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The Aspiring Jason Auchter!

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I'm 16 years old, and Well I aint a proffesional artist, but I am a guy that knows how to please people.

I've done a lot of drawing, and decided oh what the heck, I'll just make me a thread and put my stuff there for all of you freaks to feast your eyes on. haha Just jking bout the freaks part.


May your eyes feast and enjoy!!!




Jack the Pumpkin King!



The Webhead






Leonidus!!!!!! You know this one is RAW!



My Character I am working on.



Wolverine. Nuff' said.

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lol well I like being a artist, and its how I roll.


But I do beleive It was a bold move on making a thread about me. But still I made it for everyone so they can see my stuff. But as it seems I suppose im the only one here that "loves" me being an artist lol, pretty sad.


But still I do like getting criticised about my art, so that I leave up to the viewers.

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