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  1. Don't know if anyone has seen this but it's a nice compilation of Miller scenes. I have where he's sat in the bar and Amos walks in as my background screen on my PC
  2. This looks great, love the suspense build up in it.
  3. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    @Nicole Blimey a lot going on as the others said. Hope you find somewhere good. I had my second when my oldest was 12, seemed good at the time but now they're always at each other's throats. I think having the older one around all day doesn't help too much. Best wishes for your daughter though and hope it all goes smoothly, definitely more worrying if there's been complications before. Still no word from my son's place of work of when he can go back, which now has my Mum saying stuff like well he hopes they do take him back and what if they don't - as if we've not got enough to worry about. Kinda get fed up with her putting our stressful thoughts into words. Good news is our Butlins Holiday is going ahead, (This is an entertainment resort near the seaside with small apartments, rooms, etc - for our USA friends), 17th August for 5 days. We thought we weren't going to be able to go and was going to cancel it to save money but decided we really need the break now and want to get away for a few days, even if we don't go to all the entertainment. Be nice just to see other places and get fed without worrying about the washing up etc.
  4. Just wish his character had more appearances and didn't get taken out so early on
  5. Just seen the news about the event so came to check here.. this is great and seeing how hard it might be to get a refund this year might as well keep the tickets as probably won't be able to afford to buy them next year. - my one thought on this though is hoping their admin system works out okay to know how many slots they have for photos/autographs or they could end up in a sticky mess.
  6. That poster looks pretty good. Very much looking forward to this
  7. Thanks Geoff, and yeah things don't look great over there.. Yeah that's what I've been thinking.. don't want anyone travelling when its not safe to do so.
  8. So MCM have cancelled October but nothing new on Telford yet and looking at their FB page a lot of people trying to get refunds haven't gotten anything yet, even after 6 weeks, including those for guests who aren't going. Getting a bit worried about it as its a lot of money paid out to not get back. Trying to stay positive though...
  9. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    I'm between Birmingham and Bristol on the border of Wales, it reached 31 today Sorry to hear about your head, be sure to drink plenty of water and such. Hope you feel better soon. Alexa was telling me thunderstorms were due at 12am but now changed to 6am, guess the wind direction changed.
  10. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    I wish it was just in the 20s but its 31 here atm Need to get used to this weather for our hopeful Florida weather next year. Oh we got storms a plenty coming, apparently going to be one most of Friday. @Enaira yeah you're right it would contribute to that... its just when I hear about my friend in Arizona with his air-conditioning it makes me a bit jealous
  11. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    I'm melting... anyone else in the UK dealing with this crazy heat atm? I like hot days sure but this is far hotter than we're used to and with no air conditioning. Managed to take younger son to the park on Tuesday and had a lovely icecream but was knackered when I got home, been far too long since we last went for a walk that far so a bit of practice.
  12. Looking forward to seeing it, could do with a laugh
  13. *nods* best stance to take right now. Hope everyone in The Expanse family is okay xx
  14. Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day.
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