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When will Steve join us?

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Steve is spread so thin right now that he resembles Jack Skelington more than the happy go lucky, tourtured soul in residence that we knew him as.

Stephen King (or was it Bachman?) wrote a book called "Thinner". If you check Wikipedia on the subject, there is now a picture of Niles in place of the book's cover.


We all understand he has a film coming out at the end of October right? Of course we do. So we're going to be patient and let him do his promotion thing and watch his creation take the film world by storm. When the smoke clears I'm sure we'll see Steve rear his little head inside these walls. And you're right. Steve has his own forums and it keeps him quite busy. That along with his MySpace pages (he manages 3 or 4 diff pages at least), his weekly contests, and his convention/store appearance schedule makes him a very wanted man currently.


Oh yeah, and he writes like 12 books a month too.


I say be patient oh impatient ones!

Eventually we'll drag him kicking and screaming into the haunted halls of RAW's inner sanctum.


Oh, and did I mention he does "Scrabble Night" once a week?

The current Scrabble night line-up consists of Steve, Sarah Wilkinson, Bernie Wrightson, Liz Wrightson, Bill Sienkiewicz, and (pencil weekly "guest" name here).

You gotta love a guy who devotes at least one night a week to his family.


For anyone who's been off world for the last 6 months, take a look at this -----> http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/30daysofnight/


Lemme see if I can get him to duck his head in here for a moment.


- TB

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Does the guy ever sleep? I knew he a lot going on, but not that much. Wow.


As for the site in general, I think you guys are doing an excellent job. Just the fact that you guys are willing to interact with fans is amazing. My favorite part of the forums so far is getting to see your work that's coming up/never published. Great stuff.


Here's to a great future for RAW. Keep it up guys!

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