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Tim Bradstreet

Dark Country on DVD

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damn - does he have the watch on when he's drinking the water, after the burial? that a total flub if he does... he's supposed to have lost it during the burial! can't believe i didn't catch that though..


This may be confusing: Dick is wearing the watch as he digs. When he's drinking water, he's not wearing the watch. So far, no problem. But then when he finishes covering body, he has the watch, again. When Gina rejoins Dick in the car, there's a watch. But as he's driving down the road, there's no watch. That would mean it falls off his arm while he's in the car. I thought he was suppose to lose it after the entire burial. Looks like Dick only loses watch briefly, has it, & then loses it completely. :blink:


Sorry. These little mistakes happen all the time. I'm probably the only one who noticed. If it helps, I didn't notice it the first time I watched Dark Country.



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On 3/25/2010 at 3:10 PM, Rosella said:

The Loop- I think the loop starts when they wake up in the hotel. If it wasn’t for the opening dialogue during the ending credits, I’d say the loop begins when Dick first meets the Stranger. Hearing the opening dialogue during the credits makes me think the cycle is starting over yet again. Plus, I think it makes sense that when Dick wakes up, he’s waking up to another chance. How can the loop be broken? I think by staying on 95, the loop will end. By not staying on 95, you take a wrong turn that transports you to thirty years ago. Since Dick has no memory of the whole incident, he can’t stop it. The question I keep asking myself is what number loop are we seeing? Does Bloodyface scream, calm down, and try killing Dick every time? He’d have to right? Why else would Dick kill Bloodyface? I would love to see the first time it happened.


This is how I view the road layout:


Present/30 years ago/Present


Dick and Gina start in the present, hit Bloodyface 30 years ago, and Dick gets caught by the Sheriff in the present. When Dick’s car disappears, it leaves the present and goes back to thirty years ago.


*Dark Country SPOILERS*

The thread title should indicate that as well I believe...


Hi Rosella !

I love this entire thread and the fun that Tim and Tom had at NOT reacting on the posts. I can literally see them grinning !

When the movie ended, we sat there sitting in the dark, during several seconds without a single word. And then, bam... discussion starts 🙂 Did you see that? How did you understand that? And what happened there? I love this kind of discussion after a screening, when the pieces come together.

Our view was close to yours: to me, Dark Country is a time travel. When driving on that road AND turning off your car lights, then you are travelling to the past. They hit BloodyFace, arrive at the "old" gas station. While escaping the police, Dick turns off his car lights and has his accident in the past...

Does that make sense 🙂 ?

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