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  1. BLOODY SPLATTER VERSION!!!! BWHAHA! um...er sorry got to carried away >.>
  2. albert wesker from resident evil ^^ i'll have a blood splatter version(red ink) of this posted up later^^
  3. SHEESH! your telling me noel!
  4. Slipknot, disturbed, a day to remember, linkinpark... i can go on forever...
  5. i'm really not into the whole superhero thing most of the time, i read Manga (japanese comics) However, i don't MIND Iron Man. Because he's flawed. (not perfect.) so either way i WILL go see this movie when it comes out. hopefully it will be better than the first one
  6. Guts from the manga berserk^^ i spent 2/3 hours on it. Vergil from devilmaycry3 he's killing somthing xD Cloud from finalfantasy7^^ done in color pencil
  7. your coverwork is always kickass Tim keep it up =3
  8. Vergil from devilmaycry3 ^______________^
  9. hey anyone new welcome here! =) i'm pretty new myself, just started posting a while back. anyways, welcome here!
  10. THIS LOOKS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! XD yay the joker! *w00t* theses batman movies are great!!!! GREAT!
  11. the cover looks great, i love black and white art, exellent work Tim.
  12. lately i've been listening to MERCENARY and LINKIN PARK.
  13. i thinkthe art looks pretty good, at least the artist isn't afriad of using black. LOL!
  14. here it is chapter 1 of my manga tragedy lol. intro picture. i'll post up more of my work later.
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