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  1. Hey everyone. This might be viewed by some as a shameless promotion on my part...but I figure better to ask forgiveness, than permission This post may also fall outside the realm of both Raw Entertainment, and film or comics to some degree, but as video games continue to become immersive arenas for great storytelling...I have to share my excitement for Transformers: War for Cybertron. Anyone who is a fan of the Generation 1 Transformers (or Transformers in general) this project is a labor of love on the part of our development team at High Moon Studios, and the Transformers game ma
  2. Even if one finds the experience a ride, because the story is comfortably predictable...though I prefer to consider it comfortably familiar, because we are trained by every romantic comedy to expect in many ways what is to come, AND that generally makes for an enjoyable 2 hours for anyone looking to escape...This was an escape. I didn't need to be challenged, I don't always NEED to be challenged by complex, unique stories. I do need to be emotionally invested though, and that's exactly how good escapism steals me away. Immediately I was sucked in. That world? A world where without greed,
  3. I am johnny-come-lately to the thread here (as usual), but glad you dig the doodle Noeland. I was hoping to see you at LBCC, sorry to hear you couldn't make it. the BBQ was delish and I met Richard Hatch of BSG! (nerded out on the poor guy) Cheers brotha, --Jim
  4. Glad y'all like the sketches and the book!! I had tons of fun drawing the convict and friends again, the noir one was especially fun to do. I love the over sized trade in black and white, Tim and Tom did a super classy job with it. -cheers! --Jim
  5. Yo Joe. Well, this movie was clearly for the 12 and under demographic. I had fun watching things blow up and they were smart to never let up on the action. Marlon Wayans was actually fun to watch here and quite good in the movie, where Channing Tatum is still the stiffest, least charismatic human actor in cinema. I wished there was more scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is a fracking amazing actor...but we get very little. Despite the obvious kid-centric, toyetic vibe here...I think the film lacked a main character. Snake Eyes would hav been the choice for me, or Scarlett...but
  6. Just wanted to jump in here...When Tim showed me the trailer yesterday and I was floored. I am an enormous fan of post apocalyptic -style sci-fi. We have 'The Road' with Viggo coming out soon, and now THIS??....awesome. oh and GARY OLDMAN as a villian....serve me 3 helpings please! The first words out of my mouth after I saw this: "MEL GIBSON NEEDS TO DIRECT AND STAR IN ANOTHER MAD MAX!!!!" imagine that. Epic. My two cents on the trailer...minor, minor criticisms by the way, Denzel and Mila Kunis looked too clean. Especially their clothing, but I reserve my picky fan-boy judgement fo
  7. I'll be joining Mike and Tim in Escondido for Star Trek. and I know in some way this might distill the comradery on the evening.... BUT.... I cheated on you guys... It will be my second time seeing it. Today I drove up to Irvine and saw it in IMAX at the Spectrum. All I will say about that is IF anyone can see it in IMAX...DO IT. Don't think, just pay the 17 bucks and get ready to board the Enterprise. Ridiculously fun experience. I was in the movie! lol. So...When I left the theater I refused to hear any nit-picky negative opinions (I honestly didn't even want to hea
  8. I am hooked from second one. That first shot... when Malone fires that gun.... It's like he wanted to shoot, but didn't at the same time, or he's tired of killing or just pissed...and now I'm wondering what he's thinking, what situation brought him to that grisly action... and suddenly Malone is fucking real. DAMN if this doesn't feel like something so bright and shiny against all the same old shit out there right now. Bravo. Love the colors, the lighting...shit the lighting is so gorgeous and just captures it. Somehow...it's subtle and bold in all the right ways. (and I don't know shit
  9. Grant is an amazingly talented artist. I personally would LOVE to see him do more work of his own, though I will also say he is among the best color guys in this business. Grant could be busting out covers and really give some of the top guys a run for their money in my opinion. Thanks Noeland, I love doing action and love the quiet or dramatic moments as well. It would have been nice to have a longer fight there... (at least would have been fun to draw it) I think we got all the info covered and ended this 6 issue arc of Bad Planet in that one issue though and pacing that all out was pr
  10. The trailer looks freaking awesome, the car chase in the beginning was awesome, and the kid was awesome and if you didn't like it...well you're wrong. I wil start with the FACT that Truly ANYTHING would be better than 80% of the Shatner-lead films, and the Next Generation films were VERY spotty. The original Star Trek series of films and short lived TV series (with the exception of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and The Undiscovered Country which actually had some emotional drive to them) are well....how can I say this in a way that definitely offends every Star Trek nerd intenion
  11. http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=24211
  12. Seconds... As always I am provided unseen gems (unseen to me anyway) to watch when Tim is hosting the late-night Saturday evening, and like Red Belt, Precinct 13, Village of the Damned, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Never Cry Wolf, Spartan, The Professionals (love Lee Marvin!), The Devil's Rain, Meatballs...and I'm not even counting the dvd's I've been sent home with...WELL I will say, even as a movie-a-holic, I have missed or just overlooked a ton of films that I get to discover NOW which is just plain awesome. I'm too much a child of the late 70's and early 80's I think...so lot's of
  13. Chiming in! The title of this movie really turned me off to seeing it. I thought oh shit...it's going be like Eric Robert's "Best of the Best" or something worse. I couldn't get in the mood to watch it. I was also afraid it would be all about the Ultimate Fighting stuff, which in my opinion has none of what is excting about watching a boxing match at all. It mainly ends up with two sweaty men on the ground in their tighty-whities groping each other into submission. YAWN. I would rather watch something choreographed. NOT entertaining at all. The UFC of the 90's was much cooler to watch in
  14. Bale. Because every other Batman film was a comedy until now, so while one cannot blame the actors for the comedic bat-films of years past...Bale's been the only believable Batman yet in my opinion. Tim Burton's first Batman is a lot of fun though. Everything in between I try to pretend never happened. Oh and I was in high school when Keaton was Batman. Still like Bale better. -JD3
  15. I voted #2, and I am 35..., brown hair, blue eyes, and a Leo who likes long walks, puppies....and um. Oh, was this not the speed-dating thread? The trailer makes this new Punisher reboot seem like a big flipping around Matrix-John Woo action-fest, which is not what I expected. Reminds me visually of The Crow: City of Angles as far as colors go...somewhat garish, but I can appreciate pushing the style if the story works. I have to go see it in the theater, if nothing else just to see the "Bradstreet hotel" on the big screen. Ha! Certainly would have loved to see another Punisher wi
  16. King of the 80's? Action? Ass kickery? THE KING...gotta be Arnie. Commando ALONE, please. In order I will say it was Arnie. Stallone. Norris. As for Dolph....um, he's easily the stinkiest of all of them...unless you count Michael Dudikoff or Jeff Speakman. Van Damme is pretty damned terrible too. Dolph is really, really terrible. Neither one of them were very hardcore. I don't think I ever once thought Dolph Lumpdurnst as a tough guy in movies. He was like the replacement Arnie, but lacking any charisma AT ALL. Showdown in Little Tokyo? Blargh! Hey and don't discount
  17. I loved it. It's like someone finally made a movie like they did in the 80's. It's simply put, pure popcorn and adventure. It has all the ingredients I needed from an Indy film. Unfortunately too many kids born in the late 80's missed out on experiencing movies made then. It's sad. I wish all of them could go back to when movies were more fun. Everything takes itself so seriously now, and I am bored with it. Where's the Goonies type films? Where's Back to the Future types? They make movies now so differently, and I am sorry to say (Tim) that the reason I loved The Mummy is for the
  18. The mouth bothers me, as did the mouth on Optimus Prime in Bay's Transformers. If it's just a molded face mask, then fine...and in the right lighting will read as black anyway. If he talks, or that mouth opens I will walk out of theater. I can see updating things costume-wise, BUT given hollywood's penchant for putting everyone in black leather I am happy to see that only the Baroness sports that type of outfit....at least they didn't go X-Men or Matrix with these. Nothing more stupid to me than Wolverine in a aesthetically pleasing costume with fucking PIPING. He looks like a dancer. Te
  19. lol. Happy Birthday! Let me know when you get to Cabo, I hear the tequilla is the best and the extradition laws are loose. love! View My TinyFx -jeem! PS- and we need to settle up. That orange tabby took out the white Persian! AND at 10 to 1 odds...I'm gonna clean up....finally pay off Jabba.
  20. The Sum of All Fears, and why I don't tell people to shut the fuck up anymore. Picture this.... The movie starts out, a flashback to the 70's. The screen is 85 feet wide, and along the bottom it instructs the audience that we are viewing a flashback. From behind me...a mother and her 20-something daughter are already beginning to let us all know how smart they are. The mother proudly announces "Oh, see? I told you it's a PREQUEL and that's why Jack Ryan is so much younger!" Minutes later, another 2 foot tall sentence scrolls across (or shit...probably "types" across in cliche' fashion) th
  21. I think I could see Topher Grace really pulling it of somehow. Maybe Karl Urban will surprise everyone...
  22. Yes...Karl Urban. Hmmmmm.... I truly hope he can bring the humor, sensitivity and sarcastic wit to the role that's needed. That character was always a doctor first, and not a warrior in the least....something Urban I think does well is play the strong silent warrior type. The second film in the Bourne series he was in was great playing that type. BUT Hey...I can give it a chance...it is perhaps type-casting and who knows what he can do when set free of the action genre. He'll have to really fool us into seeing McCoy, since he's the most recognizable crew member other than Simon Pegg. I w
  23. I agree, emails and this stuff reads cold. Far too easy to get carried away, since we are not facing each other. I would happily buy both you guys beers and talk about anything but these forum posts. Honestly, with all the work artists have to do to get our work published (And perhaps I mean me, or others not in the self-publishing biz) when someone doing nearly the same thing shares thoughts like Noeland did, it is frustrating. It was very hard work to get in, and hard to work to stay in the business of comics. As I said above, I apologize for the unsolicited crits...but I think we
  24. "Reconsider your words", is what I was just politely asked by Kwiat_skye to do. I agree, and thanks much for the sound judgment. So...I'll just remove this whole damned thing. Honestly, Noeland...if you want to continue this discussion we can take it offline. Shoot me an email on myspace if you want, otherwise...seems time to stop the pee pee match in public. --Jim
  25. whoops! posted this twice by accident.
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