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  1. Awesome book (Get it now, wont be disappointed), but even with the excess of talent onboard, I'm not sure they will be able to do it justice. Hope I'm prooved wrong though.
  2. Anyone else think concept of Tarzan is inherently racist and elitist? Takes a white noble guy to be a hero in Africa etc...
  3. I can't speak for the rest of Europe, but after a 'quick' search of all major online outlets in England (HMV, Zavvi, Amazon, Play.com, LoveFilm etc..), I didn't find Mutant Chronicles for sale on DVD anywhere. Must just be continental Europe or is this all just an urban myth perhaps? This is one weird situation.
  4. The new single by "Kings of Leon", think it's called "Sex on Fire" (what an awesome name ). The song is kickass, you all need to go out, buy it and give it a spin.
  5. Presumably Tom would have been contacted to see if he wants to make any contributions (Feature Commentary, Interview etc...). Any word from 'The Management' on this? If there was one coming out that would be cool to know, save people the double dip.
  6. Is it really so difficult for LGF (or other studios) to distribute some prints on the art house circuit? There are no real advertising costs and it would offer more people a chance to watch films theatrically that won't necessarily go down so well in their local mega-corp multiplex? Art House isn't just for indie movies (at least none of the ones I've ever gone to), I've seen everything from 'Rennaissance' to 'Thank You for Smoking', hell they're even putting on a showing of Mamia Mia for feck's sake! But they'll happily cater to 'niche' audiences as they tend to me more fanatical
  7. Ah bugger, it's being released in the UK while I'm in India for 6 weeks.... guess I'm going to have to wait for the DVD
  8. It's got to be Terminator for me, I'm just so damn curious to see what they are going to do with it is so good they attracted Christian Bale. Didn't know there was a Wolverine trailer out already, It's Google Time
  9. $20 Million according to Wiki, but either way from the trailer I saw, the money didn't seem to make it on to the screen. It pains me to think of the Punisher sequel we should have had.
  10. Given that Outlander (shaping up to be my guilty pleasure of the year) cost $47 million and stars Jim Caviezel, John Hurt and Ron Perlman (as well as the luminous Sophia Myles) is reportedly getting released straight to DVD (despite positive reviews), I think Malone could easily end up not being released theatrically on a wide scale, depending on it's commercial viability. I'm not a troll or a nay-sayer, but sadly this is just the way the film industry is leaning at the moment. Corporations really really want to be sure of a films income potential before commiting huge amounts of money
  11. Cool, Great News. Thanks for getting us an answer on this Tim, appreciate it
  12. I heard he tried to have his name taken off Highlander 2 (using box office poision 'Alan Smithee' instead), but the DGA wouldn't let him as he wasn't a member. Watched 'Resident Evil: Extinction' recently, and while it was only alright (poor story/script) it did look amazing, Mulcahy can really create some fantactic visuals/sequences. Good to hear such a seasoned veteran has been lined up, but if Tom wasn't getting compared to Christopher Lambert enough before, he sure will be now after hiring the Highlander director Could be worse though, Christopher Lambert was really cool (until he
  13. The entire movie on special versions of the DVD (and presumably the Blu Ray version). Black and White was apparently Darabont's original vision but alas, practical (financial) concerns got the better of all involved. I can't wait until the DVD is released in the UK so I can finally see The Mist as it was originally intened. I grew up watching a load of Black and White TV (mostly unintentionally ... our second TV was Black and White) and still remember what a great Friday night I had watching 'The Thing from Another World' and the earlier series of 'The Avengers' (as in British 60's TV sh
  14. Probably a bit late to the party with this suggestion, but I would have suggested taking a look at Antonia Bird's CV. She's made some really interesting films that most people have sadly never heard of (Priest, Face, Ravenous) although, seeing as David Arquette had a part in Ravenous, her name shouldn't be completely unfamiliar to Tom. She's also helmed critically acclaimed TV series 'Cracker' (the UK version, not the inferior US remake). I gather she turned her back on Hollywood after having a horrible studio experience making Mad Love to return to filiming in Europe, but she's lined
  15. So it's alright for you to buy 'bootleg films while stationed in Afghanistan' but downloading from the internet is 'shitty'? Care to clarify your position, because it seems to me that you are of the same opinion as Aurelia. When you have no legitimate options available to you, you can do things you wouldn't otherwise do, due to the lack of options. On a side note, I think bootlegging is worse than P2P. Generally no one profits from P2P (unless they then rip and bootleg) while the proceeds of bootlegging goes to criminal organisations. I appreicate that neither are victimless crimes,
  16. Thanks Tim As for film festivals, best not to put the cart before the horse. It all depeneds on when the final cut of the film is in the bag really. There is no point entering a film festival if you don't have a decently edited cut to show - look what happened to David Kelley with 'Southland Tales' in Cannes!
  17. I've got a lot of sympathy for Aurelia. In the 7 MONTHS between when the Mist was released in the US and released in England (where I now live), I inevitably had the ending ruined for me when I read an interview with Frank Darabont when he was promoting the DVD for release in the US (over 2 months before it was even theatrically released in England... where we speak English and don't have to wait for dubbing/translations etc... WHY 'Dimension/MGM' WHY!!!). I finally saw The Mist (and loved it) when it was finally released over here, but I've always felt robbed that I never got to experie
  18. I've never been nominated for an Oscar for writing a screenplay but I did get a 'very good effort' for an english essay I wrote once.... so nope, sorry, sadly I'm not Tab Murphy... guess I'm not interesting anymore then
  19. Call me the glass half full guy, but I'm just glad that it's been picked up by a 'major' distributor in the first place. How many low budget/indie movies get made every year that never see the light of day outside of festivals? Much as I hate 'Sony' as a corporation, they should easily guarantee major distribution making the film more widely available/seen in the first place. So, I've asked on the Raw Entertainment forum and not had a response yet. Will (or even can) 'Dark Country' be viewed on a DVD/Blu Ray in 3D? I assume it's technically possible so I'm guessing it just comes down to t
  20. I might be missing something here, but I think you're thinking of Metal Gear (lead character 'Solid Snake'), not Splinter Cell (lead character 'Sam Fisher'). Personally I think a Metal Gear movie would suck in a Van Helsing kind of way, while Splinter Cell could be a neat mix of 24 meets Bond ... but without the tux or having to save Kim Bauer from a mountain lion every 20 minutes.
  21. Murphy


    That's really cool, she was great in 'Happiness' (kind of reminded me of Hope Davis). From the (brief) description of the part, I can really see her fitting the role. Looks like Alexander Payne is really getting a great cast together for this..... Man I wish I had HBO. Guess I'll have to wait and see if the BBC pick 'Hung' up
  22. Working on .... Acting/Directing/Producing? If acting, I gather Tom's South African accent was spot on for Stander, so lets hope he can at least give Dick Van Dyke a run for his money
  23. I have a feeling Max Payne is going to be pretty mediocre. While he can create some great visials, John Moore just hasn't made any really good films, just lots of mediocre ones with some good bits. Whatever happened to the planned Splinter Cell movie. Last I heard it was due to star TJ and be directed by Peter Berg. Then it just disappeared. Or the Oldboy remake that was supposed to pair TJ up with Justin Lin. Probably for the best that Oldboy wasn't remade (although after The Departed worked so well, I might change my view on that), but Splinter Cell had massive franchise potential writ
  24. All this talk of prison and asses is making me worry for John McTiernan. I just hope John McT comes out with a grittier, more real sense of the world and wants to make something uncompromising (he can use his new jail moves to scare off the producers who disagree). Got to say, the thing I'm most looking forward to seeing about Run, is what car's are chosen for the car chase. I always loved how the Bourne movies used 'normal' cars rather than top of the range (sponsored), so called cool cars (the blatant sponsorship by Chevy in 'The Island' was cringe-worthy). When I was in South
  25. hey, who hasn't told the odd lie in court from time to time :-P
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