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  1. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks again for talking to us today. Happy New Year!!!
  2. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    When is the next major movie release for Thomas that we should look for?
  3. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    Fair enough. Thank you for talking to us today!!!
  4. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    In a video you put up online in support of the new film company, Rebeller, you said that you think there's a tendency towards just making films where everyone is comfortable? Do you have any plans (that you can talk about), for making uncomfortable movies?
  5. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    Thanks for the response! I'm actually looking forward to reading the series.
  6. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    You follow some amazing writers on Twitter. Would you care to make any book recommendations?
  7. Lisa Mims

    TJ Q & A

    For those of us who are seeing your work for the first time, because of The Expanse, what should we watch to catch up?
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