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    manga/anime. lol AS WELL AS RESIDENT EVIL! (games not the retarded films that should burn.>.<)<br /><br />fav mangas: trigun maximum, bleach, hellsing, appleseed, claymore.<br /><br />anime: fate stay night, bleach, cowboy bebop, claymore,<br /><br /><br />music wise i listen to power metal/heavy metal/ hard rock.<br />fav artists: ed guy, mercenary, within temptation, blind gaurdian, black label society, ozzy ozzborn, linkin park, alter bridge, lacuna coil, night wish, sonata arctica, DISTURBED<br />AND ALOT MORE!!!!! SQEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  1. Well I'm Getting Into The Duke Nukem Craze Seeing as Duke Nukem FOREVER IS COMMING OUT MAY3rd! So in honor of that i've decided to draw Duke! Here it IS!
  2. HellBlazer/Constantine STEVHAN GOBBLE Tribute Drawing. INKED VERSION OF Pencil Constantine here it is: will be colored soon!
  3. thx dad. i actually plan on drawing alot of constantine fanarts.
  4. HellBlazer/Constantine STEVHAN GOBBLE Tribute Drawing. the pencile version i'm going to post up first. then there will be an inked version and a colored version Here It Is
  5. Nice Work EWING. Well i haven't posted here again in ages. LOL! anyways i drew Albert Wesker Again. Lineart: Color Version Hope You All Enjoy Wesker's Red Eye Looking At You
  6. well i just drew a charecter from my fav anime Fate Stay Night his name is archer. Pencil Ver. Inked Ver. Photoshoped Ver. hope you all like it
  7. well i havent posted anyting in a very long time lol. anyway here you all go for more please visit my da page (its at the bottom of my signature.) Line Art: Colored Ver: again its wesker lol.
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