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  1. Hi Tim 'n' everyone -


    It's Jen, the owner of Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group, just checkin' in and introducing myself -


    Name: Jen

    Where you from: NJ, USA

    Occupation: Preoccupied with escaping from the occupation...

    How did you find this forum: Via Tom...

    What are you reading: The Beach - a book on the history of the beach.

    What are you watching: This computer screen by day, TV by night.

    What do you have to say for yourself: My name is Jen...and I'm addicted to British and Japanese candy.

    Post a pic...if you dare!: Check out my Yahoo avatar - FYI, I'm holding a camera, not a gun. :P

  2. I just found a filmography "list" I put together a while back, so it's not up to date... If anyone sees any mistakes, let us know - and feel free to add his latest films and roles -


    Tom Jane Filmography:


    Padamati Sandhya Ragam (1986) – Tom

    I’ll Love You Forever…Tonight (1992) – the hustler

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) – Zeph

    Nemesis (1993) – Billy

    At Ground Zero (1994) – Thomas Quinton Pennington

    High Tide (1995 – TV – season 2; episode 6) – Barry

    Hollywood Confidential (1996) – V Phree

    The Crow: City of Angels (1996) – Nemo

    The Last Time I Committed Suicide (1997) – Neal Cassady

    Face/Off (1997) – Burke Hicks

    Boogie Nights (1997) – Todd Parker

    Thursday (1998) – Casey

    The Velocity of Gary (1998) – Gary (not his real name)

    Zack and Reba (1998) – Sparky Stokes

    The Thin Red Line (1998) – Private Ash

    Deep Blue Sea (1999) – Carter Blake

    Molly (1999) – Sam

    Magnolia (1999) – young Jimmy Gator

    Under Suspicion (2000) – Detective Felix Owens

    Jonni Nitro (2000 – Olivia D’Abo plays Jonni)

    61* (2001) – Mickey Mantle

    Original Sin (2001) – Walter Downs/Billy

    Eden (2001) – Dov

    The Sweetest Thing (2002) – Peter Donahue

    Junked (2003?) - Switch

    Dreamcatcher (2003) – Dr. Henry Devlin

    Stander (2003 – screened at Toronto Film Festival) – Andre Stander

    The Punisher (2004) – Frank Castle/ The Punisher




    Theater work:


    The Glass Menagerie at Laguna Playhouse

    All My Sons at Odyssey Theater

    Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? at Baltimore Center Stage

    Pastels at Studio Theater

    Strange Snow at Sal Romeo Theater

    The Idiot and Jews Without Money at Whitefire Theater

    Roy’s Coffee Shop at Road Theater

    Junked at Marilyn Monroe Theater

  3. Ok, here is another in-progress topic - Tom's filmography; I don't want to cut 'n' paste from IMDB.com, so here is my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group description. Maybe we can work on an actual "list" instead of paragraphs:


    Tom is a talented and versatile actor who has been on rise in entertainment industry for 2 decades, performing in films like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nemesis, The Crow: City of Angels and working in critically-acclaimed, indie films including The Last Time I Committed Suicide (with Keanu Reeves, Adrien Brody) and Boogie Nights. He took small roles in Face/Off and The Thin Red Line and appeared in cult hit Thursday and broke through to mainstream audience with action thriller Deep Blue Sea.


    Tom worked in indie films like Magnolia, Molly, and Under Suspicion and hit a home run with Billy Crystal-directed 61* playing real-life baseball legend Mickey Mantle (Barry Pepper was Roger Maris).


    Hollywood movies with celeb co-stars followed. Original Sin (with Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas), The Sweetest Thing (with Cameron Diaz), and Dreamcatcher (with Damian Lewis, Jason Lee, Morgan Freeman).


    Tom starred in The Punisher (with John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn), based on Marvel comic book character, much-praised Stander, and guest-starred on TV shows Arrested Development and Medium.


    Tom created Bad Planet comic book with Steve Niles (reissued in July), Alien Pig Farm 3000 comic book (out now), has filmed Killshot (out Spring 2008), The Tripper, directed by David Arquette (DVD out Oct 30, 2007), Mutant Chronicles (out 2008), and The Mist (Nov 21, 2007 release; based on Stephen King story), and will star in The Lurkers, as well as direct Dark Country in 3-D and miniseries for SciFi Channel. Thomas and Steve Niles have their own production company, RAW Entertainment.

  4. Ok, like here is some stuff that I've gleaned from various online sites over the years; if anything's amiss, post here:


    Name: Tom Elliott III

    Date of Birth: January 29, 1969

    Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    Raised: Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC suburbs, all over

    Hair Color: Blond

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: variable...

    Father: Biogenetic Engineer

    Mother: Cindy Shiver Elliott - Antiques Dealer (maiden name possibly Jane)

    Tom has 5 younger siblings

    Divorced from Aysha Hauer (actress and daughter of actor Rutger Hauer)

    Married to: Patricia Arquette (actress and part of Arquette acting family; divorced from actor Nicholas Cage; has son named Enzo from previous relationship)

    Children: Harlow Olivia Calliope (born February 20, 2003)

    Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

    Interests: NASCAR, 70's movies in the style of "Dirty Harry", skeet shooting, certain antiques, various sports, certain comic books and characters

  5. Hey peeps -


    I want to put together a biography on Tom - nothing excruciatingly details, just the basics. I figure we can have a running thread here and gather bits 'n' pieces, so feel free to post info. I'll be adding more here when I have the time.


    It would be cool too if at some point Tom can look at it all and see if what we've added is correct, and if not we can make changes. :D



  6. Hi Tom! :D


    Wow, awesome, you're on the Forum! Heather really did a wonderful job with this Forum - nice 'n' clean 'n' clear.


    Yes, it's Jen from the Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group; I just had to get my 2 cents in here. :lol:


    I know you have a bunch of questions from me and other fans that you'll post here at some point. Can't wait for your replies.


    I don't know how you do it though - juggling all of this - but I think it's wonderful that you'll be here on 'n' off to field questions and chat, etc...


    Take care,



  7. Hi Tim and everyone -


    Hmmm...I wonder what we get tagged as for 26 and up posts...can't wait to find out. ;)


    Just to do a lil intro here, I'm Jen, owner of Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group, among other Groups on Tom. That 2nd Group is the main source of breaking news about and photos of Tom -- with the exception now, of course, of this Forum! :P


    I'm so glad this Forum is up; I was so missing Tom's official site Message Board.



  8. Hey guys!


    It's Jen, the owner of the Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group (among others on Tom - LOL). I'm going to be a lazy ass for the moment and just cut 'n' paste my "review" of Bad Planet that I wrote up yesterday and posted to my Group.


    I would have written up more, but I'm under time constraints at the moment and couldn't get my head into writing up a huge review of issues #1 - #3, but right now I just want to say - AMAZING WORK!! Ok, here's my short review/overview:


    I recently got my eyes on the first three issues of the Bad Planet

    comic book, and I have to say that Tom, Steve Niles, Tim Bradstreet,

    and company are some pretty creative and hard-working guys! I'm not

    a comic book aficionado by a long shot, but I know a great story when

    I read one (and see one), and Bad Planet is that type of story,

    brought vividly to life through the comic book medium.


    Not a single panel is wasted in bringing this "twisted tale" to the

    reader. It's an adventure into the unknown, enthusiastically

    brimming with kaleidoscopic possibilities, but also a very timely

    commentary about our world today. What surprised me in a good way

    was the fact that the story of Bad Planet can be taken on different

    levels. You can just take it "superficially", as an eye-popping, joy-

    ride fantasy (with plenty of slicing `n' dicing and swearing), or

    more deeply, as a parable of modern times – about the destruction and

    corruption that is happening to our planet right now.


    The guys don't shy away from touching on hot topics like politics,

    religion, and science, but they do it in an entertaining way that is

    natural for the storyline to progress. Governments are ineffectual

    in the face of worldwide destruction, the military shoot first and

    ask later, and alien species are taking over the planet (just like

    what's happening now for some environmentally invasive species).


    The scope of the story is huge, in creative and topical ideas, but

    also in geography and characters. So far, in these three issues, the

    US (Arizona and Washington, D.C.), South Africa, Australia, the UK,

    and various locations in outer space are represented. We are

    introduced to several characters, including terse, but effective Dr.

    Crighton from Australia, busty, but brainy Veronica Falcon of the

    Department Of Planetary Defense, Dr. Opit, a whiz-kid scientist in

    the UK, an un-named African kid who is mysterious, but essential to

    the plot, and, of course, "The Convict", an almost-indestructible

    alien species that comes to Earth on a mission…


    On the surface Bad Planet is geared towards the inner 15-year old boy

    in all of us – LOL - with its swearing (the censoring of expletives

    is haphazard at best. Sometimes Sh*t is spelled out, sometimes it's

    not), scantily-clad women (well, only one woman so far, Veronica

    Falcon, and I guess her intellect balances out her skimpy wardrobe),

    and widespread violence (darn those alien death spiders, laying waste

    to innocent citizens of Washington, D.C.!). While Bad Planet may not

    exactly be to everyone's taste (as in, it's a rock-`em, sock-`em, sci-

    fi adventure), it's hard not to appreciate the effort, fertile

    imagination, images dense with detail, sharp, wry dialogue and ideas,

    and tackling of important issues.


    As a female of the human species though, I would appreciate more guy-

    candy to gawk at…I guess the strong and silent alien "Convict" will

    have to do – LOL.



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