craveonline.com/videos/music/00..._days_away.html
  20. The poster looks great. i've been a huge Bean fan ever since i used to watch Sharpe as a kid
  21. Your right Tim this film really does deserve its own thread. another poster used in UK promtion below
  22. Looks like it could be good and with John Cusack, Amanda Peet and Danny Glover its gonna at least be well acted.
  23. the poster is a lot better then the one the used in the uk http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5iMPxk3YzUA/SKYo.../taken-quad.jpg
  24. Taken already been out in the UK and it is well worth a watch Liam Neeson is fantastic in it.
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