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  1. Hi All i just wanted to annonce and share with everyone the TRIGUN MOVIE! this time the creator NIGHTOW is involved with the project he wrote the entire scripting/story for the film. oh and FYI he wasn't involved with the anime(tv series) at all. the director during the time wouldn't even let him get involved whatsoever. it took them 5 years to get MR. NIGHTOW to sign a contract with them because he refuses to have them ruin his work again. well anyway i'm happy this is happening i will now give you all THE TRAILER! now people will finally get to see what his REAL chars are like versus those anime ones. had to brag about this seeing as i'm a huge fan of nightow's manga trigun maximum. oh and here's the offical website though its in japanese i'll post it anyway Offical Trigun Movie Site
  2. well i havent posted anyting in a very long time lol. anyway here you all go for more please visit my da page (its at the bottom of my signature.) Line Art: Colored Ver: again its wesker lol.
  3. i'm currently listening to Lady Gaga. as well as Richy Nix, Five Finger Death Punch, Sick Puppys, Finger Eleven, Stone Sour, as usuall the list goes on and on.
  4. okay thanx. i'm currently playing the remake of the first RE game (it was released on the game cube, but i'm playing it on my wii.) its got alot of impressive stuff in it. and wesker was actually the leader of the good guys in alpha team but then later betrayed chris and jill to turn into a mutant. although wesker already was given a virus while he was a child before the manson incident, the virus is called the Progenitor virus. then during the manson incident he ingected himself with the T-virus. and then he says "i cast off my frail humanity and became something greater." but during the events of RE5 it was said that he was a part of the wesker children project. A project started by Umbrella corp. Umbrella abducted thosands of children that were born from families of superior intellect. then they were all trained and watched over by umbrella, and then given the Progenitor Virus of them only one survived: that one was Albert Wesker. and since after the events of RE1 wesker has been killing all of the left over employees of umbrella, and wesker later joined other Bio Weapon organizations to put umbrella into finacial debt. in RE5 he tracked down and killed Oswell E. Spensor the Founder of Umbrella Co. i'm gonna post up some videos (my cousin made me this for my screen saver now i have it) (scean from RE5) (another Scean from RE5) And Here's The One About the Wesker Children Project (RE5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uCIxbgMQDs...feature=related
  5. Thanx man i agree with you on the fact that the RE games have sold alot, so why not do the fans some justice? what i don't think they understand is if they did it right it could make way more MONEY. video games to film are failures with me for the most part. Now Aderson is talking about makeing as SH2 SILENT HILL2 ! its gonna suck! *cowers in fear* you can read the article here on SH2 >.< http://www.reelzchannel.com/movie-news/655...d-silent-hill-2 you make a ton of good points about MAX PAYNE that was a horrible film >.> an i've never played the video game but i've known people who have and they well HATED IT.
  6. Well its about time somebodey ELSE I KNOW HAS SAID THAT ABOUT HER. i do love the games. but its like Come on now if your going to call it Resident Evil then at least make it have to do with the game "Some what" but that isn't what they did at all. they just went in there and re-wrote everything! and now anderson is trapped in "The Hole Of No Return" they are crap. all my friends on deviantart who are die hard fans of the games hate them. and i can see why. they just arn't resident evil. and yes Milia DOES SUCK big time. in my opinion their are way more talented actesses in holloywood than her.
  7. i hate them all. and i'm proud to say i'm a gamer! but why anymore? now its just getting stupid, alice keeeps fighting her clones Over AND OVER AGAIN. "We're Comming to get you" "ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" yup thats how exstinksion ended and that was 3. and now its the same thing over and over again. Lets face it Yall stupid Anderson Wrote himself in a hole and i mean a BIG HOLE. it's called the "Hole Of No Return" since he had to go and RE-WRITE THE WHOLE THING (instead of takeing what was already written in the games) AND RE-INVENT THE WHOLE THING he is now TRAPPED. he can't escape, and thats why this film is gonna bomb. not to mention CAPCOM was on a sequel contract with them (it was also a bad contract too, seeing as anderson and miss perfect treat them like utter shit. they don't let them advertise their games and anderson can advertise his dumb films.) but capcom's agreement with those idiots is about to EXPIRE. and thats why i belive we are getting another film movie 4 its because anderson wants to take what he can and make what he can (meaning money) BEFORE THE CONTRACT EXPIRES. but like i've said its a bad video-game to film Wesker isn't Wesker in the Movies HE'S BILLY BOB. resident evil isn't just about Zombies Actually the Games are more ABOUT WESKER AND HOW HE'S GONNA KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITH NEW VIRUSES! not to mention he always want to kill chris and his stupid friends. the video games are centered on a VILLIAN! and stupid hollywood just can't except that. i would know i'm heading into this movie field cus i'm MAD at them. now is the first film a good zombie film? yes if you like zombies. but is it a good film if you like Resident Evil the games? NO. i do apologize but it's like my old man said I'm A DIE HARD HATER OF THESE FILMS! so sorry i don't mean to be a troll or a meanie its fine to state your opinion its okay. i just figured to explain why i don't like them. again i don't want to be a meanie.
  8. i know it was funny. the ending and everything about it was funny.
  9. THANK GOD to this person! i hate the films cus they got nothing to do with the games, and Wesker is just plain stupid in the movies! Oh wait he isn't wesker he's......... BILLY BOB! LOL! i love this video i'm watching it again and AGAIN. it's just too damn funny! it gives me the LULZ.
  10. he even knows my art site now!^^ again:
  11. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY IAM THAT D.C. POSTED ABOUT ME IN HIS BLOG!!!!!!! This Was His First Con Ever and i made him Happy!!!!!!!!!!(i'm also a member of his facebook page he even replyed back) (i'm on his site too. ) For More PICS MAKE SURE YOU VISIT MY DEVIANT ART PAGE!!! HERE YOU GO! :Visit My Website I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! I Acutally Made A New Friend!^^
  12. i don't like rap either man. and like the thread says WTF? o.0
  13. Me too!^^ and HOLY SH*T this looks kewl! AMAZING! <3
  14. nice i really like how you did the hair! here's some of my stuff again^^ did this one on photobucket figure i post it anyway >> it's a motivational poster =3 this i did in photoshop it's willim birkin from RE1
  15. Albert Wesker (stars ver. resident evil.) Wesker Mutated xD
  16. thanx noel. yes it is very popular in manga/anime^^ i luv my chibehs! =D
  17. chibi version of Billy Coen from resident evil
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