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  1. There's gonna be a meeting at one of the new studios that has been built this Thursday...lot's of people are gonna be there. Mitch Albom will be there speaking up on this as well. Lot's of supporters and such. It's been all over our local news stations. They just put on the news how The Avengers will no longer be filming in Detroit because they "demanded an answer too soon"... which is bull shit because Avengers has been attached to filming in Michigan for some time now.
  2. Yeah pretty much!!! Okay see... how can I not be fucking furious! http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20110...pnews|text|Home
  3. Sounds like I'm probably gonna assassinate the governor. It's not a good idea for me to say that ha? Especially since I'm an arab! lol
  4. As many of you who live in the states know, Michigan is one of the states in an economic struggle. For the longest time, Michigan was relying on the Big 3 (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) to keep the state in good standing. After things went downhill from there, many people have been struggling to find work and the state has been struggling more and more every day.... Not long ago, Hollywood started coming to Michigan. A film incentive was passed. A 42% tax break. While before our most recent governor Rick Snyder ® has taken office, Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) was supportive of such. Since Sny
  5. he says he weighs 12 stone right now which is only 168 pounds.... gaining another 30 isn't sufficient enough. they shoulda put him in a muscle suit..... not a cheesy muscle suit, but one to make the muscles look real enough
  6. It's our man Jane's birthday today. I hope it's a good one brother. Have fun Tom and be safe. -Raffi
  7. So I've been keeping up with the news on Wolverine, especially after I talked with Jackman on who should be cast as Shingen and Silver Samurai. I told him that Ken Watanabe should be Shingen and he agreed with me and then said "I tell you what, we oughta give you a casting credit if we get him for Shingen" We then talked about who would be a good Silver Samurai... I said Ian Anthony Dale. He's up and coming and is half Japanese. I believe he's fluent in both Japanese and English. He looked him up the next day and got back to me and said they he doesn't know much about him because
  8. That's a great idea Mikey. Mannn a Year One with Ennis' take could be amazing. I think Abnett and Lanning did a great job with the Punisher Year One set for the time it was done. But yes.... Ennis doing a Punisher Year One for MAX, Goddd I can only imagine how perfectly it will be written from him. Have our Timmy do the covers and possibly Dillon with the interiors...Does it get any better than that? -Raf
  9. The Cell was fucking AMAZINGGGGGGGG
  10. He blessed me with them! Just kidding.... yeah like Doss said, no nudie pics from me...and I think I can speak for Andy as well lol -Raf
  11. It's after midnight here in Metro Detroit and I wanted to wish our very own Tim Bradstreet a Happy Birthday!!!!! Enjoy your day brother! -Raf
  12. Looking forward to your updates Tom. Fred - Well said brother. Well said. A dream come true to ever work with TJ and TB Hopefully my agent can land me an audition for Hung season 3 when you're back in town bub! Don't work too hard Jane -Raffi
  13. Punisher MAX: Kingpin is pretty good if you ask me. I haven't read a Castle/Kingpin comic in a long time and this gives you an origin of Fisk and how he worked his way up....plus Dillon's art is a fuckin plusssss
  14. He wasn't as big as people thought he was in Bronson... a bit of movie magic was involved in that but Bane is someone who could effortlessly snap Batman's spine in half if he wanted to so I think they wanna do that to differentiate from the types of villains that they have had for a change. I dunno we shall see I guess.
  15. If I can get it that is my friend..... when the big films come to Michigan, they bring their own crew and already cast all the major and supporting roles. Typically, the only jobs they give out to the Michigan natives are that of crew jobs like 2nd AD, extras casting, some stand ins, and day player roles or roles with just a few lines. So we shall see the luck I get. -Raf
  16. I assume muscle suit on Bane of course. Minus the retardness that he was in Batman and Robin. An educated Bane like in the comic books. And not hispanic of course because Tom Hardy is just not. -Raf
  17. Anything like that would be fantastic! We shall see if my agent can get me something to audition for
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