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  1. Tim, Just like to tell how impressed I am with Archetype - it was well worth the wait, beautifully done and nice and fucking thick just the way I like art books to be! Awesome, simply awesome! Pete
  2. Master Hatcher - cool! It's insane though. I need to start using a brush to preserve some sanity though. Well see... Thanks!
  3. Thank you Irish! I've heard of these pens - I'll have to track them down. I bought a brush pen awhile back but haven't used it yet. Probably should start though - might save me some time doing solid blacks instead of crosshatching like mad! Best, Pete
  4. Cool image. What do you use for the inking?
  5. This is a piece I did for a convention a few years ago. Title: Black Sun Pen & Ink / Airbrush
  6. Piece I made for the 2007 World Horror Convention Alternate Title: Hey Kids!!! Pen & ink on board
  7. Calendar cover Pen & Ink on board / Photoshop
  8. Another calendar piece - April Pen & Ink on board
  9. Here's a piece I made for a calendar for 2008 January Pen & Ink on board
  10. Hello, I joined the RAW Board a few days ago but here is a more formal introduction. Member Name: Gormenghast My name is Peter Francis and I'm a freelance illustrator from Nova Scotia. Canada. I have been doing illustration work for several years off and on. During the past couple of years I've jumped back into field and am currently working on various projects both for clients and personal works. My medium of chioce is pen & ink and crowquill pens. Totally old school, but I like it. One of these days I'm going to use the brush pen I bought and see what kind of a mess I can
  11. Cool. Looking forward to seeing that.
  12. What medium did you use for the HoF poster or is it digital. Looks amazing!
  13. Thanks. Yes the black is all cross hatched. I still use a crowquill pen to do it but lately I'm thinking of making the jump to brushes.
  14. Here's another. This was a submission for a calendar way back in the 90s. I was younger then...sigh
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