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  1. Thomas after watching"the Velocity of Gary"movie,i can't get out of my head and heart.You're dangerously sexi and in one night with you i would sacrifice my life.

  2. Geof can't send me a thomas signature card,please?
  3. Hi Thomas.Are you on some new movie?And i want to know if you are in love now.
  4. Hi Enaira.Thank you for your reply.Do you also recognize Thomas personally?
  5. Hi Tom.I want to know whether you are working on a movie and where the brain can be seen in the near future.If you read my questions and find time to answer,i will be veri pleased.Have a nice day.
  6. Where and how do I send my questions to Tom to see her when she is online?
  7. Geof,thank you for your answer.How long have you been with Thomas?Does he add new photos to Instagram?
  8. Hi.I want to ask if Thomas answers every question,because every day I wait for His answers impatiently.Thank You.
  9. Hi,Tom.Are you working  on a new movie now?If so,when can we see it?And where can we see you closest to the live?Thank you for post.

  10. Ahoj Thomas.You je úžasný herec a krásny sexi guy.What are you doing now?I send you Kiss.....


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