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  1. thanks guys! and yeah, he used to get the kidd rock reference a lot back then. heh when i complete some more paintings, i'll be sure to post them. i love positive feedback.
  2. i'll bite. i haven't done a lot of work in anything but graphics {fliers, webpages, etc} in awhile, but this was always one of my favorites. it's a photoshop painting based on a photo i took of my husband when we lived in dallas. he's sitting under the good latimer tunnel in deep ellum. we were younger people then. i need to do some photoshop paintings of our little monsters.
  3. LOVE the reinhardt piece! awesome energy that you've captured there. also LOVE the punisher cover, one of my faves ever, i think. definitely digginit
  4. how old is the little one, tim? my almost-2 yr old was sick around that same time, and was putting me through more of the same! up between 4 and 5am several nights, after staying up until midnight. then up again around 7-8! the only good thing about 5am is original star trek on tvland... can't wait to see the newe work!! i've got to get caught up on BP this week, oi!
  5. happy birthday, man. hope it's a great one.
  6. thanks for the note, tim. i need to remember to check back here more often.
  7. you're not the only one behind! i'm going to have to grab them online somewhere, my local guy just isn't going to carry them at all. i don't really blame him, it's a VERY small town, and he's barely keeping his doors open. he really can't carry everything, and i don't know that the books would have much market here besides me...
  8. Name: ally - everyone online knows me as allykatt. Where you from: born and raised in oklahoma, spent years in dallas tx and northwest arkansas. lately, i travel among the three. Occupation: stay-at-home-mom, webguru How did you find this forum: tim's myspace blog. What are you reading: "an inconvenient book" - but soon to be bad planet {i'm a little behind here} What are you watching: right now? monsters incorporated. but my netflix queue is extensive, and filled with a lot of anime, some NEW doctor who, and a lot of movies. What do you have to say for yourself: i'm he
  9. oh, sure. that's all well and good for those people who are lucky enough to live in cali! those of us out here in the central plains just get to WAIT!
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