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  1. I guess all good things do come to an end. Still, I want to say thank you to both you and Garth Ennis. It was your artwork and his stories for the Marvel Knights and Max series of The Punisher that really got me back into comics, and inspired me to go back to school for Art. Thanks. You will be missed.
  2. i don't know if these are listed, but: Stargate John Carpenters Vampires Dracula (old Universal Version-Bela Lugosi) Frankenstein (old Universal Version-Boris Karloff) The Day the Earth Stood Still War of the Worlds (1953) Planet of the Apes Night of the Living Dead (69 version) White Zombie Flash Gordon Clash of the Titans Metropolis Starship Troopers The Evil Dead Evil Dead II Army of Darkness The Birds Psycho The Wolfman Creature from the Black Lagoon The Killer Shrews The Last Man on Earth House on Hauted Hill (Vincent Price version) Earth vs The Flying Saucers Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the list goes on...
  3. Name: Josh Location: The Old North State, USA Your Interests (besides Tom, of course):Art, Comics and Cartooning, amateur filmmaking When did you first become at fan of Tom's? When Dreamcatcher came out What are your favorite Tom-related films?The Punisher, Dreamcatcher, The Crow: City of Angels What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating? most definitely Mutant Chronicles In what film role to you like Tom best? Punisher hands down How much have you seen of his Filmography? I've seen a handful of films he's been in The Crow: City of Angels The Punisher Dreamcatcher The Mist
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