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  1. To: rpace, I [ejb1701] pulled up wordplay and it seems a multi-faceted avenue to explore,I will travel it with avarice & a hungry smile! Thanx, I hope our paths cross again. Ed
  2. Tom,have enjoyed your work since "Stander" & "Thursday" ,as well as current endeavors. Have just recently become aware of "Raw" site. As an admirer of J. Verne; Clarke;and theries of M. Kaku;S. Hawking along with others in the field I've been working on a storyline about mankinds ultimate expansion into the outer reaches of our Solar System which is inevitabale! To be honest I don't know the content of "Bad Planet" though I'd like to check it out. My story starts with the initial steps of getting beyond Mars and exploring and yes exploiting the Jovian moons and beyond for the l
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