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  1. New pages are up for the Marshal Tyme webcomic.
  2. Marshal Tyme now has a webcomic every Friday over at Rayguns & Sixshooters. Be sure to check it out.
  3. You can now download The Doorknob Society for free. You just need to register on the site and then you can download the comic. While your at it you can vote for DS if you have time. But please check out DS it is a great read.
  4. The first two issues of my comic book Adam Zero are now for sale online. For the crazy low price of a dollar. Check them out. Adam Zero #1 Adam Zero #2
  5. Please remember to vote for DS!
  6. Round 2 of Small Press Idol begins tomorrow, April 1st. For anyone who hasn't signed up over at the forums to vote I would urge you to do it now. That way when its time you can just log on and vote quickly. And remember you can vote every day to really keep our numbers up. http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/content311.html We will need every vote we can get so tell your friends and family. And hopefully we can get DS into Round 3!
  7. DS Promo Click to check out a promo video for DS.
  8. This is my latest project with DeAndre' Truesdale The Doorknob Society which is in competition over at Small Press Idol. Check it out and make sure to vote for us!
  9. Check out the first issue of The Marshal Tyme Diaries.
  10. Cap is one of the all time hardest to cast. His look has never been really nailed down ala Bruce Wayne. We know he's Blonde and blue eyed, but if you ask most fans would give a diffrent artists look. I think Nathan is a good actor and I've always liked him but I'm just not sure he is the right fit. Regardless of country of origin or hair color. I think he could bulk up somewhat as numerous others have so I dont think that would be and issue. I think it really comes down to the story and the personality they give Cap. As the Ultimates version of the character is much diffrent to the old school
  11. Thats what wrestling is missing these days some crazy Wild Samoan antics.
  12. Only thing that has me worried is all the talk of Ed Norton being pissed about the editing of the movie and basically saying he won't promote it unless they do it his way. If thats the case he would be out a sequel I would guess which could really screw up plans for a Avengers movie. As for a crossover I would love to see Nick Fury and just about anybody.
  13. Damn is that Afa the Wild Samoan???
  14. I for one was not thrilled with the choice of Butler. But then again I wasn't even happy about the remake. Why remake such a great movie. But whatcha going to do they want to remake it they will. I for one agree that remaking Carpenter is very hard. Especially his early stuff which was very edgy and hardnosed. I think the important thing here is that whoever does it makes it there own. Otherwise it is just going to come off as a cheap imitation of Kurt. I think Jane given the right script and director could do it. But I worry on both those counts. Since you know they'll want it to be pg-13 to
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