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  1. She's part of the whole La Gargouille story, (The Green Fairy). Looks too "Disney" at the moment, not evil enough.
  2. saw this last night. LOVED IT. especially the last scene. great pulpy film noir movie. I actually thought the to be continued thing was a bit of a gag. :-) Good luck with the sequel...
  3. Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 and Origins... its the scariest thing ever created. And I love the complexity of the stories and how it plays on the anonymous character you're guiding through the game. IE you never really know anything about James Sunderland until the end... Hitman - Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money. Love these. Love trying to do each mission only using fibre wire... The styling of the games is really cool and I love the european settings of 2 and 3.
  4. Still one of my fave movies of all time, if not number 1... Jane as Cassady is right on the money!
  5. The round stones beneath the earth... have spoken through the fire. What? Things which are alike, in nature, grow to look alike, and the speaking stones have lain a long time lookin' at the sun. The speaking stones? Some believe they descend with the lightning, but I believe they are on the ground and are projected downward by the bolt. Did you kill the white man who killed you? LOVE THIS MOVIE! And the last scene where he drifts out into the sea in the canoe, weirdly makes me comfortable about dying. Peaceful. If you get the score on CD, it has Depp reading some of William Blake's poetry. Pretty cool. As is the score by Neil Young. Everything about this movie is so damn cool! Ghost Dog - Way Of The Samurai is just as good too.
  6. Filmed in it's entirity! No costs were incurred. And no fish were harmed during the making of the film. If you find certain ideas confusing, please note this is your fault, not ours. All attempts at synopsizing the film have resulted in hospitalisation. The very delicate fabric of society will collapse if you do not see this film. More than once. ANd paying full ticket price, not some cut rate matinee deal... Steven Soderbergh proudly presents... SCHIZOPOLIS Written and Directed by Steven Soderbergh (before he got super famous) Fletcher Munson is a lethargic, passive worker for a Scientology-like self-help corporation called Eventualism. After the death of a colleague, he is promoted to the job of writing speeches for T. Azimuth Schwitters, the founder and head of the group. He uses this as an excuse to be emotionally and romantically distant from his wife, who, he discovers, is having an affair with his doppelganger, a dentist named Dr. Jeffrey Korchek. As Munson fumbles with the speech and Korchek becomes obsessed with a new patient, a psychotic exterminator named Elmo Oxygen goes around the town seducing lonely wives and taking photographs of his genitals. Takes normal linear form and rips it to shreads in a really clever way. And I still feel like I'm the only person on the planet who's seen it. It's a very funny movie, it's very playful with the story form. And one of the most inventive movies I've ever seen. I'm really into anti structure (there's not a lot of it around, because you know, it doesn't make any money) Check it out. It's fun.
  7. Name: Samuel Clark Where you from: Scunthorpe, England Occupation: nightwatchman, struggling writer. How did you find this forum: erm you guys wanted to read one of my scripts so I delved further :-) What are you reading: The Purple Cloud by MP Sheil - love last man on earth stories Next book in the que: The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: or the Murder at Road Hill House What are you listening to: Score for "Sherlock Holmes Favorite score: The New World - James Horner What are you watching: The Pianist Next film in the que: The Brothers Grimm Favorite film: Zodiac, Se7en, Schizopolis, The Last Time I Committed Suicide, anything by Terrance Malick, David Lynch, Kubrick, Sleepy Hollow, In Bruges HD or Blue Ray: Neither What do you have to say for yourself: I didn't do it, and older boy told me to do it, can I go play in the park now?
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