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  1. They appear to be two different style flannels. Tom's flannel looks different than the one in the first pic.
  2. Pretty sure I'm skipping my weekend class/work to go to this Saturday.
  3. Saw the midnight showing and I laughed so hard during his cameo. Totally did not see it coming though.
  4. I can only imagine what people will think when I go see a Miley Cyrus movie.
  5. So Tom is no longer listed for the movie and either is Statham. what the heck.
  6. Happy Birthday and Irish, that would be greatest lego creation ever.
  7. Just got the blu ray from blockbusters. Loved it but my only gripe is with a few parts that mainly just deal with editing. When Malone is jumping the roof and the guy follows, there are two people, but when it cuts to close up of guy jumping, the other guy is missing from shot. Also, the van comes to a stop two times when it's sliding. The third one is hard to explain without spoiling anything but it's just cut that occurs with matchstick. Anyway, I really loved the movie and I hope enough people buy it to warrant a sequel. This deserved to be in theaters and it's a damn shame it wasn't.
  8. Just preordered the Blu Ray version. The amazing price will help me look past the god awful artwork.
  9. Going out to find the blu ray version. I hope FYE (For Your Entertainment) has it. Or I'll just settle for the 2 disc dvd.
  10. Anyone know if the Blu-Ray actually came out and if it's in any stores. I tried a few Targets and Walmart's and odds and ends places but it looks like I may have to order it online.
  11. I'm going to get tickets for the New York release. It would be awesome if Tom was there *hint*. I just really want to see this movie and I want to see it is in true form and not illegally.
  12. So on the Weinstein website it is showing a release date of November 7th. I'm just praying that it sticks and has truth in it.
  13. reknirb


    All I can say is thank god I just got HBO. Can't wait to see this and laugh so hard.
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