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  1. Huzzah - you got there in the end!
  2. Ha ha ha! My first thought was that whomever was responsible, they urgently need Photoshop lessons. (Am now desperately hoping it wasn't you, Geoff!)
  3. I have no idea what you mean!
  4. Dude! Missed opportunity to say... "That's a negative" !! Feeling jet-lagged by any chance?
  5. I'm waiting for THE quote....
  6. The Goktor

    I JUST...

    Tennant was such a brilliant Doctor, wasn't he? I really didn't think he could be topped... and then Matt Smith happened! It was just a shame that Smith fell victim to Steven Moffat's awful tenure. Tennant had some of the best-ever episodes though; Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Midnight. And the best companion - Donna! I really liked Ecclestone too. I wanted to like Capaldi, as he's such a cool guy and fantastic actor, but with the exception of one or two episodes, his run was utterly terrible, IMO. Jodie Whittaker is another fantastic actor but I couldn't even get through her series. It was truly appalling, and I loathe all the self-conscious box-ticking going on. I also really dislike that she has to have an entire team around her. Why? Because she's female, and therefore not capable of sorting shit out by herself? Because she's female, and therefore the showrunners wanted to deflect from her gender because they had made an unpopular decision? Because she's female, and therefore needs to have a 'family'? It would have been far better, IMO, to have made her a sole traveller for her series. And to get some good writers on board. And to stop trying so hard to be so.... kooky. Or maybe I just have to accept that after being a lifelong Whovian, I may have outgrown it! (Although I still hugely enjoy re-watching 9, 10, & 11.) Still love Torchwood - apart from that dreadful American series!
  7. And it will be our pleasure too, new friend! x
  8. Amazed donkey balls, I hope. So.... "that's a negative", then! Been waiting for days to use that one!
  9. Double post - bugger. Please delete!
  10. That 'falling cam' vid; quite apart from the smooth transition from dropping to panning out (is that the right term?), which was rather amazing, it gave me veritable goosebumps because I'm 99% certain I know what was going on in that sequence. As much as I am looking forward to S4 (and I really, truly am), I can't wait for S5!
  11. Aww, that's so sweet, and I am so happy for you that it was worth the wait. I can imagine how you must have been feeling at the time... and I bet you're still buzzing now! Good for you! And good for Tom for being so kind! Hope you're going to stick around, and join in here!
  12. Have you never seen Schindler's List or Iron Man 3 (for example)?
  13. Definitely a similarity...
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