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  1. Thank YOU! I definitely need to collect lot of lucks for the book. Sent proposals to couple of agents last night. I wish instead of book I could directly make it into a movie
  2. Lord Dubu: Thank you! I am hoping all of us would pass the storm of struggle and reach our dream islands
  3. Where you from: India (the place I hate to stay but I have to until I earn my wings to fly back to UK Occupation: Language trainer/Call centre ... hoping to get my books published to be officially called an 'AUTHOR' or at least see if someone likes to make the book into a movie... How did you find this forum: WIKI What are you currently reading: My own book "Ivana and the secret lake adventures' (re-editing it) What are you currently watching: Ben 10 on cartoon network What do you have to say for yourself: I WANT to be a writer coz I know I am GOOD. So is anyone the
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