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  1. Are you sure it's not April? :P


    I think I was still in Jr. High when this was supposed to be developed. Now I'm married and have three kids.



    the problem they had was that well the last company 3-D realms went out of busness so Gearbox bought the rights.



    but yes now its offical the game us duke fans have been wanting so bad to be released will finally be released.


    its been in devlopment hell tho for over a decade. so i say it's about time.

  2. wow, sounds like a franchise RESET, it also sounds aweful...but then teen angst is just whinny shit to a 53 year old bastard like me. Time to let the Spidey go...hated 3 anyway, barely got through 2, but I enjoyed 1.


    i agree. <_< and i'm no big spiderman fan here but i will admit that the 1st one is best.

  3. I really hate the direction that the writers have taken this franchise. They made it end of days apocolyptical and they have written themselves into a corner. The games all exist in the regular everyday world...not the end of the world. They have never even suggested end of the world events. That way they can keep it fresh and keep it going. Bravo to the game scripters...Bah! to the movie scripters! I here they have finally managed to kill off all the Alice clones...good, one Milla is enough ass kicker for any movie.


    i know at least with the video games they do it right. <_< and the scripting for the games is so good and there's so much more charecter depth. and seeing as the games don't ever make wesker stupid. (shawn i got nothing against you pal but to tell you the truth you don't make a very good wesker.)


    also in the games there is no more umbrella corperation. due to the fact that wesker allied up with all of umbrellas rival bio weapons companys and drove umbrella out of bussness.


    in re5 it was revealed that one those companys was TRICELL corp.



    but yeah the alice charecter is so overdone now. i even heard they supposingly took away her super human abilitys.


    everyone i know is like. "where in the world did alice come from anyway?"


    but yes. they had millions upon millions of alice clones. >.>

  4. lol. if they really do make a 5th one it'll be in 3yrs......


    however i did hear that capcom is makeing a sequel to THEIR CG (game movie) Resident Evil: Degeneration.


    at least that'll make us game fans happy (the CG film.)


    but i'm always mad at who they get for wesker the NEW guy doesn't even look like him. not to mention they killed wesker off again. and made him a pathetic disgrace. (as usual. what else is new.)


    if you ask me this film franchise has been beat to the dirt.

  5. Yup Just As I Predidcted Its A SH**TY Film (of course i hate all of them beacuse they are not resident evil movies.)


    my friend went to go see it and of course WROTE A REVIEW on deviantart.


    it's here:


    Resident Evil After Life Thoughts


    Please Read IT!


    Also I Recommend Downloading It For FREE on the internet so you won't have to wast your money to see a bad film.


    Oh, and did i mention the MOVIE WASN'T EVEN PRE-SCREENED FOR CRITICS.


    that means "the movie SUCKED to begin with" and "that the film makers were not confident with this film."



    ALSO i'm Makeing My OWN Resident Evil Script its Done Now All It NEEDS IS TO BE TYPED. Yes PEOPLE ALBERT WESKER WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!(weskers eyes are turning red as we speak)


    sorry i know i got a little too carried away with that....all i'm saying is i'm gonna start working on something thats better than THEIR film.


    YOUTUBE ACCOUNT http://www.youtube.com/user/wesker5991

    like they say never give up. i ain't giving up on you wesker and wesker isn't giving up on me.


    point of this post nobody wants to bother to waste their time and well earned money to see a pile of crap. what tickets already cost enough and you top those 3-D Classes as well (yes when you see a 3-D movie your paying for both the ticket and the glasses.)


    my point or should i say my FRIENDS point is don't wast your money on something bad.


    sorry guys but you knew i was going to say something about this. i think everyone here can at least side with me on one thing there should not have been another one made! AT ALL!


    and yes i'm 19 but i sound like i'm a 12 yearold fanboy when i'm mad.(my lame attempt to add some humor in this post.)

  6. LOL - now that's funny!


    I thought that Tracy Morgan mention was just a joke, based on the "We're gonna need a bigger boat" clip from that Cop Out movie with Bruce Willis - but it definitely falls in the "you can't be serious" category.


    I remember being 8 or 9 at the Universal tour and waiting for Bruce on the tram ride. When he jumped out, he was so freakin' HUGE, I literally was completely terrified. As the article said, a mouth the size of a small child - MOI!


    I am scarred for life by Jaws and other aquatic horror films seen in my youth ...



    jaws in 3-D god no.......


    personally my fav jaws film is the first one after that they er...well all kinda went downhill.

  7. Loved the trailer, it looks like there are 3D effects in there, prolly for the Japanese theatrical release. To bad we won't get them here. I'd love to see it in 3D.


    me too :(


    but i dunno tho, it would be great if it was put in theaters here.

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