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  1. Working on becoming a free-lance illustrater! Will be working on some more fantasy based art, trying to get a portfolio for Games Workshop. Was thinking of doing a version of the punisher as well, just trying to find time!
  2. Here is one I did of the late, ODB
  3. Rock chick, drawn by young horny teenager!
  4. These are all from when I was 15, so they are about 18/19years old.
  5. Good to here your still drawing Jason, it's important at the age your at to get as much in as you can (and if you forget the drawing youv'e always got the violin, or is it the fiddle in the US?) Anyhow I'll post up some of the stuff I did when I was your age. (much embarassment!).
  6. Hi I'm Jonny. From the UK. Long time fan of Tim's work. Thought I'd post some of my work up, see what you guys think! Cheers.
  7. Cheers buddy! Always good to know people like the stuff you do. Will post more soon.
  8. I recently read an article in a magazine, about how much money you should charge. An artist needs to know the value of his/her work and then take it from there. The example they gave was that you should charge £200-£600/day, sounds a lot to me (about$400-$1200). But I guess you have to take into account that you might not be working everyday. I spoke to a friend of mine, who has hired professional artists before and he said that one particular uk artist charges £90, $180ish, for an A5 black and white drawing, single figure, no background. I was actually shocked at this, but I guess if you have the talent people will want to pay money.
  9. As you can see I am a big Tim Bradstreet fan. Been following his work since Twilight 2000, Shadowrun, Vampire, Yadadada! Trying to make it myself as a freelance artist, but working a normal job, married with kid, trying to get to the gym, martial arts training all take up time (ok. ok, put the violin down) Will post some more, if people like. Cheers all Jonny
  10. Cheers Irish, for helping me out, appreciate it buddy!
  11. Last one of the rpg pictures. Again these are all my work mates.
  12. A sorceress type character. All of these were for a call of cthulhu monograph.
  13. Here is another. One of my work mates posed for this.
  14. This is a peice I did for an rpg. let me know what you think.
  15. Wow! some excellent images, if I can just figure it out I'll post some of mine.
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