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  1. I just want to add some Thomas's photos for this event : "HUNG" premiere , 24 june 2009 Patti
  2. Happy Birthday Thomas kisses - Patti
  3. Hi ! oh just, I add one NEW Thomas's photo... at special screening of "my bloody valentine" 3D, 8 janvier 2009 Bye ! Patti
  4. whaou! thanks Jen, great photo !! Patti
  5. In spite of I 'm French, I saw The Mist (in DVD, the film did not go out in the cinemas of my city , and because an American member of this forum sent me the DVD , thank J.) ...I appreciated a lot Thomas in this film thus I naturally voted for Thomas and for The Mist. Good luck. Patti
  6. Oh not, me I liked this film, I discovered Thomas in this film and I liked at once:) this beautiful guy... LOL Patti
  7. and these pics (interview during "The Butler's in Love" premiere) Patti
  8. just for add 2 photos of " Hancock " L. A premiere and (small pics of Thomas's interview) Patti (from France)
  9. Thanks Jen and I add one Thomas's photo , for this day... great sunday !! Patti
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS...and many many kisses Patti (from France)
  11. I viewed The Tripper on DVD (in VOST), and I liked very much this movie (especially the passages with Thomas;)) very nice this movie , sometimes funny film, sometimes very "blood"... Film to be absolutely seen... Patti
  12. I 've modified this photo:)... (just a little) Great weekend ! Patti
  13. Thomas at the Scream Awards... he has a beautiful hat... Patti
  14. snifff ! And I, in France, I shall see nothing, ... but I hope that there will be many Thomas's photos Great weekend ! Patti
  15. I add two Thomas's photos (screencaps of movie) Patti
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