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  1. Is this for real? Really? In the words of Dr. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) "Oh Boy..."
  2. I hope to work with you as an actor or maybe get you in for a cameo for a Bat Pig Pictures film. Keep up the great work! I'm sure if it is meant to happen... we will work together. Cheers,
  3. I'm coming in late on this topic but reading up...it sure looks like a great film! I can't wait to check it out! I'd like to think I will work with you guys some day soon. God willing... I'm an actor/producer and of course a fan. Cheers, Robert Gordon Spencer
  4. I am so ready to see the film! People are going to watch this movie and know we are film people!
  5. Hey, I just had to add myself to this chat. I am very excited to see the results of our work. The Collaborative Film Environment really worked! I feel confident that when you see this film and before that....a trailer....You will want more! The talent on this film was amazing! I am very proud of everyone and look forward to the next film we do together. Robert
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