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  1. Some kudos for The Mist from Empire Magazine (the best movie magazine in the United Kingdom and Ireland). They've picked The Mist as one of the 50 films you must see from 2008 (as it was released over here in 2008 for some reason that has always escaped me) in their review of the year. "The Mist Frank Darabont's third Stephen King feature is debatedly the year's best thriller - B movie chills with A-list craft and intelligence" Defining moment: The most powerful ending of the year bar none"
  2. So, how's that getting back to work coming along? Any update from McTiernan yet?
  3. Awww shucks, you guy'll make me blush if you're not careful Cheers Parker and Tim, I think you guys are cool too :-)
  4. Looks like it's getting released in the UK in January. Potentially a great start to the cinematic year then :-)
  5. This is so going to be the first Blu Ray disk I buy (curses on the death of HD DVD tho, it was so the better format). Can't wait, have my Blu Ray drive in the post right now :-) So lucky to be heading back to India Tom, man I love that place. A real shame ot hear about what is going on out there at the moment, but the real sad thing is that this kind of thing (well, not on such a large scale) happens there all the time now, but it's never reported in the West... until some tourists starrt catching bullets that is. The day I arrived in India there was a series of bomb blasts in Delhi, so n
  6. So any update on whether Tom was ever up for a role in an Oldboy remake, or do I have to come to terms that t'internet lies to me :-0
  7. Am I the only person that thinks it's weird Terence Howard being replaced by an arguably better known (and arguably IMHO slightly better) actor? I like the guy and all, but it's not like he's made much of an impact since 'Hustle N Flow'.
  8. QT is a big boy who knows how the process works. Some people end up with their scenes on the cutting room floor, it's a fact of life. I always felt bad for Michelle Monaghan, who had pretty much all her speaking scenes cut from both Constantine and Syriana, back to back. That's got to rock your confidence. Good thing for her Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was just around the corner!
  9. So was Tom Jane attachde to this with Justin Lin directing at some point or was that just some crazy internet rumour I heard?
  10. You're Irish too? Ceart go leoir, cad as duit? Ta alan athas orm nuair a bhi me abalta caint leis ma dhreathair as Eire!
  11. I'm guessing they're going to go all 'Constantine' on it and just amalgamate a few bits together to make a new, but similar story. Can't see Sam Mendes signing up for any Trilogy, not to mind one that isn't that well known outside of the comic book crowd. Love the idea of Mendes having a crack though, he brings a lot of intelligence to what he does and most people tend to forget just how funny American Beauty was!
  12. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm getting a real Ed Brubaker vibe from this movie, which is great as I love the 'Criminal' books.
  13. So is it ok to pirate 'movie reviews' from magazines now
  14. We could start an anti fan Thread for you if you like
  15. Tigerland? Intermission? Home at the end of the World? Farrell has been great in some really good films that most people have never seen. He also makes some Hollywood trash from time to time. We've always known Gleeson rocks... it just took the rest of the world longer to find out! Who else could have turned Lake Placid into a remotely entertaining movie!!! And it's a sin he didn't get at least an Oscar nomination for Boorman's The General. Who else could have turned an evil bastard like Martin Cahill into a charismatic anti hero, while still portraying him as a completely evil ba
  16. I prefer Birdy to Wild at Heart, but each to their own eh!
  17. Me too, they're so dreamy Nah, Mark is fine, he does some really good stuff and lots of mediocre stuff, but I always really like watching Donnie, there just always seems to be more going on with him. Who knew there were so many Boomtown fans out there, had there only been more of us!!!!! Oh, and the book ending was a lot better, it all took place in the memory warehouse building and .... no, I don't want to spoill it for anybody, but read it if you get the chance!
  18. Murphy


    Nixon was a great movie, I was really left with equal respect and loathing for Nixon. If W is half as good, it'll still be better than 99% of what's in the cinema these days. But no matter what, It's got to be better than 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. I'm a liberal (not the confused with the nasty insult it seems to have become in the US these days), but Michael Moore's one sided accusations, hurt the real arguements with it's cheap sensationalism and spiteful rhetoric, rather than actually promoting discussion (as opposed to closed minded, arguments where people refuse to listen) and promoting understan
  19. Despite the fact that this has been 'on the shelf' for ages, I a little more than cautiously optimistic about Pride and Glory. Anyone know when it gets released in the UK?
  20. It was 2 very successful Indian (Tamil) directors (Rajiv Menon and Vasanth), a freelance journalist, an ex Health Minister, 3 psychiatrists, a CEO from a Media/Advertising corporation and one of the founders of the charity I'm working for, here in India at the moment. Good discussion, which gave us a lot to think about. For example, there are guidelines about the portrayal of animals, but not about people with mental illness - so all men with mental illness are raving psychopathic killer, while the women have messy hair and just babble incoherently (what horsesh1t - the truth is closer to 'A B
  21. No problem man, I'm just having a bad week (sorry, didn't mean to vent) and having helped run a panel discussion on the negative portrayals of people with mental health issues by the media (most people with mental health issues lead perfectly normal, productive, successful lives once they know how to control things, but the media always blows negative examples out of proportion) it's still pretty fresh in my mind. Fact is, when it comes to this, there is no silver bullet, so like you said, it works for lots, just not all.
  22. Aint seen We Own the Night yet, but I thought The Shooter was rubbish. Predictable plot, silly premise, uninspired action etc... Shame really, as I had been looking forward to it. But we're a bit off course, back to The Killpoint. Had a giggle last night watching a trailer for Righteous Kill, seeing Wahlberg and Leguizamo playing partners, so soon after Kill Point.
  23. Maybe he means that they were both in "Band of Brothers" and he didn't think much of them... thus 'lesser brother'... but that's just a guess If so, its weird thing to say, as apart from 'Neal McDonough' (who was also in Boomtown), Damien Lewis and Donnie Wahlberg are probably the most successful of the 'brothers'. Although Ron Livingston is in The Time Travelers Wife, so he may make a bit of a comeback
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