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  1. And he's holding a pipe. I kinda preferred the face on open shirt of the previous poster.
  2. Yeah be interesting to hear what kind of things were said on the subject
  3. Yeah he's done one where his eyes shine blue, looks really good. He's in the Expanse cosplay FB group. But I saw that photo and thought it'd be nice to share especially as Valentines is coming up.
  4. He's a lot younger and clean faced, yeah
  5. Hope this is okay to share but I wanted to show people this awesome cosplay of Miller by @CaptCash on Instagram.
  6. Aww you need to be quicker Geoff
  7. For me I think its Magnolia, Tom Cruise, I remember watching it on a date I think...shows how good my memory is, but I completely lost what the plot was part way through, something happened in the film that spun my head out so much I was thinking what the actual... and then that was it, film just skipped by and I couldn't wait to get out of there. That's the first one that comes to mind on bad films, or maybe it was just a bad time watching it.
  8. Oh hey Tanya, sorry didn't see you come in there. I'm just nursing one at the other end of the bar. Usually takes me a while to say stuff too, I prefer to listen than talk mostly. But then when I do talk I ramble and don't shut up, then apologise for talking too much. But yeah, you're in good hands here.
  9. I haven't found any tickets for Wes and Steven yet even after them being announced, not sure how long it takes for them to update the list, but Burn Gorman has tickets. So glad I got mine when I could. Deffo got to do that Belter cosplay now I've got the pattern for it just need to find the right material.
  10. Yeah Season 4 isn't quite how I'd imagined it to be from the book but was still good.
  11. Nice, I'll be going Saturday, got Photo and Signing as I know from these things you don't always get long to talk during a photo.
  12. I've managed to talk my parents into driving me there, will be good to meet any others from here too though.
  13. He's doing a Photo OP which is £30 and Signing which is also £30.. that's what I know so far. We'd have to wait for the schedule to be released which doesn't usually happen till much closer to the date, unless Geoff knows details. I'm planning to go on the Saturday to see him, weekend priority tickets are sold out so you might want to get a ticket soon. Its about £35 to get in for priority or £25 for general entry.
  14. Just seen this on the Renegade FB page. We went to a Telford one a few years ago was quite small then but since the Wales take over they've been getting bigger guests. Deffo getting a ticket for this.
  15. As ever a bit late to the party. Happy New Year to you all. Lots of fun things happening this year so should be good.
  16. CJ Mitchell


    It was a very good film and how the character came to become The Joker. It was dark as DC is meant to be. My older son is a huge fan of The Joker and Batman and he loved the film, he noted the nods to certain things in it such as The Joker's dwarf companion who is in the comics, the small tribute to Heath Ledger's joker. We laughed quite a few times during the film including at times when the rest of the audience was in stunned silence at some horrific thing that happened, but we laughed because it was so typically in character with the Joker. Glad you enjoyed it and yes they can't be compared because their stories are happening at two completely different times in the character's story.
  17. CJ Mitchell


    Thank you for having this place and being so welcoming to new people. Look forward to taking part in the journey in the new year. Have a great Christmas (Yule) and fantastic New Year.
  18. I prefer being barefoot too
  19. yeah this is why I don't go too much in for the book vs series/film arguments that happen. There may be the odd few things I think aww they could have done this or that but I get it if they don't and when the writers are involved in the whole process then I trust them to make the decisions its their baby after all.
  20. Had myself some hot lemsips thoughout the day. Feeling a little better today.
  21. Yep but I knew he would be saved the inspiration quote from him so I can print it out and stick it on a wall.
  22. It was great, glad I could join in this time.
  23. Have a good one and see you in the new year.
  24. Sy Fy are mean for cancelling shows too soon.. like another great sci-fi series that had one season.
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