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James O'Brian

Raw Studios Store

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So, what exactly will the store consist of? I've been trying to get my hands on a Raw T Shirt like the one Tom was wearing at the comic con, black with blue writing. That shirt kicked ass. Also, some one sheet posters of Raw, Bad Planet, etc. would be pretty crazy, too. Plus more comics, of course.

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We're still working on this. We have a thing in place but it's taking some time to set up right.

We'll do a big announcement when we get it lifted off.


As for shirts, we do have them but we don't really have a concrete set-up for making them available.

I'm way behind getting even my own proof orders out right now, and I couldn't possibly handle taking orders on shirts and other items.

We just don't have the plan together yet.


What I'm thinking of doing is starting a "Order a RAW T-Shirt" thread.

Then we could do a lump order, charge for shipping, etc . . .

But I still have to find someone we know and trust to package the orders and send them out to folks.

We're trying to get more organized, so hopefully we can formulate something on this front soon.

Stay tuned.


- tb

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