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  1. I just saw this listed this morning - exciting! Tom got nominated in Best Actor, TV Comedy category for Hung! Congratulations Tom!! "8:33 AM – Today Here we go! And here we go. They've begun to be announced, but not live. We got the info, though! Best Actor, TV Comedy: Alec Baldwin, David Duchovny, Johnny Galecki, Thomas Jane and Matt LeBlanc" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/15/golden-globe-nominations-2012_n_1150049.html?ref=entertainment and "Alec Baldwin, David Duchovny, Johnny Galecki, Thomas Jane and Matt LeBlanc compete for best comedy actor." http://w
  2. Here's the link to a very interesting interview with Tom (in text format), the "deep thinker" - seriously - I don't think many actors would make such astute comments about the state of men and humanity in an interview: http://www.boxofficemagazine.com/articles/2011-12-i-melt-with-you-co-star-thomas\ -jane-on-whats-wrong-with-the-american-man Jen
  3. Link to interesting review of I Melt With You: ...with possible spoiler aspects...: "Pellington's film is a thriller executed like a tragedy. There is no sense of suspense, only doom, for the four 40-somthings as they begin to understand how they ended up where they are in their lives. "I Melt With You" is an anthem for the Sex Pistol generation, too old for the antics, but still steeped in sex, drugs and rock and roll." Much more at: http://www.jspace.com/news/articles/chemical-bromance-review-of-i-melt-with-you-\ video-/6438 Jen
  4. Here's link to text Interview with Tom for Men's Health mag: http://news.menshealth.com/harness-your-anger/2011/12/09/ Jen
  5. ...and here's the link to another interview with the cast, including Tom: http://blog.bullz-eye.com/2011/12/08/a-chat-with-thomas-jane-rob-lowe-and-jeremy\ -piven-of-i-melt-with-you/#more-7342 Jen
  6. Coolness! I didn't know all that behind-the-scenes craziness was going on...
  7. Link to Interview with Tom, cast, and director of I Melt With You. Very interesting interview, in text format: http://screencrave.com/2011-12-07/the-cast-and-director-of-i-melt-with-you-talk-middle-age-and-allegory/ Jen
  8. Link to Review of I Melt With You: "...strong acting from co-leads Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe, Christian McKay, and Jeremy Piven. They feel like long time friends and their easy chemistry and dedication to the material... see things through to the end." http://www.awardscircuit.com/2011/12/06/film-review-i-melt-with-you-12/#more-6945 Jen
  9. Link to archived chat with Tom at HBO. The chat is from December 6th: http://connect.hbo.com/conversations/hung/thomas-jane-two Jen
  10. Links to reviews of last episode (and whole season) of Hung. Beware of plot spoilers for last episode and the whole season: http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-lexington/hung-goes-for-the-whole-beefalo-review and http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/pimpin-aint-easy-thoughts-on-hung-season-3 Jen
  11. Tom was at a benefit sponsored by The David Lynch Foundation. Here's the link to list of people who attended the event: http://la.guestofaguest.com/events/last-nights-parties-see-where-amber-heard-katy-perry-thomas-jane-jessica-alba-amanda-seyfried-more-played-this-weekend-in-la/ I don't think there's a pic of Tom, even though there's a link to him here: http://la.guestofaguest.com/tag/thomas-jane/ Jen
  12. Here's the link to an article about Tom from the IndianExpress with quotes from him. It's a pretty good article that goes over Tom's earlier years and there are several quotes from Tom about that time period, his acting, and Hung mixed in there: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/Thomas-Jane--Good-at-being-bad/883687/ Jen
  13. Awesome Tim!! Thanks so much for letting me know. It would be so cool to find out more about the backstory of Tom's involvement in the music field and to promote his work at DOA. Take care, Jen
  14. Wow, cool Esco! Now I'll have to go and get the "latest" from Axl and company. Good point about them promoting themselves as a "band" and not just as Axl and his helpers... Jen
  15. LOL Thanks for the info! I don't know - I'd still want to read your interviews... Speaking of what we all do, I wish I was a *paid* music reviewer/interviewer/etc... Jen
  16. Awesome news!! I am now rubbing my hands together, wondering whether I can coerce Tom into doing an interview with me for Delusions Of Adequacy music site, where I'm a writer/reviewer/interviewer/news-poster... Jen
  17. Holy cow, Esco - you're a busy guy!! Cool stuff though! What's the name of the movie you were in? So you interviewed Motorhead and the other bands you mentioned? Are the interviews online anywhere? Those would be cool to read! Jen
  18. LOL, I'm still not used to Facebook... but I am getting used to the changes here. Everything looks nicer and smoother and as far as how I use it, this format is fine. I did notice that I had to sign in to see the Forum though, when it had been "open" in the past. Not sure if that's the way it is now, or just this time when I signed on. Jen
  19. How was it??! I was actually waiting all those years for a new "Axl" album, and then I totally lost track and didn't even realize the album came out until relatively recently! LOL If I may ask, what do you think of the new material and Axl's singing? I was just looking/listening to old footage of G 'n' R on YouTube the other day. Great stuff! Jen
  20. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I can't believe it's back to the daily grind again... I totally forgot about the whole Cyber Monday deal these days, but I was at work and couldn't do any spending... LOL Jen
  21. Here's official news about the I Melt With You soundtrack: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LAKESHORE RECORDS TO RELEASE I MELT WITH YOU Soundtrack Album Features Tracks By The Pixies, Bauhaus, Adam and the Ants and Modern English (November 14, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA) – Lakeshore Records will release the I Melt With You – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available digitally on November 29th and in stores on December 20, 2011. The soundtrack features classic new wave, modern rock and punk tracks from artists including Bauhaus, The Pixies, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and an updated
  22. Here's the link to an article with quotes from Tom that made the AOL front page in the Entertainment section a week or so back. The article is titled "'I Melt With You': Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven Face Their 40s And Their Fears". It's spread through the Internet a bit, at least in the entertainment news because it deals with ageism in Hollywood. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/23/i-melt-with-you-thomas-jane-jeremy-pive\ n_n_1091703.html Jen
  23. Here's the link to the Top 10 Stephen King films and The Mist is on the list: http://whatculture.com/film/top-10-stephen-king-movie-adaptations.php Jen
  24. Here's the link to a snarky and 'sharky' detailed review/opinion piece of Deep Blue Sea; lots o' plot spoilers within: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/junkfood-cinema-deep-blue-sea-bsali.ph\ p Jen
  25. Here's a little out 'n' about tidbit: Thomas Jane, the star of the HBO series "Hung," was with noir-film-ophile Eddie Muller at the Hypnodrome on Nov. 17 for a performance of "Shocktoberfest 12: Fear Over Frisco." Jane was so taken with the macabre decor of the theater that he started taking photos of the place as soon as he got there. Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/11/24/DDFK1M264Q.DTL#ixzz1\ f2pYpMhX Jen
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