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Guest AdminGuyX

Yeah, it's spam bots, but they can't post.


It's a registration thing. They can register but can't post until they use their email validation, which spambots can't do. We're experimenting with different methods of filtering out the spam that will allow us to still have the board viewable to the public.


We'll get there.


But, it's not just The Punisher showing right now. Deep Blue Sea is playing on Encore this month, it's on constantly. Just watched it yesterday.

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keep up the good fight!


and thx!




And a question (for Noeland, Admins): Can spambots troll our login email address from here or any forum, for example? My email was hit with spam for two days this past week, so I was just wondering about this (possibly from another forum I participate in, as well).


And just a thought: I actually feel better about posting if the forum does require registration & login, even for viewing - or maybe just the index and a general "About the Forums" section could remain public?


Thanks again for all your efforts. :)

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