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  1. Eeeeee.... happy cakeday lady! Wishing you the loveliest of birthdays - not just today but all weekend. I hope you spoiled rotten, and thoroughly pampered! Do you have any special plans?
  2. Nicole

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    Jokes are always welcome Ariane - and very much appreciated. Merci! Aah, the complete opposite of the country to me! I'm in the front line for the Beast from the East! Ha ha! Are you feeling any cooler today? Hope so. We finally got a thunderstorm this morning, around 7-ish, and it was glorious! Torrential rain, really loud thunderclaps. A storm worth having. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about 30 minutes. Still, it was enough for my head to now be fine. Huzzah! Have you had a storm yet?
  3. Nicole

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    Where are you, CJ? A bit further south than me, I suspect! Here in Margate, it's got to 26, so really not that hot at all. Do you a swap if you like! Hope you can cool off soon. I've had thunder storm alerts on my phone since yesterday morning, and still nothing... right now my head feels as though something is trying to burst forth!
  4. Nicole

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    In that case, I'm rushing out now to buy an aircon unit!
  5. Nicole

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    I don't find it that hot, TBH... but I'm used to 36°C+, so anything in the 20s is just warm! I do have a fan on at night though, the window open, and just an empty duvet cover... but I do that in the winter, too because for some reason, I overheat at night. My only complaint at the moment is that I've had a raging air pressure headache for the past couple of days. Really could do with a storm to get rid of it! On the other hand, if this weather keeps up, it might warm enough to go swimming in the sea at the weekend. Swings and roundabouts kid, that's where they get you!
  6. Eeeeee! Happy 101010 birthday, Ariane!
  7. Happy cakeday Anne! Happy cakeday Samantha! Hope you both have great days today! xx
  8. Podcast time! Courtesy of Be More Super. https://spoti.fi/2yEmAcT - Spotify https://apple.co/2AbJEjI - Apple I haven't listened to it yet (like I ever have the time to do anything these days!) but I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. As will I. Eventually!
  9. Nicole

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    Eeeeeee! Congratulations, Gail!
  10. Obviously, I am disappointed on behalf of everyone who bought tickets, and had made travel and accommodation arrangements, especially you @Gail and @Geoff but I do agree that it's the sensible thing to do. On the upside, the end of August may well be viable for me, so y'know, all is not lost!
  11. You are so kind, Ariane! I'll share my consolation booze with you!
  12. I'm just quietly crying in the corner here. Seriously though, hope everyone has THE most amazing time! xx
  13. Yes, definitely. Maybe we should start a campaign... "Give Thomas the blue tick"!!
  14. Good, good. Maybe Insta will wield the banhammer!
  15. There's a word for them - it begins with arse, and ends in hole! In all seriousness though, what do they hope to gain? Popularity? Is it really that important to them to be liked? Part of me thinks that it's all quite tragic, really.
  16. Yep, that was pretty much me too... and then my grin rapidly turned into a frown!
  17. @Geoff - this just cropped up on my Insta... I am assuming that Thomas has not got a new account, with only two photos. https://www.instagram.com/cardcarryingthomasjane/
  18. OMG.... you just made me laugh very, very loudly! I don't even want to know how you'd go about getting DNA proof from chewing gum... but I bet there's a website for it. Probably with photographic instructions. Pass the mind bleach, would you! Ha ha! Actually, you make a very good point, and the more I think about it, it's no different, really, than a library full of books of folk tales, or a an archaeological or ethnographic museum. I suppose I just automatically saw movie props etc. as a means to do a job, without actually giving any consideration to the fact that essentially, they are no different to an ancient hand axe, an item of folk costume, or an abacus. All of these things have had a cultural impact on the way we are now, or have led to where we're at now, so why should movie stuff be any different? Is an original Star Wars script any different in essence to one penned by Shakespeare? Aside from the obvious age thing, of course! I am in complete agreement with you about looking back at history, and as you say, we just take different routes. Mine, for example, is domestic history, particularly with regard to women, and how our lives and expectations have changed over the centuries. And culinary history is something I continue to study and write about a lot. I still wouldn't have any memorabilia though, unless I could put it to good use! Maybe one day, if I ever return to the US, we could a field trip together! And if you find yourself over here, I could show you some of ours! It's great - it gives me a big happy to be able to help, and know I am helping people to help themselves, too. Especially in areas I've worked in - mostly in South East Asia and Eastern Europe. It's also cool to occasionally spot some of the NGOs I've worked with in the past, still doing their bit. The best part though, is getting emails to tell me that my loans have been paid off. Not because I get my money back (I don't - I just re-lend it over and over again) but because it means that people's lives are improving, and that they are able to build a future. That means so much to me! And I raise my cup to you too, my friend! Also... "Be excellent to each other!" - Bill & Ted
  19. That's really nice to know, Sundance. As I made a point of saying before, I was only speaking for myself, and that others are free to do as they wish. I was not, nor would I, judge someone for spending their hard-earned money in a way that I wouldn't feel worked for me. It gladdens me to know that you and your group are doing so much to help others - you sound lovely, and I hope you didn't feel as though I was judging you! BTW, if your group is interested, Kiva is absolutely worth working with. I make microloans on a regular basis, which then goes to help all kinds of people all over the world. Here we have to agree to differ, I'm afraid! As far as I am concerned, a prop or a costume is just a tool. Having worked in film, TV, and theatre, I know from first-hand experience that if possible, these things often get recycled, which is eminently practical, so I'd find it hard to form any kind of emotional or sentimental attachment to such things! Truly, I really wouldn't care whether Judy Garland's or Gene Kelly's (or anyone else's for that matter!) costumes cease to exist. In fact, until now, I wasn't even aware that they do... probably because it's not something I've ever wondered about! Once the film is done, those things have fulfilled their purpose. Their continued existence adds nothing to my enjoyment of the work they contributed to. As Holmes famously said, "The work is its own reward". BUT... I should add that I am not a materialistic person, and I don't form attachments to things that I perceive to have no practical value to me. A costume (in whole or part), for example, comes under that criterion. If I can't use it in my work, can't wear it, or if it serves no purpose other than to look nice, or because it happened to be used/owned/worn by someone whose work I enjoy, I'd find it hard to muster up the desire to own it. If that makes sense! Even my Rocinante cup, I made to use as a prop in a photo shoot. I use it every day as a tea cup but if I didn't, I wouldn't having it gathering dust, and being of no use, I'd have passed it onto someone else. I say this as a massive, massive Expanse fan! (And people wonder why I like Amos so much! Ha ha!) I certainly can't argue with that! It's cool that you have such a rewarding hobby. One of mine is playing videogames, which a lot of people would find utterly pointless (although my love of games did enable me to make a decent living for over a decade, when I worked in the industry)! For me, playing games is a way to relax after working hard (on average, I work 85 hours a week). Some folk go out drinking - I'd rather spend my money on games. You'd rather spend yours on movie memorabilia. We all have our own shtick... it's what makes us such a wonderfully diverse species! That's really sweet! I imagine it must be a blast from the past for actors to see their old stuff not only brought out but so lovingly cared for, too! Well, to be fair, I didn't say that I considered it to be throwing money away! I said, "to throw around", which is not in any way the same thing! Over here, it's used to express casual spending, without needing to be mindful! Maybe it means something different where you come from! Nor did I say that anyone was wrong for doing what makes them happy. Quite the opposite, in fact! Anyway, I'm genuinely happy that you love doing what you do - I suspect the world would be a much better place if everyone were able to!
  20. Ha, I must admit, I didn't think of that! Clearly, I have little concept of money being no object! (Still not convinced I'd be willing to spend a grand on a sweaty second-hand tee shirt, though, regardless of who it may have been worn by!)
  21. Nah... costumes often look icky and stinky (as they are supposed to) - puts me right off! I really couldn't justify spending $1000 dollars on an item of clothing, simply because someone I like wore it in a film or something. If I had that kind of money to throw around, I'd spend it on improving someone's life... or many people's lives. A thousand bucks could inoculate an entire village in India, for example, and still have change! (That's absolutely not a criticism of anyone who does spend money on fan stuff, BTW - everyone should be able to do what makes them happy... as long as it doesn't harm anyone, of course. Plus, I fully admit to spending £10 on making a Rocinante cup!)
  22. I love that gif - it's my standard FB birthday one!
  23. Tenye wa diye beref xush, bosmang... yam seng! Tenye wa diye beref gut, Tenye wa diye beref gut, Tenye wa diye beref gut, Go milowda et da fut! (Have a good birthday, let's go eat the food!)
  24. Y'know, I really do love you lot!
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