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  1. Depeche Mode is back!! Album #13, Delta Machine, will be out on March 26th. Can't wait! :D


    I wrote up a review of the lead single "Heaven" and its video for Adequacy.net where I tried to go more into the meaning of the song's lyrics. Of course it's all open to interpretation, but I thought of a different angle that I haven't read yet as a possibility...


    "Depeche Mode is alive and kicking with the imminent release of album #13 and this solemn exaltation about “Heaven”."




    Official Video:




  2. Thomas Jane Filmography (with one fan’s commentary)


    In honor of Tom’s Career Achievement Award from the Gasparilla Film Festival, I thought it would be the perfect time to go over Tom’s Filmography from the ‘fan’ point of view. Here’s a rundown of Tom’s performances on film and in TV shows with hopefully informative to entertaining commentary. It’s best to read it from the bottom on up; from his 1st to his current roles. The list is from IMDB. Spoiler alert: I may go into plot details that will spoil the film/TV show if you haven’t seen it already:


    The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (short)

    Frank Castle (starring) – Tom returns as ‘Frank Castle’/a Punisher-esque character that has some mileage on him, as well as a past, but he’s still kick-ass when the situation calls for it. It’s not vengeance…It’s punishment for the bad guys. A bottle of Jack Daniels is put to very good use. ;)



    Allen (bit part, really not even supporting role, I think) – Teenage melodrama gets a bad rap these days (or maybe always), but I can’t say either way because I’ve only watched Tom’s scenes in this film. To me, this film and the original French one that I have seen are just meh, but if you’re a fan of the (close to) teen actors or want that generational gap tug of war between parents and children, then maybe this will do it for you. Tom is kindly and nice in the father role, but he has way too little screen time to register that much, unfortunately.


    2009-2011Hung (TV series – 3 seasons)

    Ray Drecker (starring role) – Huzzah! Tom gets to play a multi-dimensional TV character on premium cable and all through the sometimes preposterous plotlines he shines like a star. I know Tom plays a private dick in Give ‘Em Hell, Malone, but I just might prefer him in Hung… ;)


    2011I Melt with You

    Richard (co-starring role) – Wow, I’m not sure what to say about this film…It’s super-bleak, nihilistic, stares down the abyss and then jumps off the cliff… This is super-distilled male-oriented viewpoints and sentiments, I think, and I don’t really relate to or understand a lot of the motivations behind the characters, but I still went along with it. I did like the 1st half, where it was more about the bond of friendship shown in a nicer light and the high in the sky party scenes were cool, but I guess there’s no escape from the comedown. Powerful performances all around. Of course, Tom drew me in the most, but I’m partial…


    2010DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection (video)

    Jonah Hex(voice) - I haven’t seen this.


    2010DC Showcase: Jonah Hex (video short)

    Jonah Hex(voice) – I haven’t seen this.


    2010Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Vegan Police(uncredited) (cameo) – Funny as hell scene with Tom and Clifton Collins Jr. (now in TV series Red Widow) as the Vegan Police. I admire director Edgar Wright greatly, as well as his work with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in TV series Spaced, and films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, with film #3, The World’s End headed our way soon…


    2009Dark Country

    Dick/Bloodyface (co-starring and directing!) – Yes, Tom’s directorial debut is a mysterious noir suspenser that dazzles due to its cinematographic creativity and not wasting a bit of the celluloid. The characters may be stock, but Tom and Lauren German imbue them with interest as the fast-formed couple start to find out more about each other…and some of it may not be to each other’s liking… This film is like a visual and thematic puzzle box and I’m still kinda confused by the whole warped timeline, etc… but it packs a potent punch nonetheless.


    2009Give 'em Hell Malone

    Malone (starring) – Hello cartoonish characters and outlandish, violent scenes. Hello gumshoe noir with the past mixing with the present as far as set décor and style go. Hello crazed villain(s) and the stalwart presence of Tom as private detective Malone mixed up in some very bad business. What is this secret that Malone is protecting, and why, by the end of the film, do you want desperately to see a Part 2 to it?



    Wayne Colson (co-starring role) – Tom plays a blue collar worker trying to work on his marriage to Diane Lane’s character, when she witnesses a hit man doing his business. This hitman, Blackbird (AKA Mickey Rourke) is a man with a past, and he unwillingly takes on a protégé in the form of a hopped-up, out-of-control Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Goodness, that kid’s everywhere these days!). Violence, suspense, drama, and contemplation ensue, not necessarily in that order. Tom again plays the decent everyman to fine effect, with most of the film’s weight being placed on a antagonized and agonizing Diane Lane, a played-to-the-vest Mickey Rourke, and a wild card Joseph G-L whose eventual comeuppance was a shock and well-deserved.


    2008Mutant Chronicles

    Maj. 'Mitch' Hunter (co-starring role) – Maybe I’m a sucker for sci-fi action, but actually liked this film for the most part; at least the end half when it picked up speed. The international cast is great. I really like Benno Furmann, Sean Pertwee, and of course Ron Perlman. Death-defying missions are always cool and fraught with intensity and Tom is smack dab in the middle of it here. That scene where Tom is about to be ‘converted’ into a machine/creature was nail-biting, and the ending had some weight with the showdown between Tom and Ron. Poor Ron…poor Benno (although he did it on his own terms)…poor Sean…


    2008The Butler's in Love (short)

    Sherman (co-starring role) – Tom is just a butler in love…with a rich woman at the dinner table, and all he can do is covertly pine for her and cast glances at her while pouring the absinthe…


    2007The Mist

    David Drayton (co-starring role) – Again, another great ensemble cast, and again, a based on a Stephen King novella. The characters are way too stereotypical, the suspense is sometimes telegraphed from a mile away, and the scares are sometimes not that frightening, well, until the horrific end of the film, where more twists happen in the last few minutes than during the whole film. Tom is the dependable everyman who turns a bit into an action figure/hero, depending on the scene. Tom is all-around believable, whether in the tender scenes with his son or in the action set-ups. I didn’t care of the (anti- and pro-) religious nature and symbolism of the story, but that’s not the film’s fault.


    2006Medium (TV series)

    Clay Bicks

    Four Dreams: Part 1(2006)… Clay Bicks(uncredited)

    Four Dreams: Part 2(2006)… Clay Bicks(uncredited) (supporting role) - A valentine of a role for when Patricia Arquette and Tom were together… He plays an old flame with sweetness and sadness and sincerity…


    2006The Tripper

    Buzz (bit part, maybe) – Tom has a blast once again as Buzz, the sheriff (or deputy? Whatever. He’s ‘the law’.), seriously chewing on his dialogue like it’s a tasty treat. Tom is so great as the straight man, comedy-wise, and he proves it again here. All hell ‘n’ chaos may be breaking loose, but dadgumit, he’s going to trying to restore some order and peace! Or he’ll die trying! LOL


    2005Gun (Video Game)

    Colton White(voice) – I haven’t played it, although I want to.


    2004The Punisher (Video Game)

    Frank Castle(voice) / The Punisher(voice) – I haven’t played it.


    2004The Punisher

    Frank Castle(as Tom Jane) (starring role) – Tom is The Punisher, or at least the version I want to watch. I actually didn’t totally like the film at first, maybe because some of the characters felt too ‘cartoony’, but the action scenes were awesome, especially at the end, the Russian scene is classic, and Tom gave it his all and you could see that on screen. Again, he morphs into the role and you don’t think, “Hey, that’s Tom Jane!”. I liked the level of intensity he brought to the character and his progression from Frank Castle to ‘The Punisher’ – where he’s not a remorseless killing machine, but is human and vulnerable at times, yet still meting out punishment on those that deserve it.



    Andre Stander (starring role) – Tom plays a real life person yet again, Andre Stander, who was a South African police officer and later bank robber, and is magnificent. Tom puts on the weight and a South African accent, losing himself in the role with abandon. A kinetic filming style and scenes filled with drama and danger, and some humor, make this film memorable.



    Henry (co-starring role, I guess, or maybe supporting) – Tom is solid in a strong ensemble cast here, in a film based on a Stephen King novel. This time he’s dealing with sci-fi fantastical eel-like (at least the ones Jason Lee encounters in the bathroom – What a scene) monsters and friends who might possibly be changed/infected. The storyline was so choppy and weird that I’m not even exactly sure what was going on…


    2002The Sweetest Thing

    Peter Donahue (supporting role) – The movie mainly focuses on Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, and Christina Applegate, but Tom’s in there for the sweet man candy, and despite the weird blondness of his hair and airbrushed look, there’s just sometimes irresistible about Tom… He’s affable and smiling in this role as the potential love interest for Cameron Diaz. This is a gross-out, female-centered romantic comedy that is short on laughs and long on icky scenes and ripe dialogue. I wasn’t feeling the heat between Tom and Cameron’s characters, but they really didn’t have much time for that since the focus was on all the ‘ewww’ antics with Cameron and her gal pals. Johnny Messner makes a brief, memorable appearance as Selma Blair’s boytoy. Tom is hands-down the sweetest, and best, thing in it…



    Dov (co-starring role) – Oh, this is one self-serious slog of a movie, dealing with historical fact and fiction, with important ideas and some good dialogue and emotions and drama here and there, especially at the bitter end, but it’s just way to talky, slow, and lugubrious. Tom character is the one more animated detail of the movie, and you will be at first charmed and then repulsed by him (and his past actions which he talks about to his increasingly horrified wife, played by a solid Samantha Morton). The film is realistically shot and does no favors to anyone, but Tom still looks good, whether in PJs or hat ‘n’ trenchcoat.


    2001Original Sin

    Billy / Walter Downs / Mephisto (supporting role, but he’s in it enough, I think, to qualify as a co-starring role) – Hammy acting all around, but quite enjoyable, especially if you’re a fan of period piece bodice-ripper mysteries. Tom acts rakish and amused, and mustachioed, in the 1st half of film, then changes to deadly serious by the end. There are some sizzlin’ scenes between Tom and Angelina Jolie (before she became super-famous) and even Tom and Antonio Banderas! I recommend the Unrated version if you prefer Tom nekkid and in steamy sitches.


    200161* (TV movie)

    Mickey Mantle (co-starring role) – A home run for Tom and all involved. Tom plays another real life person to universal critical acclaim, reviewers and fans alike. One of the Top 3 to 5 roles Tom has played. Directed by Billy Crystal (yes, sound weird, but he does it right) and co-starring an also-excellent Barry Pepper as Rodger Maris. I still don’t understand the rules of baseball, though…LOL


    2000Under Suspicion

    Detective Felix Owens (supporting role) – Tom is like a puppy dog on a leash in this one, where he thinks he’s a Doberman. His character wants to go after a suspect with guns blazing (or at least handcuffs flashing), but is reined in by his boss. Again, I think Tom is believable in his role. You can see the eagerness in his eyes and demeanor. He wants to catch the bad guy. His detective character does not yet know about finesse and concealment.


    2000Jonni Nitro (online video series)

    Brack (supporting role) – I forget what they call this – live animation? Basically, the actors are acting in it, but in production someone adds graphics on top of the real image to produce an animation look. Anyway, this series was online; maybe still is. Olivia D’Abo plays Jonni Nitro, an assassin of some type who is getting into trouble. I think Tom’s character Brack is involved with her and tries to help her out but might get the short end of the stick… Not sure; it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. All I know is that Tom acts serious in this (no smiles allowed) and is nicely rendered with the thick black graphics and atomic blue touches.



    Young Jimmy Gator (cameo) – I rented this film just to see the snip of Tom in it, and now I’m not even sure if I saw him in it, or at least recognized Tom. I think you see him as a preacher on the TV for a brief few seconds.



    Switch (co-starring role) I’ve only seen this film once and for some reason it doesn’t really stick in my mind… I think it’s along the lines of At Ground Zero, with the subject being drugs, and possibly 2 guys fighting over a girl? I can’t believe I don’t really remember the plot! I do remember it was really low budget and the filming quality wasn’t that great. Hmmm, will have to watch this one again soon…



    Sam (supporting role) – I know Tom said he’s not a fan of this movie, or maybe his performance, but for those of us who want to see his sweet, innocently charming side, here it is in full view. Tom always is believable in his roles and I think that’s part of what makes him a great actor. He’s never phoning it in, even in questionable movies. Tom plays a shy, emotionally-challenged guy in an institution who falls for Molly, played by Elisabeth Shue. I think they were really nice and romantic and fun together in this movie. The dinner scene with the lobster rescue is so funny and sweet.


    1999Deep Blue Sea

    Carter Blake – (co-starring role) – This is one of my most fave performance’s of Tom’s. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the straightforward conviction of his character (and Tom’s sincerity in the role). Maybe it’s the tight wetsuit…Ahhh… Tom gets to play the ‘hero’ in this one, while still being an outsider in the order of the characters in the movie. Director Renny Harlin knows how to direct action/suspense scenes while delivering stock to stereotypical characters and some sometimes unintentionally funny dialogue. This is a straight-up popcorn action flick of the good kind. I mean, sharks that can outthink humans – What more could you ask for?


    1998The Thin Red Line

    Pvt. Ash(as Tom Jane) (cameo) – It’s a Terrence Malick film, so Tom just lucky to be in it at all and not have all his scenes cut! LOL In the last third of the movie, when Jim Cazievel’s character is taking a walk through the tall grasses, he meets Tom, who has been left behind (I think?) because of a bum knee/leg. They talk and Tom is all weary, but casual and smiling, telling Jim that they’ll come back for him…and Jim walks away and that’s the last we see of Tom.


    1998Zack and Reba

    Sparky Stokes (bit part) – Tom is only in the beginning of this movie, playing a high school football player with suicidal tendencies once his girlfriend dumps him. It’s Tom playing the ‘dumb jock’ role, but he invests it with a sweet and sad sincerity as he takes his shotgun and…


    1998The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name)

    Gary (co-starring role) – I didn’t like this film at all the 1st time I saw it, but it’s grown on me. Again, Tom is great in it, playing the at-first innocent Gary who arrives in the city by bus and finds himself being charmed by a man named Valentino (played by a not-that-attractive-looking-here Vincent D’Onofrio). It turns out that Valentino is bisexual, however (I think?), and also has Salma Hayek’s character as a lover. Tom and Salma (well, their characters) bicker over Valentino until the terrible news that Valentio has AIDS. Will they overcome their petty differences and united in their love and care for Valentino? Interesting themes, but not played out well or convincingly. To me, Vincent D’Onfrio and Salma Hayek come across as annoying, or at least their characters. Tom is a saving grace, as well as the hot (at least Tom’s part of it) kissing scenes between Tom and Vincent.



    Casey – (starring role) – This whole black-as-a-car-tire comedy rides on Tom’s performance and even though at this point he’s not a known actor, he’s a sure bet. His ‘nice husband’ character, who was, ummm, once a drug dealer, is assailed throughout the film by hit men and other assorted criminals, a dirty cop, and a hit woman who ties him up and rapes him. Uh, yes, did I say it was a pitch black comedy? The jokes and situations are at times vividly violent and racially-charged and I personally did not like a lot of dialogue/ideas, but a squirming Tom is a must-see. Exasperation, frustration, repulsion, revulsion, and vindication never looked so good.


    1997Boogie Nights

    Todd Parker – (supporting role in a big, amazing cast) – This is officially Tom’s ‘Hollywood’ breakthrough role; the one that got him noticed, and he is a firecracker in a smallish, but memorable role. In his first scenes he comes off as a cocky, swaggering rooster, rocking the ‘stache, but later morphs into a gleeful druggie, and then shifts into high-gear at the end as a powder keg just itching to explode. The ‘drug dealing scene’ near the end of the movie, with John C. Reilly, Mark Wahlberg, and Alfred Molina, is classic. You will never hear “Jessie’s Girl” and “Sister Christian” in the same way again…



    Burke Hicks (bit part) – Tom in glasses and unkempt hair in jail. I think he’s only in it for a minute, possibly talking to and grinning at Nick Cage’s character…


    1997The Last Time I Committed Suicide

    Neal Cassady (co-starring role) – To me this is Tom’s breakthrough role in a more mainstream film. Well, as mainstream as you can get when trying to encompass the life of a Beat poet. There’s a jazzy editing and rhythm to the film that compliments the works of Cassady and Kerouac. It’s funny to think that Tom did this film with Keanu Reeves and a bit of Adrien Brody and Marg Helgenberger. The spotlight is definitely on Tom and he delivers in spades. He’s playing a real life person, which makes a role doubly hard, but he gets the rapid, choppy speech patterns and jittery, enthusiastic gestures and wild to reined in emotions right, at least in my book.


    1997Hollywood Confidential (TV movie)

    Lee (bit part) – Ah, Tom as the innocent again, in a few brief scenes where he plays a computer geek in a detective agency (or something like that). He looks at everyone with anxious doe eyes and headphones around his neck. He also looks really different than any other role I’ve seen him in. His hair is shaved really short and looks like it’s been bleached. Sounds awful, but looks good on Tom!


    1996The Crow: City of Angels

    Nemo (bit part) – It looks like Tom is having a blast in this movie as a glammed up, freaky video voyeur baddie who likes to frequent and get off at peep shows. He wears super-tight pants (I forget if they’re spray-on silver now…) and a reddish wig and rocks the eyeliner before it was cool and every leading man in a band was doing it. ‘The Crow’ is after him though, so you know it’s not gonna end well…


    1995High Tide (TV series) Barry – Barry(1995)… Barry – Oh, darn, I haven’t seen this either! L


    1994At Ground Zero

    Thomas Quinton Pennington (as Tom Elliott) (co-starring role) – This is a gritty, hard-hitting film about drug use and abuse with a grungy, but still good-looking Tom and co-star Ayesha Hauer as a couple who have descended into painful drug addiction. There are some dreamier segments when the couple hit the road, but overall the film is a downer with a message by its dire end… Tom and Ayesha were married for a time; I’m guessing after this was filmed. Very realistic, emotional acting and Tom and Ayesha and their plight definitely held my attention.



    Billy (as Tom Janes) (bit role) – Tom, sans clothes, is in a few brief scenes midway through this cult movie. You can see that the make-up department tried to cover up a tattoo on his arm, I think. His character basically stares through a window, trying to act tough, but is actually anxious, standing next to a naked woman. Things go south for poor Tom’s character, and not in a good way, with the arrival of the woman’s henchman… Again, not Tom’s best work and his voice sounds unusually higher pitched, but it’s one for his fans to savor nonetheless.


    1992Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Zeph(as Tom Janes) (bit role) – I think a scruffy, lanky, lean Tom is only in one scene, as a mechanic at a garage, and he gets to trade lines with Luke Perry for a minute. Not Tom’s breakthrough role, LOL, but he did get to hang out with Paul Reubens, David Arquette, and I think Rutger Hauer. I’m not sure if this is how Tom met Ayesha Hauer, the daughter of Rutger…


    1992I'll Love You Forever... Tonight

    The Hustler (supporting role) – Goodness, gracious, Tom is hot in this grainy, lo-fi, black ‘n’ white indie. A super-sexy, but dangerous Tom, with longer, tousled hair, gets it on with another man. I think I recall a playing pool scene, shower scene, and bed scene, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen this one. I just remember Tom was mesmerizing.


    1991She-Wolf of London (TV series) – Heart Attack(1991)… Johnny (as Thomas Bridgett) – Perhaps the only thing I haven’t seen Tom in… L

    Padamati Sandhya Ragam - Tom (as Tom) 1987 (co-starring role) – A super-young, super-sweet, super-innocent-acting Tom does a ‘Bollywood’ movie before it’s internationally recognized. Okay, so maybe there aren’t really any choreographed dances (that I recall) in the film; there is, however, a long, fun ‘n’ sweet montage of Tom’s character and his Indian co-star seeing the sights and acting silly and a bit romantic set against a playful Indian tune. I found Tom’s acting to be believable and watchable from the start, even in this generic American boy meets Indian girl film.




  3. Here's some more info about the fest:


    The event will be held March 19 - 24. "...one film on the lineup is "The

    Punisher," the largest film ever made in Tampa. Actor Thomas Jane, who played

    the comic book hero in the 2004 action film, will attend."












  4. "...on March 23, Thomas Jane's work -- The Punisher in particular -- will be celebrated at The Gasparilla Film Festival when they bestow him with their International Career Achievement Award.


    Jane, who will accept his award following a screening of The Punisher (which was filmed 10 years ago in Florida), recently sat down with ETonline to talk about this unexpected honor..."





    The link above has a great text Interview with Tom from ETOnline.





    I celebrated TJane’s bday yesterday the old-fashioned way -- By watching his episode of Arrested Development (couldn’t resist) & Stander, my all-time fave of favorites. :D


    Yeah, I have a tradition too: for Halloween it's The Mist and/or Dark Country. Oh, I just realized I should add The Tripper to the list!

    For Valentine's Day it's The Sweetest Thing, Molly, or Original Sin.

    Any Time: Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher, Stander.


    Just FYI, The Thin Red Line has been playing on premium cable these days. Tom has a cameo towards the end of the film, when he's in the fields and Jim Cazieval (?) character meets him.



  6. Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks


    This song has become a radio favorite of mine. Perhaps it will make you dance, a strong effect it has on me every time.


    Their debut album My Head is an Animal is extraordinary! I highly recommend it.


    Nice! Thanks for the link to that video/song. I really like the video-work, and funnily enough, I just did a review of a video that has similar animation effects. I'll list that link here when I can get to it.



  7. A lot of vampire movies suck. ;) A couple other ones that have some teeth are Let The Right One In (in a melancholy kinda way) and Thirst (the freaky Asian film; not the one where kids are trapped in the desert and have to drink all sorts of yucky things to survive).


    Neak Dark was an eye-opener for me and the movie that started me on the Kathryn Bigelow path...at least through Strange Days...




  8. Eek, now we must all watch the BluRay added stuff and be freaked out even more by that scene!!


    Yeah, jayesse8, I totally forgot that Shaw programmed it for a Cesarean... and that David told Shaw she was pregnant (although he could have been lying and just saying that to explain why her abdomen was suddenly bulging...).


    I know I said I loved David (well, you know what I mean), but he did some really not nice things to Shaw and her boyfriend...




  9. I think a different and/or interesting aspect is that this Forum is not just the average "fan forum" where fans gush about their fave artist - their fave artists is actually here on 'n' off - and it's an official Forum. So the tone is different. Not so inane and insane as the typical Forum. Personally, I like it because you get "news you can use" and conversations that don't go *thunk* or *squee*, but that's just my view. ;)




    Here's my top 10 of the year:


    8 ) 21 Jump Street - Laughed my ass off. Channing Tatum rocked.



    Just finished watching it. Agreed. I had no expectations, and was actually 'dreading' the scenario, but I was laughing at the TV screen for this one.




  11. Yes, I still enjoyed the movie in an Alien-fan kind way, although I was squirming through the medical pod operation segment! :o



    Thanks for the possible explanations for that operation scene, but I'm really hoping that thing was in her stomach, just logic-wise, and well, it's the lesser of 2 awful situations, I think...


    Love, love, love David. I hope Shaw can put him back together again... ;)





  12. oh, I just remembered my other question. SPOILERS again; you know Finley (?), one of the 2 scientist guys who are in the cave freaking out after the encounter with alien slimy stuff? So, I thought he was dead...but then you see him later on, in "monster" form, attacking crew members, trying to get back on the ship.


    So, is the idea the the slimy octopus-like "alien" takes over a host form - like a human, and the end result, end product, will be a hybrid of the human and slimy octopus? So does that mean Finley was actually still "alive" in some sense or it was a "rebirth" hybrid with some of Finley's features?


    Hmmm, I think I'm answering my own question - because, SPOILERS, I'm realizing that that is what happens at the very end of the movie with the octopus-alien and Engineer offspring/hybrid...




  13. Okay, I have 2 main questions about Prometheus. Well, I scribbled down 2 questions in the middle of the night and can only understand one of them, which is SPOILERS AHEAD, how did Shaw get infected and where in her body was the alien form?


    Now, I ask this because I've been under the impression from all the Alien films that the unfortunate buggers who get infected end up with an alien life form in their digestive system.


    But in Prometheus it seems like Shaw got infected after she had sex with Logan-Greene's character (Charlie? Sorry, I'm bad w/ names). If so, that's reproductive system, not digestive.


    Not to be gross and all, but I'd like to know what system the alien form was in - and then did Shaw truly have a Cesarean section or was it cutting open her stomach?


    I don't see how it can be reproductive though, because Charlie got infected by drinking that "drop", and I'm assuming he passed alien stuff on to Shaw through kissing her, and that it went into her mouth and into her stomach. That would be logical/factual (well, as far as fantasy can be fact; but following the logic in the fantasty...)


    So how would that get into her reproductive system?


    Okay, sorry I'm "thinking aloud" about this, so sorry for the length and possible incoherence...


    Any help w/ this would be appreciated though. It's been bugging me since seeing the film!




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