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  1. Hey everyone. This might be viewed by some as a shameless promotion on my part...but I figure better to ask forgiveness, than permission This post may also fall outside the realm of both Raw Entertainment, and film or comics to some degree, but as video games continue to become immersive arenas for great storytelling...I have to share my excitement for Transformers: War for Cybertron. Anyone who is a fan of the Generation 1 Transformers (or Transformers in general) this project is a labor of love on the part of our development team at High Moon Studios, and the Transformers game many (including ourselves as game developers) have been waiting to play for 25 years. As a concept artist, revisiting these characters was thrilling. I encourage y'all to check out some of these videos, and see for yourselves what we Transformers fans have been waiting to see come to life all this time. Discover Cybertron for the first time, and join the epic civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons! It's coming out this summer for Xbox 360 and PS3. Pre-order the game folks, it's really something special for Transformers fans. Cheers, love, and apologies to my Raw brethren for the nerdy advertisement. -Jim Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/one-shal...rmers-war/60792 Gameplay Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusiv...rmers-war/62342 Behind the scenes interview: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/designin...rmers-war/63166 Concept Art and more: http://gameinformer.com/mag/cybertron.aspx Website: http://www.transformersgame.com/
  2. Even if one finds the experience a ride, because the story is comfortably predictable...though I prefer to consider it comfortably familiar, because we are trained by every romantic comedy to expect in many ways what is to come, AND that generally makes for an enjoyable 2 hours for anyone looking to escape...This was an escape. I didn't need to be challenged, I don't always NEED to be challenged by complex, unique stories. I do need to be emotionally invested though, and that's exactly how good escapism steals me away. Immediately I was sucked in. That world? A world where without greed, and the interruption of that utopia by the worst side of ourselves would have gone along in harmony with the planet? Sold. The strange beauty?....it made me think about Earth, how beautiful it is and how without that worst side of ourselves again...how different life would be, how our planet could be free of all that...it was the world more than anything that emotionally pulled me in, and pulled hard...because as corny as all this sounds it was a place I'd love to escape to. It certainly helped that after 5 minutes I no longer saw the Navi as CGI characters, they fooled me good...no uncanny valley there. All I can see now... the other thing that BLOWS my mind is that for the last 20-30 years I've really been asked by movie storytellers to forgive those little parts of special effects that we spot, to ignore them and juuuuussst essscape. Luke versus the Rancor? lol. Yeah, and that was ILM! It was so FAKE I noticed when I saw it as a KID! I ignored it and escaped though, the same way I ignored that Muppets were the stars of Dark Crystal. Style at least benefited them there. NOW, it seems that that suspension of disbelief is NO LONGER REQUIRED. And lemme tell ya people, MY suspension of disbelief is like that of a 10 year old. If I want to escape, I can ingore and forgive SOOOO much. As a creative type, someone whose imagination is on 24-7 and has fantasized about seeing his little doodles come to life, boy O BOY am I excited. I am excited to know that the people who make those fancy motion pictures have a tool to make imagination SEEM real. The story was exactly perfect. That movie delivered everything I required to escape, fall in love with Pandora and the plight of its inhabitants, and walk out wondering nothing but WHAT IS NEXT? Holy shit. As someone who LOVES to escape into a movie, and someone who has a big nerdy imagination...I can only guess at what someone like Guillermo Del Toro would do with those tools...or Terry Gilliam...or Spielberg... I mean can we REALLY do this now? Can ANY creature I dream up, paint the skin on become that real? Holy crap. It is ON people. Wayne Barlow's imagination did, his paintings and drawings did. Just spectacular. I only hope someday to be in those shoes. Groundbreaking, incredible, sensational, and completely changes the game. Imagination, visually has lost its limits. This is going to be a good time now....hooo boy what is fucking NEXT?!! Moebius....somebody tap his brain and let's see THAT insane world come life. Very excited, done babbling. -Jim PS- some people REALLY got lost in Pandora...crazy stuff: http://www.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/11/avatar.movie.blues/index.html
  3. I am johnny-come-lately to the thread here (as usual), but glad you dig the doodle Noeland. I was hoping to see you at LBCC, sorry to hear you couldn't make it. the BBQ was delish and I met Richard Hatch of BSG! (nerded out on the poor guy) Cheers brotha, --Jim
  4. Glad y'all like the sketches and the book!! I had tons of fun drawing the convict and friends again, the noir one was especially fun to do. I love the over sized trade in black and white, Tim and Tom did a super classy job with it. -cheers! --Jim
  5. Yo Joe. Well, this movie was clearly for the 12 and under demographic. I had fun watching things blow up and they were smart to never let up on the action. Marlon Wayans was actually fun to watch here and quite good in the movie, where Channing Tatum is still the stiffest, least charismatic human actor in cinema. I wished there was more scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is a fracking amazing actor...but we get very little. Despite the obvious kid-centric, toyetic vibe here...I think the film lacked a main character. Snake Eyes would hav been the choice for me, or Scarlett...but it really just bouncees all over the place. The underwater scenes were extremely cartoony, but fun to watch. Favorite part of the movie is the young Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow kicking each others ass in the kitchen. lol. Those kids were like 12 year old black belts! So cool. I saw Fred get blown up in the first few minutes, so that's the highlight of the experience for me! --jim
  6. Just wanted to jump in here...When Tim showed me the trailer yesterday and I was floored. I am an enormous fan of post apocalyptic -style sci-fi. We have 'The Road' with Viggo coming out soon, and now THIS??....awesome. oh and GARY OLDMAN as a villian....serve me 3 helpings please! The first words out of my mouth after I saw this: "MEL GIBSON NEEDS TO DIRECT AND STAR IN ANOTHER MAD MAX!!!!" imagine that. Epic. My two cents on the trailer...minor, minor criticisms by the way, Denzel and Mila Kunis looked too clean. Especially their clothing, but I reserve my picky fan-boy judgement for Jan. 2010....which is way, WAY too frackin long to wait for something that looks this gorgeous. I am such a junkie for this genre. Among my favorites in no partiuclar order really and in my opinion...the world needs to be wrecked to qualify. Obviously there are the dystopian films like Bladerunner, but those are not showing enough destruction for me lol...anyhoo: The Road Warrior Escape From New York Logan's Run Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (still confused why Tina Turner was in that, but no denying that song will be stuck in my head forever) Akira!!!! Resident Evil Extinction Equilibrium I am Legend Children of Men The Blood of Heroes!!! (love this one) 28 Days Later/ 28 Weeks Later Reign of Fire Terminator Salvation Hardware (especially the opening shot) Cyborg...yep, even this super cheesy Van Damme piece. lol. Class of 1999 (SO cheeesy, but seen it a bunch of times) THX 1138 Cherry 2000!!! (good lord I have seen this a zillion times on cable) Samurai 7 (Anime) Fallout 3 (granted a video game, but it plays like a movie...IMO...best game ever) Doomsday (not amazing at all, and had moments where I though I was watching a car commercial, but had it's moments with nice visuals here and there) Battlestar Galactica Sci-Fi Channel series The Postman....long-winded, but I still like parts of it. Waterworld also, but Dennis Hopper's character was almost too much and I never liked it when Kostner's character hit the woman. Please, please anyone... recommend some more for me! it now I think, but as a fan... I should've sought this out a long time ago. Also need to re-watch Zardoz. Tim let me borrow Le Dernier Combat, so will be checking that out as well. BOOK OF ELI....I cannot wait!!!! Just looks deliciously harsh! Cheers! --jim
  7. I'll be joining Mike and Tim in Escondido for Star Trek. and I know in some way this might distill the comradery on the evening.... BUT.... I cheated on you guys... It will be my second time seeing it. Today I drove up to Irvine and saw it in IMAX at the Spectrum. All I will say about that is IF anyone can see it in IMAX...DO IT. Don't think, just pay the 17 bucks and get ready to board the Enterprise. Ridiculously fun experience. I was in the movie! lol. So...When I left the theater I refused to hear any nit-picky negative opinions (I honestly didn't even want to hear detailed praise either), because not only was I still soaring through the neutral zone, escaped still in the fantasy of Star Trek....but because I don't get the die-hard Star Trek fans. Never have. I don't watch Star Trek movies or shows for inaccuracies in continuity. I let them take me away. There is a great amount of Star Trek content that comes before this, so I fully expect to hear my friends dissect this film....but luckily I will have seen it at least twice before anyone can piss on my fun. My compliment? In every way that George Lucas failed to bring the formula, character and heart, back in his last 3 Star Wars movies, J.J. Abrams succeeded with Star Trek. My only complaint? The movie had to end. See you fellers tomorrow night, and you can bet your asses that I won't say a single word about any details here or before the film...because I want to experience it again too. --JEEM!
  8. I am hooked from second one. That first shot... when Malone fires that gun.... It's like he wanted to shoot, but didn't at the same time, or he's tired of killing or just pissed...and now I'm wondering what he's thinking, what situation brought him to that grisly action... and suddenly Malone is fucking real. DAMN if this doesn't feel like something so bright and shiny against all the same old shit out there right now. Bravo. Love the colors, the lighting...shit the lighting is so gorgeous and just captures it. Somehow...it's subtle and bold in all the right ways. (and I don't know shit about lighting anything, but it looks too damned good to me anyway) ...It's Tom in that hat, but fuck if I forgot that the minute he clenched his teeth and fired that first shot. I'm ready to get lost in Malone's world...bring it the fuck on. HAH...Sooo good. Malone talking about Scotch....Class, style and fucking character. BOOM. Malone just made James Bond and Han Solo turn in their man-cards. AND THAT GUN! Wow. I will anxiously wait to spam the planet once AICN posts the trailer. thanks for sharing this early! -Jim
  9. Grant is an amazingly talented artist. I personally would LOVE to see him do more work of his own, though I will also say he is among the best color guys in this business. Grant could be busting out covers and really give some of the top guys a run for their money in my opinion. Thanks Noeland, I love doing action and love the quiet or dramatic moments as well. It would have been nice to have a longer fight there... (at least would have been fun to draw it) I think we got all the info covered and ended this 6 issue arc of Bad Planet in that one issue though and pacing that all out was probably challenging on the writing side. There are some things I'd like to change here and there, but who doesn't look back on their work and say that? It would be a heck of a lot of fun to just do and issue (possibly silent/ no words) where the convict is just beating the crap out of those guards or some horrible space-things...I could draw that armor and our axe-wielding alien hero all day long. Oh yeah...and MORE Space Moles! lol. they are my favorite. cheers, --jim
  10. The trailer looks freaking awesome, the car chase in the beginning was awesome, and the kid was awesome and if you didn't like it...well you're wrong. I wil start with the FACT that Truly ANYTHING would be better than 80% of the Shatner-lead films, and the Next Generation films were VERY spotty. The original Star Trek series of films and short lived TV series (with the exception of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and The Undiscovered Country which actually had some emotional drive to them) are well....how can I say this in a way that definitely offends every Star Trek nerd intenionally....I always despised how the fans had to dissect details, collect information, and obsess about things SO much smaller than the viceral experience of escaping into a different world for a couple hours. In my opinion...those fans actually ruin the romantic idea of Star Trek. These fans ruin it by dissecting EVERYTHING, drooling on themselves over the microscopic...they ruin it like George Lucas ruined The Force by explaining it. (Make fun of Star Wars fans if you like, but they are fans of a far more romantic space-based franchise and their fandom is lightyears away from being as irritating as the old school Star Trek nerds.) (I am of course opposed to Episode 1-3, so don't waste your time typing) Star Trek fans are true "nerds", and do nothing to enhance my desire to watch more old Star Trek by horfing up episode names/ numbers or how some specific piece of the Star Ship works. Ideally they would convince me there was something good about those episodes or films by describing how good the story was...BUT...I don't think the stories are good, otherwise these nerds would talk about that more. Instead it's as if they are all wearing a decoder ring, gathering to nerd-worship false gods like Shatner... like strange, irritating, but ultimately harmless cult members. Funny to me is how these Star Trek nerds want to be referred to as "Trekkers" rather than "Trekkies"....well, NO. I say no. They have not earned it. (at least the fans I'm talking about, which seems to be ALL of them) See... like a "hiker", "fighter", "racer", or "hunter" the fake word "Trekker" implies something exciting, viceral, movement, adventure, activity...it just plain sounds cooler. This word is completely undeserved as a description of these fans who live in the details , and forget the romance of science fiction...and no matter how much "Trekkie" upsets them to hear it... is far more accurate...like as in the word "groupie". I cannot wait to see a new generation of Star Trek fans emerge, unhindered by the previous films and not tainted by the cult series turned mainstream film series. Captain Kirk is a joke in most cases, in fact there was SO much camp with that cast of actors it would be nice to see it all taken somewhere new. I pray they do not cater too much to old in-jokes and all that campy junk. Skip it. Take us where no Star Trek film has gone before...For once. PLEASE! Next Generation is MY Star Trek, Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica is a better overall experience than ANY Star Trek EVER has been and...how come some campy old 60's show riddled with horrible acting gets this cult status, then all this fuss for years and years and something actually GOOD, with GOOD writing like Firefly gets the shaft? I dunno, but I hope JJ Abrams reboots this Trek series hard-core, let's get a fresh new view of these characters and a fresh audience for them FINALLY. As for you die-hard campy 60's nerds, or people who obsess about space ship crystals...well, sorry to say it...but I am going to enjoy watching you squirm next to me in the theater. Pss--that's right, the old Kirk is a joke. Psss-- Picard is much better. PSSSS--oh also...nah-nah-nah-boo-boo ON YOU. lol. --Jim
  11. http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=24211
  12. Seconds... As always I am provided unseen gems (unseen to me anyway) to watch when Tim is hosting the late-night Saturday evening, and like Red Belt, Precinct 13, Village of the Damned, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Never Cry Wolf, Spartan, The Professionals (love Lee Marvin!), The Devil's Rain, Meatballs...and I'm not even counting the dvd's I've been sent home with...WELL I will say, even as a movie-a-holic, I have missed or just overlooked a ton of films that I get to discover NOW which is just plain awesome. I'm too much a child of the late 70's and early 80's I think...so lot's of incredible stuff I missed! Seconds was what we watched last weekend (and capped it off with Meatballs lol). The camera does things in Seconds that I haven't seen done before and the story is really beyond the time it was told....yet somehow I feel like if it was told today it wouldn't have the power. There is a science element to the film and for some reason it just seemed plain plausible even for the era. It is eerily more powerful than it could ever be today. They'd over explain it today, focus on it, and most likely lose the story in the process. Uniquely executed claustrophobic camera shots and shots that created feelings of isolation EVEN when the star was in a group ...it all seemed based on how the director wanted us to see the character's journey emotionally...as the character became more comfortable in a situation the camera followed suit and vice versa as I remember it....it was weird how effective it was. Genius ending as well. Too young to have enjoyed much of Rock Hudson's work, but wow....really powerful performance and because of who he is in the story or what his character goes through...it was made incredibly believable by his portrayal. IF anyone remade this film...which almost seems inevitable... I would vote for one of these 3 "Davids": David Fincher, David Cronenberg, or David Mamet...and maybe M. Night Shyamalan. Another treasure discovered courtesy of TB!
  13. Chiming in! The title of this movie really turned me off to seeing it. I thought oh shit...it's going be like Eric Robert's "Best of the Best" or something worse. I couldn't get in the mood to watch it. I was also afraid it would be all about the Ultimate Fighting stuff, which in my opinion has none of what is excting about watching a boxing match at all. It mainly ends up with two sweaty men on the ground in their tighty-whities groping each other into submission. YAWN. I would rather watch something choreographed. NOT entertaining at all. The UFC of the 90's was much cooler to watch in my opinion, this should be called "Grapple TV" and bring back the mix of fighters or outlaw grappling in UFC entirely. Anyhoo... Red Belt just put me in my seat immediately. Thank god for it being 90% human drama, and realistically depicting the action. The opening of the film was so effective in setting the tone. Normally, when I go into a film that is supposedly about martial arts and with the star of this film having displayed those action skills in Serenity...I might be waiting for some ass-kicking. Honestly, I felt calm because his character was calm. I was patient because the character was, and wow it made for an awesome experience when he finally gets around to taking a stand. the director does it all with class and realism. This was a character I am not used to seeing, and his performance was so unique.... yeah...I do think he deserves an Oscar. Fuck, fuck yeah.
  14. Bale. Because every other Batman film was a comedy until now, so while one cannot blame the actors for the comedic bat-films of years past...Bale's been the only believable Batman yet in my opinion. Tim Burton's first Batman is a lot of fun though. Everything in between I try to pretend never happened. Oh and I was in high school when Keaton was Batman. Still like Bale better. -JD3
  15. I voted #2, and I am 35..., brown hair, blue eyes, and a Leo who likes long walks, puppies....and um. Oh, was this not the speed-dating thread? The trailer makes this new Punisher reboot seem like a big flipping around Matrix-John Woo action-fest, which is not what I expected. Reminds me visually of The Crow: City of Angles as far as colors go...somewhat garish, but I can appreciate pushing the style if the story works. I have to go see it in the theater, if nothing else just to see the "Bradstreet hotel" on the big screen. Ha! Certainly would have loved to see another Punisher with Tom, and a somewhat more serious tone....but won't judge this one by the trailer....remember the Star Wars Episode One trailer? it was SIIIICK! How'd that turn out? yeah...not so great. I can watch just about any movie and escape for 2 hours...even if it isn't a great film. What's the worst thing it could be? loud, colorful with machine guns and people blowing up on an 85 foot screen. Fair enough. I mean...I watched Ghost Rider all the way through painful as that was. Same reason I want to see the remake of Deathrace. Looks fun to watch at least. Women, cars, firing of weapons and stuff blowing up. Good times. s'all I gots.
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