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  1. The Goktor


    Not in the slightest - I'm always interested in what others do, and find it so cool that we all come from different walks of life! I think it's brilliant that you love working there; it makes life so much easier when you have a great team, doesn't it? BTW, I cannot imagine why on earth you might lack confidence - you're great! And clearly very erudite, eloquent, and witty... it's a winning combination, I tell you!
  2. OMG - I am such a dumbass! I know that Miller isn't in Book 5, so why the hell did I even write that? **note to self - keep away from the internet when in the throes of a particularly bad headache** Cool - I just need to remember!
  3. The Goktor

    I JUST...

    I just... Finished videoing a recipe for my blog - it's blurry AF. Not sure I have the mental capacity to re-do it. At least not just yet. Plus, there's only so much food I can eat! Ho hum.
  4. The Goktor

    I JUST...

    Did you do the waggy finger thing, Gail?
  5. The Goktor


    I did, I loved it! It was incredibly cool, and so well done. The theatre is lovely, and very bijou - our first time there but not our last, I suspect. The talk with the film makers afterward was very interesting, especially when we discovered that the music was 90% improvised! There were some amazing instruments, too. I had very strong hankerings to go back into theatre, sadly, I don't have the time, though. Oh, that sounds pretty interesting. For domestic or industrial applications? Or both? If your work brings you to London (or thereabouts), do let us know! I do; I have several ovens! The individual orders are never huge but combined, yes, sometimes I've been baking solidly for 10 hours or more. I don't do bread though - my friend, Ben, has his own bread bakery, so we don't tread on each other's toes! Now the tourist season has ended though, my customers don't need as much, which from a financial POV, isn't so good but from every other, it's great! Plus, K and I want to move to be closer to his family, and plan to do so before next summer, so I need to wind down the bakery side of things, and build up the online business, so that my income is not location-dependent. So far, so good! ======================== Gail, what do you do for a living? Or are you lucky enough to be a lady of leisure?
  6. To me, he looks like a gangster in that pic! TJ, not JPM! Definitely a touch of the Brando about him there! Thanks, Geoff - hopefully we won't have to wait too long. I wonder whether the postponement is to bring it in line with it being aired in other territories? Or maybe there's a licensing consideration. Eagerly awaiting news!
  7. Whoaaa... 10 hours? I am so envious! I'm lucky if I get two at a time - usually, 90 mins is my lot, and then I'm wide awake, and raring to go (hence being up and at 'em by 5.30!). I have no idea what it must be like to sleep like a normal humie, instead of a cat! Anyway, I hope you feel much rested now, G-Man, and ready to face the next onslaught of questions! Back on topic... S5 - I'm curious to know more about how directing scenes in which you actually appear works. Does it make it easier as an actor to direct yourself and others, or does it make it easier as a director to be able to do the actual acting too? Or does it make no difference, really? I've acted and done a brief bit of directing* but not both at the same time. S4 - Was there much mo-cap involved for Tom? Particular for later Miller appearances. I can't wait to see how 'that' turns out, and whether it's anything like I've envisioned in my head! (*Only in AmDram socs I've belonged to! In one, we used to job-swap so we could all get a feel for what others did, so while I was primarily the group's wardrobe mistress, I did a few stints as set designer/painter/decorator, and one very brief foray into directing - which was really cool, actually. I've done a fair bit of acting - at amateur level, of course - too.)
  8. Just popping in to drop off these screenshots I took from the S4 trailer. Just to keep us going!
  9. I suspect it attained cult status when SyFy cancelled it!
  10. That's brilliant news, Geoff! Like I said before, Nemesis Games (book 5) is when shit gets real, so assuming S5 will be NG, I imagine directing it (even if only in part), is going to be right up Tom's street. How exciting!
  11. I totally just almost choked on my Coke, reading that, Ariane!
  12. Really looking forward to seeing what they do there; I know exactly how he looks in my head but will it be in any way similar in the show? Oh, the anticipation! Here's a really sweet cast reaction video to the trailer. No Tom, of course but we can't have everything. And the others more than make up for his absence!
  13. I'm sure you will... I'm just impatient!
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