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  1. Actually in http://collider.com/thomas-jane-headshot-t...ey-biopi/99078/ Thomas interview reveals why he left HEADSHOT and all about he's doing! including a movie called THE LYCAN! Thomas as a werewolf!
  3. oh god, please no!!!!! i´m so fan of series but a live action movie? please no!!!!!!! this anime is one of the best animes of history!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keanu reeves WTF?????? no!!!!!
  4. hi, i just find this link with a interview (TOM JAMES & TIM) and Thomas said this " I want to do more books. We've got The Lycan, about 18th century werewolf hunters. We're doing a graphic novel of DARK COUNTRY, the film I directed and Tim art directed / production designed. I'm developing a mini series for the SCI FI Channel called Voyage to Savage Planet. Oh, and Tim and I are doing a WW2 action horror film called The Devils Commandos. " here is the link, there somenthin info of this? (official?) i hope that Thomas Jane can answer this. thx. if is true, good luck, because sounds good. http://www.jasonbondy.com/midnightsliceofp...NTBadPlanet.htm
  5. well, maybe the tv series should be in other board but, here are the mine. -Six feet under -Nip/Tuck -Sex / the city -Lost -Alias
  6. yeah, well from Famke i have almost all her movies the ten just ordered on may, and the treatment is a little hard to get, because it is no subtitled, and i `m not so good with the english, but yeah, Turn the river looks so fucking amazing, i want to see 100 feet, did you see the traier? korea? it is so cool, and about thomas Wow he is a wonderful actor, amazing. my mail is escoriahumana@hotmail.com, ok? send me info, if you want. see you dude.
  7. hi, yeah i want to that dvd, i`m from Mexico, and i`m fan of Famke, i want all her movies. i have not seen this movie yet, but i will order soon. my favorites actors: Hugh Jackman Thomas Jane Famke Janssen Sacrlett Johansson Angelina Jolie
  8. well, i just start this because is an agony waiting the tom movies here in Mexico. the last movie released here was The mist or Sobrenatural, (the mexican name), and i have to get order the tripper, and the punisher extended edition, stander, and many movies more, because here in mex, THEY ARE NOT RELEASED!!!!!! THOMAS JANE has came (i think) 3 times to shot some o his movies. deep blue sea Original sin ( with one of my favorite actress, the another one is Famke Janssen, ) and the premiere of The Punisher. i wish that Him come back, maybe for shoting or promoting. i admire this amazing actor. sorry if my english is bad. distributor: more Movies please (Famke`s and Thomas) Luis From Mexico.
  9. good song and good voice. your voice is sooooooo creepy, but is amazing. enjoyable. greets from Mexico.
  10. what about Guillermo del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron? ( Pan`s Labyrinth and Children Of Men......) i`m proud of my Mexican People, i`m mexican, but if you want a new becomer, maybe the director of The orphan? well well, maybe eric red is a good idead, did you see the new trailer of his last movie? 100 feet? youtube.com is a good idea. Guillermo del toro Alfonso cuaron Eric red
  11. well, thank you so much for the info, i appreciate you people, but the only thing that no make me happy is the confiability of the orders because i`m in mexico, and i really want all those movies. but i try to get them. The Mist was excellent.
  12. well, i start this topic, because there are movies that i`ve never seen, like Jonni nitro, Eden, Zack and Reba, At Ground Zero, I`ll love you......., High Tide. I`m from Mexico and i`m really fan of Thomas, he is an excellent actor, i want all movies of him, but there some i don`t get them. recently i ordered 2 movies of Him, The Tripper and Punisher extended ( i don`t know what is the diference with the original edition) the movie that i really want is Thursday, but Here no eStablishment can bring me, (Mix up,blockbuster etc.) please help me, and Here in Mex just released The mist (Sobrenatural: Spanish Tittle, Wuack!) and Wow, this is amazing, the dark Ending, awesome, and the scream of Thomas , Breaking!. i have 19 movies of Thomas and i want more. thank you for read this, and sorry if my english is Bad, LOL
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