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  1. Of course, Grant should be mentioned. I've loved his colors since I noticed them on Batman/Deathblow a few years back. The moods he evokes with his pallet are incredible. I couldn't imagine working with the people who helped or contributed to this book. All the cover artists are legends in the industry and seeing their take on these characters has been a thrill for me as a reader... Can't wait to see where the story goes and to see what's next for RAW.
  2. Here's a piece I did a couple of months ago of Ron Perman as Hellboy. As you can see, Tim Bradstreet is a big influence on me. Mignola is as well, though it's not as evident on my more "realistic" pieces like this one. Here's a piece I call Batman by Gaslight where you can see a bit more of a Mike Mignola influence.
  3. I love this series. Been recommending it to those I know that collect comcis still. Page 12 rocked! James and Tim are doing a stellar job on the art and the story by Thomas and Steve reminds me of those old sci-fi movies from the 60's and 70's. (The good ones...) Can't wait to see where this goes in the next couple of issues... Is James (3 Times) Daly pencilling the next series?
  4. Wow! I've seen these Doc Savage covers before and been in awe of the art - but never stopped to find out who did them. His covers keep popping up when I was googling 'pulp art.' Thank you, Tim. Now I know whose art it is that I've been saving to my hard-drive...
  5. Mignola is right up there for me with Tim Bradstreet as far as influences. His use of blacks and shadows is amazing. The amount of love that shows through in his work blows me away. This is the cover to his current book, co-written with Christopher Golden with illustrations by Mignola through-out. It's on my Christmas wish-list and from what I've seen, (while thumbing through it at the local Barnes-N-Nobel), I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good vampire novel. And, of course, his Hellboy series is always a good bet on the comic rack.
  6. Love Wrightson. The Frankenstein book was beautiful. I remember photocopying his pages and just being in awe of the details... I just, about a week ago, found an old issue of DC Comics Flinch anthology with a story by Bruce Jones, Bernie Wrightson on pencils and Tim Bradstreet on inks... Great stuff!
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