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  1. Budget was quoted at 200 million but an additional 300 was spent on promotions and advertising... that's what i hear. I mean Tron 2 had a budget over 200 as well.
  2. Green Lantern took in 3.35 million at midnight which is a similar number to that of X-Men: First Class' midnight opening numbers and slightly more than the 3.25 million that Thor opened up with at midnight. Fast Five is the number one midnight opening this summer so far at 3.8 million dollars but I'm not so concerned about that seeing as how that's not a comic book movie. So I'm going to assume that the weekend numbers that Green Lantern pulls in this weekend will be similar or slightly more than Thor's opening weekend numbers which was 65-66 million. So I see GL going 65-70 million for
  3. Only the second movie I ever saw in 3D.... it was all they had left for tickets at that hour by the way.... otherwise I never would have seen it that way. I'm not a Special FX kinda guy so I could care less for the films built on them. Thor..... another film that underperformed. While it did well at the box office, I think it should have brought up bigger domestic numbers.
  4. I payed 12.50 a ticket for my girlfriend and I to watch Thor in Imax 3D and the 3D fucking blew. It wasn't much different when I saw it regularly and payed FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. I actually never wanted to see Avatar to begin with. Tim told me to see it in IMAX 3D but I still didn't get around to it (sorry Street!). I watched it a few months ago actually and thought it was just good. Just good though... The thing about me is that I'm not big on special effects. I don't care to see what computers can do to a movie. I grew up watching old school action flicks and prefer the "Raiders" style action
  5. Good point Mikey, but I think Avatar appealed to a bigger crowd than GL. Avatar was one of the most visually interesting films I have seen and you attach a name like James Cameron to the film and it sells itself to the world. Now Martin Campbell is a good and established director but he's a more critically acclaimed director as opposed to a box office director. His biggest grossers were Casino Royale and Goldeneye but I personally think they were a success at the box office because the character of James Bond is HUGE around the world. We shall see, I love Ryan Reynolds and wish the best
  6. I just read that the Green Lantern budget was 300 million dollars.... also that a sequel has already been written (they got right to penning it as soon as GL went into production for the most part). With that being said, for a movie to be a box office success, it should make twice the amount of the budget (600 million in this case). I really don't feel like this film will have a chance of getting there and in all honesty, this makes me happy for the following reasons (in no particular order): 1. I don't like the Green Lantern 2. I don't care for DC (Batman is alright because he seems li
  7. I've read different articles about Sung Kang taking a part of this film. Some articles mention that he has joined to be a part of the film alongside Sly and Jane and I read and article stating that Kang is Jane's replacement. Tom if you get a minute, can you elaborate brother? -Raffi
  8. I dig that. Hopefully they come to their fuckin senses and keep Jane.
  9. Those fucking morons. They better get their heads out of their asses and leave Tom in. I dont think that their idea would make a fuckin difference
  10. Can't wait to see you guys. Gonna be great to see Tom in the group in my home this time. Dinner on me when your in my town Tim, Tom, and Steve. -Raf
  11. I was a huge wrestling fan growing up. Randy Savage was one of the more underrated, technical wrestlers. Underrated by skill I mean...every wrestling fan better damn well know who Mach Man Randy Savage is.
  12. Niceeee Andy! What happened to your Raffi sketches
  13. Great article. Makes my dreams seem very possible to reach
  14. My thoughts exactly brother
  15. Happy Easter to you all. Be safe, have fun, eat plenty of candy, colored eggs, and stuff yourselves at dinner Cheers Raf
  16. I don't recall reading anywhere that it takes place in the past and present but of course it takes place in two "dimensions" if you will.... Asgard and Earth, so I don't know? -Raf
  17. I love Conan O'Brien..... http://comicbookmovie.com/thor/news/?a=35655
  18. Sorry for your shitty hotel experience brother. Hopefully you don't get such a treatment in Detroit. If you do, I'll start whooping some ass. I think Conan will be decent so long as people don't go in the theaters comparing Jason to Arnold because it won't work that way. I think the look that Mamoa has is more accurate to the comic books. Arnold is just Arnold.... need a big ass dude in the 80s who can act good enough.... ARNOLD. So yeah -Raf
  19. Tom I haven't been this excited for a film in a long time buddy. This is fucking great. Can't wait for you guys to start shooting. It'd be sweet if you can be in the Expendibles 2 after this one -Raffi
  20. Deadpool would be a good film for him though. It doesn't matter anyhow seeing as how this Tim Miller FX feller is credited as the helmer of this project
  21. Rodriguez IS perfect for this film but he isn't available unfortunately. Reynolds said that this film will be completely true to the comics multiple times and also said that it pretty much has nothing to do with the X-Men Orgins: Wolverine character.
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