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  1. F**cking Great! The voice-over was spot-on and the montage was most excellent. Two thumbs up.
  2. Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Summon the muses and dance your ass off like no one's watching.
  3. Have emailed TB & Kristyn, but no word from 'em yet. Ah, the gatekeepers. So, who's the keeper of the cheese? And just when will they let loose the marmosets?
  4. I'm lame and am just now reading your post, Aly. Sorry. I like your idea a lot. When you say "coaches jacket" you mean a 70's one w/ a ringers on the sleeves & collars? If that's the one, it'd rock for the gals. Especially if it was satiny. I'd buy one for up to $50. My prices may be skewed tho, 'cause I shop 90% used or else my seamstress and I dream something up and make it ourselves, except shoes. Although Trin's done those too, also bras and undies. Hmmm- there's an idea. Maybe Trinity & I could do some prototypes? When we're working on a new pattern, we normally do 3 to start with - S, M, L. RAW officials, if this sounds interesting, PM me. She's a real professional and this type of work is within her league.
  5. New Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion My mental video of this song is a series of slow motion Harryhousen-monsters with even slower shots of screaming-dames-in-danger-in-silver-thigh-high-boots offset by acid-induced-pulsing-purple-protozoa cutaways. What can I say? The kids have old Willy Wonka and 20 Millions Miles to Earth on heavy rotation lately.... Flying Into the Sun Prometheus At Large
  6. Sorry to hear that! I have an odd last name that I've battled all life with (de Dufour). Try explaining to your elementary teachers that NO, my last name does NOT begin with a capitol "D" but a little "d", much less Karyn with a y. So I feel for ya, d.Forrest. And if they can't find a way for you in their system, it's a system you don't want to be in...
  7. Oh, Frottage! The things I started to write, but deleted because I want to stay in good taste....
  8. Hopefully your cats don't piss on that bean bag...
  9. Thanks guys! Should be fun, especially since my boss considers it part of my job. An interesting tidbit about the Psychoscope. One of the authors, Joseph T. Goodman was not only mark Twain's first boss in journalism, but also decoded the Mayan Calendar in 1905. He, along w/ 2 other scholars, is the reason we think the world ends in 2012!!
  10. Ha! I scored a programming spot at WorldCon! I'll be giving a virtual tour of steampunk locations in Nevada which will include the McKean Car, Twain's Virginia City, and the bar that spawned The Seed - rock's first psychedelic poster. I'm hoping to also pull something off involving the Psychoscope - a play performed at Piper's Opera House in August, 1872 (same era as Jules Verne). Play was written by some of Twain's friends about an invention that, like a magic lantern, projects images of a person's thoughts upon a wall. The play was shut down within a few nights because they portrayed prostitution realistically.
  11. Awesome! Somewhere in some recent web surfing I came across someone who said God shines through the gap in Davies teeth. Brilliant.
  12. HA! Perhaps we learned it from the Greaseman of DC101 fame? Sorry for aside, back to the conversation....
  13. THE KINKS Ray Davies - a master songwriter who simply doesn't get enough respect. (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman Fabby video w/ spanish subtitles and a vintage Superman who smokes cigarettes!
  14. Holy crap! This is amazing news, on so many levels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all comes together smoothly and hits the theatre with some alacrity. (How's that for a f**kd up 10 cent word!)
  15. kdedu

    I JUST...

    Aw yeah! But if I can throw in my 3 blah, blahs... whatever you do, don't major in something you THINK you should get. Major in something you want - no matter how ridiculous. The only collateral on a student loan is your mind. And they haven't been reposessing those since the Spanish Inquisition.
  16. Hope it's a good one for ya!
  17. Happy B'day Raf! On such a special day, will you be indulging in any konafa or baklava?
  18. kdedu

    I JUST...

    The well wishes mean a lot. The doc said if I was playing football, I'd be at practice or if a soldier, I'd be released back to duty. Made me real grateful for the desk job that I do have. Archaeology is far from a contact sport! Thanks again!
  19. kdedu

    I JUST...

    ..took a helicopter ride the other day! I couldn't see much, though, 'cause I was strapped to a gurney w/ a neck brace on. An amature speed demon slammed into our car up @ Lake Tahoe. Now I'll finally have something to talk to boxers and NFL lineman about!
  20. Wow - Worldcon is in my backyard this year! Anyone going? They have a film series, albeit it looks like mostly shorts. They do accept fantasy/horror - wonder if we could get a showing of Dark Country?
  21. Sounds like Glen's gonna have a good time! Does he have a theme for his 365 or is it a scatter-shot of cinema?
  22. Merle Haggard has taken hold and I can't cut 'em loose. Big City Are the Good Times Really Over I REALLY want Tom to consider doing a biopic of Merle. Tom can easily morph into a mid-life Merle and could play guitar, too. Plus, Tom looks great in Western wear! C'mon, you know it's a good idea.......
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