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  1. I loved the touch with the had. A nice little easter egg you could say. Aright Tom question for you big guy: The boots you're wearing...where can I obtain them? Is there a link you can post for me so I can take a closer look and possibly order them? Lemmie know, Thanks, Raf
  2. What happens next is Marvel Studios opens up their fackin eyes and brings your ideas to life again with you in the center of it all. Nuff said
  3. Wellll you sons a bitches always fuckin impress me I swear. Constant chills were flowing through me watching this fuckin thing and when the tee opened up, I about blacked the fuck out. Tom, Tim and crew....thank you very much for doing what needed to be done. Thanks for making this happen for all of us who love you and Frank. Now lets get Marvel to open up their fucking eyes and wallets and pull Tom back in and say "Okay brother, we'll do it your way!" -Raf
  4. This is a man who will be missed. I remember first seeing him in the VIKINGS when I was in school some years back. He was a fun actor to watch. RIP
  5. Tom my boy, I saw this title on your IMDB page. I noticed that it takes place in my hometown. You guys gonna be shooting here as well? Do tell the details of the story and what have you (if you can of course). Thanks brother, Raffi
  6. Doesn't look half bad. I'll wait though.
  7. Loving the reviews guys. Glad to hear that everyone has enjoyed this film so far. Let's look at the numbers here: 207.4 million dollars opening weekend, shattering Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part 2's record of 169 million giving it the record for the highest opening weekend of all time... I knew this was gonna happen actually. 103.4 million dollars for its second weekend, shattering Avatar's record of 75.6 million giving it the record for the highest second weekend of all time... another thing that I knew was going to happen. It also reached over 1 billion dollars worl
  8. Aright folks, Let's hear the feedback for the Avengers. I will just say that this was worth the wait to me and I absolutely, positively loved every moment of this film. I thought everyone was spot on in their roles. I thought the film length (2 hours, 20 mins) was perfect for this ensemble cast. I thought the effects and story were on top of its game. This isn't the type of film I expect to win Oscars and screenwriting awards. It's the film that I expected to love for being what it is: An AVENGERS film. Who the fuck woulda thought 10-15 years ago that an Avengers film was possib
  9. I'll hold you too it buddy! Thanks again folks! -Raffi
  10. Thanks guys! Much appreciated! -Raf
  11. Happy Bday J! Hope it was a good one brother. And congrats on the boy! -Raf
  12. A very happy belated to you my friend
  13. Noeland my boy! I been good. Busy as helllllll but good. How's everything with you? How's your back? Yeah the way it plays in my head is the Castle will wake up and pick up where he left off. His conscience will probably tell him he's got work to do. So umm, lets bring back Ennis and Tim and have a little fun shall we?
  14. FUCK. I'm an idiot. I come on this thread at the last minute and then this is what I see. God dammit. Why did I have to be so curious? Well, I still gotta read it.... ...and we all know that Frank may be dead, but he aint really dead. Btw, Whats goin on guys! Been a minute. Hope everyone is jolly as fuck and living the good life. -Raffi
  15. The news is very sad and unfortunate. My best goes out to Tom and his family for their loss of Heather. You can't beat the clock but sometimes the clock ticks too soon. This is one of those cases among others. RIP Heather. -Raffi
  16. relias33

    I JUST...

    J my boy, congrats!
  17. relias33

    I JUST...

    congrats on being an uncle again J. Esco....you taking in some vitamin c? try advil cold and sinus, it's a good one. Get well bub. ....I just CANT wait for THANKSGIVING! My favorite holiday. I think I say that every year.
  18. Happy Bday Recoil! Hope it was a good one
  19. Good boy J. Good boy. The character is not fit for tv that is not HBO oriented
  20. Yeah, I don't mind if a little bit of the story is fiddled with to bring him up to current times like they did with Jane, placing his Castle in Desert Storm...that's perfectly fine. At least he was a soldier and had a family that was then killed in front of him. He had a damn good reason to do what he does... ... what's this show gonna be like? A good cop who doesn't like criminals getting away with shit, so he puts on a skull tee after he clocks out and then kills whomever wasn't booked at the office? I don't like that....it sounds Daredevilish to me and I'm not big on Daredevil. An
  21. Was just gonna post on this.... While I love the idea of a Punisher series... I think it's terrible to do it on FOX. It should be something on HBO or Showtime. Also, the premise of him being a detective by day and vigilante by night is fuckin stupid. It's gonna probably fail and make people never have faith in a successful film/tv adaptation of the character. If they do it like Brian Michael Bendis' story on how Frank was a cop, that would work. But not cop by day, Punisher by night. That's silly. But then again, watch it be something big and people love it, but I'll be dis
  22. You would Mikey....you woulddd indeed.
  23. Tim I gotta tell you, I'm very heartbroken over the one MAN you are missing. If I have to tell you who this is, then I'm going to cry myself to sleep for the rest of my days -Raffi
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