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  1. Which means no gribblies either. Good. I can go for that.
  2. Maybe because you run this site? Vested interest?
  3. From that teaser, I'm hoping for a SciFi bias (evil aliens, ha ha!), not a horror. I really don't like horror films because I'm a wuss with a vivid imagination so if it *is* the latter, I probably won't watch it. No matter how much I enjoy someone's work, there are some compromises I'm just not prepared to make! Of course, if it's just a straight up crime drama with humies offing each other, that's fine, I can deal with that. I'll be keeping a watchful eye on this board... and hoping for aliens. Or secret government experiments. Either or both would work for me. (When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be about the band, Crimson Blues!)
  4. The Goktor


    Moar SciFi? Bring it on! As an aside, when looking at the cast list, this made me chuckle...
  5. That's reassuring; I'd hate you to think I was being an arse! I'm always asking for feedback on my work too, and I completely agree that this is how we improve our skills. Glad we're on the same page!
  6. Oh, that's a shame; I think in that case, I'd have foregone any shading, and just made it a line drawing. But, as I said before, I'm not a graphic designer, nor an artist, and I bow to your superior skills in that department, Geoff! (I hope you don't mind a bit of feedback!)
  7. You would... but I had to enlarge a couple to actually see what the image was, which might suggest that they'd pretty much failed at their job! I prefer your monochrome one out of the new subs, although I must admit that I'm not keen on the glowiness of it. If it were my logo, I'd want clean, hard lines (which would work better on smaller versions of the design, e.g. biz cards). What are you using to make them? Ai?
  8. I *am* that ninja. To ta ge im kopeng - bosmang na complin. Belta lik pashang!
  9. You are a veritable ninja! Nah, I say it's worth a try. Be that renegade!
  10. Aah but you do understand the way of the open hand. (Unlike me, who discovered I got motion sickness from being thrown in ju jitsu. So very lame. An action hero, I am not!) Anyway, you know what Miller would say regarding your logo submissions... "No risk, no reward."
  11. Oh, absolutely! And my idea of dark and edgy may not be your idea at all. It's all so subjective, hence finding it really easy to make my own logo... but I'd be at a loss, trying to make one for someone else, unless I knew them and their business extremely well. Which is why I am baker and a writer, and not a graphic designer. Well, that, and general lack of talent in the designery department.
  12. Agreed. I did wonder, when looking at the submissions, whether part of the brief was 'must have mustangs'. And cowboys! Not saying it's a bad thing, of course - some of the logos have been beautiful. I really like Geoff's idea of breaking the chain. Outside. The. Box.
  13. I like the corporate ones... for a corporation that's desperately trying to convince people it isn't! Are they right for the creative industry? I wouldn't go with them - I'd want something which really went with my company name and ethos. Which, let's face it, is why we have logos - to tell an easily understandable story.
  14. If you don't, as you say, throw your hat into the ring, you won't ever give someone a chance to pick it up! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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