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  1. Notice how all 3 sharks died the way the sharks died in Jaws 1-3?

    I loved the score for the movie by Trevor Rabin. Lots of cheesy ass CGI (Sam Jackson's death for one). Jane was the shit in this film though. A bad ass shark tamer.




    Oh not, me I liked this film, I discovered Thomas in this film and I liked at once:) this beautiful guy... LOL ;)



  2. I contacted Del, who owns the Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank,

    CA, asking him about The Mist DVD signing, and here's what he had to

    say (thanks for your comments Del!):


    "The signing with Thomas went off without a hitch. Upon his arrival

    the fans had gathered and they were raring to go. We sold out of

    product as did our local Fry's store. Many folks had pictures taken

    and he was an absolute delight with the fans! Some of which can be

    seen at this site.





    There were lots of photographers. I sat with him during the signing

    and I think I got a tan from all the flashbulbs going off!



    Check out the official Dark Delicacies web site at:





    Thanks Jen and I add one Thomas's photo , for this day...




    great sunday !!



  3. I viewed The Tripper on DVD (in VOST), and I liked very much this movie

    (especially the passages with Thomas;))


    very nice this movie , sometimes funny film, sometimes very "blood"...

    Film to be absolutely seen...






  4. And here's more about The Mist from JoBlo.com, always on the pulse of the good stuff! ;)




    Their news blurb is actually partly taken from IGN.com, which has a few film photos, with Tom featured in them:






    SUPER !


    Thanks Jen for these links...Finally photos of this film.... :P


    I like very much these photos...


    I hope that this film will be distributes very quickly in France!!!


    I very want to see it



  5. Heya Patti - The subject of translations and overseas publishing is constantly on our minds. It's something we're very interested in.

    We're still researching the possibilities, and attempting to determine who and where. We definitely want to get the books into Europe, Japan, South America, China, etc . . .

    It's a work in progress so unfortuantely I don't have much good news on this front currently, but we hope to have a definitive answer soon.

    Thanks a lot for the good question.


    - TB


    Hi Tim


    Thanks very much for your answer!


    I hope sincerely that you will find a solution I look forward to seeing your work and that of Thomas... :)


    Great sunday....


    Patti (from France)

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