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  1. No of course not Tim, no one was implying that at all......... silly me.........
  2. Of course, what else would an asian person be doing in a western action film but to act like a stereotype asian person.
  3. I saw this video on the Xbox360 video game The Darkness... the game got really fucking boring. I like the song but I really didn't care for the cat and the crappy animation.
  4. When the film is finished will that somehow make the people who hate the film... like it?
  5. Rated PG-13.... yeah... that's a good thing... The one thing I hated about the game was the character Mona Sax. Her first scene with Max in game was dumb, stupid and it didn't make any sense. Max kills a bunch of bad guys, she shows up, they point there guns at each other... he has no idea who she really is and they for some stupid reason have a drink......... I hate revenge characters who fall for someone in a matter seconds or minutes... that's why I hated the her even more in the second game... she became a James Bond girl rip-off.
  6. Looks like the fat lady has sung... or is about to.
  7. There's nothing after Crash and Burn Part 3..... son of a bitch!
  8. Yeah...... the Punisher hanging upside down and spinning around and shooting as if he's a character from the Matrix..... is this movie trying to worse than the "Hitman" film????
  9. I don't give a fuck if I am.
  10. The Extended Cut only made this film worse.
  11. http://www.dreadcentral.com/reviews/mutant...nicles-the-2008 One of many reviews that's going to be for this film?
  12. What a shock that is. He's right up there with Keanu Reeves. But don't worry, I've said what I wanted to say.
  13. Hahahah! One of the most dullest and wooden actors around… who would have guessed.
  14. The only good Punisher story Chuck ever did was only the first few issues of War Zone. The last few issues went down hill. All his others stories were crap and his Marvel Knights team-up was pure shit... and so was this film. His so-called idea as to what should have happened in the film sucks.
  15. Having raiden like costumes... .... yeah that's a good thing.
  16. Yes, it is. The Prince of Perisia film has a white guy playing a persian. But action junkies (people who have shit for brains) are not going to give a shit.
  17. Tom dressed up as Jonah Hex almost reminds me of what actress Sean Young did. She dressed up as Catwoman and attempted to confront Tim Burton and Michael Keaton on the Warner Bros. property, in Batman Returns to get the role.
  18. I didn't see Tom getting this role.
  19. The only part were the CGI was bad was the long tentacle at the beginning. The rest was great color or black and white.
  20. Sky Captain...... where the fuck are people seeing that shitass movie in Mutant Chronicles??????
  21. The character Chun-Li is Chinese......... and they get a Canadian actress for the role...
  22. ……… I’m not surprised one bit.
  23. Posted Mar 17th 2008 12:30PM TMZ has learned "The Punisher" star Thomas Jane was busted early this morning for DUI. Jane, whose real name is Thomas Elliot, was nabbed in Kern County, Calif. by CHP officers just before 3:00 AM. He has been charged with DUI and driving with a blood alcohol level above .08% -- both misdemeanors. CHP tells TMZ Jane was stopped in a late-model Maserati for driving at "an extremely high rate of speed" on I-5. We're told he failed several field sobriety tests, including a breathalyzer. Cops also say he was also driving with a suspended license. A cooperative Jane was taken to the pokey and he's already out. His arraignment is set for April 9th.
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