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  1. Another Patron Silver man? That's what I'm talking about. I used to live up that way, myself (14 years in Erie and Pittsburgh). Fond memories of sliding sideways down backstreets in my Ford Tempo...
  2. Hmmm. If anyone would know, it'd be you, eh? Anyway, a few weeks ago I came across this- but somehow I didn't think that it was the real deal... http://querythe.net/movie/2008/The-Dark-Country/
  3. I was curious about that, myself. In the latest trailer the date seems to be consistent (03.06.09) so I'm going to take them at their word until I hear otherwise... The whole "legal rights" issue is still being litigated, I suppose... But whatever is decided, I don't think that the movie should be held up due to the litigation. After all, the whole issue is about money; delays (I suspect) will only turn off the casual interest viewership. But then, a big brewing controversy may peak interest? As an added note: As I understand it, the issue is Fox waived creation rights but not the r
  4. Just a heads up on Back to Brooklyn, it is being illustrated by my very best friend Mihailo Vukelic. Misha's been working diligently for a few years now on that book and I encourage anyone to give this project a chance.
  5. I love the linguistic acrobatics of these posters! They're just too fun.
  6. I was just playing around the other night and...
  7. Luv the effects. I also get off on the exuberance that comes from "doomsday" scenario films that are tied into world events/lore/mythos. But what bugs me about this particular date (Mayan calendar and all that...) is that many of the cultures from which this lore is drawn are no longer viable/existent. Thus, we may conclude that if the developmental logic of these societies was insufficient to sustain even themselves—then why should we invest any credence in the prophetic or cultural extractions of these failed societies? Anyway, I hope the earth does "come to an end" in
  8. That's kewl, T.B., I don't want to come across like I'm nit-picking on the production or anything like that... Grant's doing great work and the covers have been unique artifacts unto themselves. Having seen the black and white D.S. art, I suspect you guys wanted to show off the charm and subtlety of Stevens' brushwork...Hopefully, that'll all be reflected in the final product (haven't picked up my copy yet). Without sounding too much like a brown-nose; I really enjoyed your Convict bust cover the most—that seemed like film poster quality work.
  9. This is definitely my favorite "guest" cover thus far... although the logo looks a bit too saturated. Definitely looking forward to the black and white version, though—the spider icon on cover should make for a very powerful visual. It's amazing to see how all the material is tying together.
  10. I love this style. Nice clean, crisp lines and shapes. The image really pops in that way that makes your eyes feel good when you look at it.
  11. Sounds spot on Tim. I guess the glasses were, in fact, purloined (luv that word) from my local retailers. Seems like a damn shame considering how much the 3-D process costs. Without knowing the final figures, I can say that a 3-D book (sans glasses) is definitely an impediment to sales. Being in print advertising sales, I can tell you I get particularly irate when the printer falls short on their end when the customer/client expects certain production values or quality. My customers always ask for a discount in those instances (and they're right to do so). But no need to send me a se
  12. Ah! I see... The guy's got a huge dome! lol It's strange how those things "read" on camera. I've seen several "models" who looked downright ghoulish (to me) and looked wonderful in print with the right lighting and all that. Subtle features don't play as well in these venues, I suppose. ;-) Anyway, as for the film itself (the trailer, to be precise); it looks really appealing and expansive in scope. I even enjoyed the "little Kirk" segment. I personally feel that if they are doing a re-envisioning of the property then it's only fair that they not assume foreknowledge of the franchise. Whi
  13. What does the statement "Tom Brady-sized nugget" refer to?
  14. Definitely looking forward to seeing the first arc getting wrapped up. Seems kind of poignant to see the Dave Stevens art, too... with the deaths of Mike Weiringo, Mike Turner, Carlos Meglia and Mr. Stevens (and God knows who else) in the last year, I find myself feeling particularly sentimental about their work. I can say with certainty that the collected edition will do fairly well in bookstores, the material has such a broad appeal. The story is very accessible and entertaining — especially when it can be appreciated as a collected volume. I would LOVE to see that Basil Gogos art on th
  15. Yeah...they yanked the english version of the clip, but I've updated with another one...
  16. You make some valid points Noeland and I don't necessarily disagree with them. It's just that the moment I look at the promotional art — I can tell exactly what the film aspires to and the thematic tone as well—maybe I'll be surprised (as I was with Match Point) but I'm not expecting an epic masterpiece for some inexplicable reason. Rodriguez- whether producing or directing will still have his stamp all over the project. Plus, Rob and Rose are dating so there were no objective choices about roles- Rob adopted this project as a vehicle to showcase his girlfriends mediocre tush. What we'll
  17. This artwork looks much better than the other two (in my opinion). The first image—where she's licking the blood off the dagger, is pretty obviously a phallic allusion (but maybe that's just my own issue...). The second one, while more tasteful—doesn't evoke anything in particular. I don't want to start an argument- but I'm not a real big fan of Robert Rodriguez' work. Sin City was such a stilted chore to watch...and yes, I realize he was going for that whole 'comic book" feel, but in my opinion, film should not aspire to recreate comics verbatim. Also, I was dating a girl and took her ki
  18. I don't think this recent trailer is as powerful as the "teaser trailer" (with the Smashing Pumpkins track). The voices are kinda bugging me—they seem just a bit too melodramatic and self-important. Also, I was sorta hoping that they'd do something interesting with Dr. Manhattans voice, something distinct... Anyway, I'm just nitpicking... it's a foregone conclusion that I'm seeing the film (maybe multiple times) and will buy the Directors Cut DVD. Hopefully the Black Freighter will not be released as a completely separate thing (as I've heard suggested). I don't want these guys in my pock
  19. Aarrrggh!! Bradstreet—enough with the name dropping! You're too well-versed in cinema for shleps like me! lol Let's see some preproduction photos... or maybe some shots of you and Jane at Sundance and Canne? Just like in that Entourage show...? Meanwhile, I'll go search for some leaked footage...
  20. Thanks Noeland, I love line art too. I've always enjoyed using colour—but I'm really a black and white diehard. Having said that, I've noticed that (in general) folks don't seem to respond to the black and white stuff as much as the colour, so in light of that I've been experimenting with different techniques... Using China Marker, as well as thinking about light, shape and value as opposed to "outline". This study illustrates my point... The Superman on the left (broken down using a photoshop filter) is a more visually "coherent" allocation of value. The one on the right
  21. Kung Fu Panda features an antagonist character by the name of Tai Lung (a snow Leopard) who's escape from prison is one of the most epic film sequences I've seen in ages... 4 minutes. See it here... Link updated 11/19/08 (Spanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKyGMj0VrjA
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